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>Fire red shell at Toad causing him to spin off the track and into the water
>5 seconds later he's back up my arse again

What the fuck man

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Even with rubberbanding that games too easy to really enjoy in singleplayer. People hate on rubberbanding a lot but they forget its way worse without it

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What is rubberband.

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Computer opponents in racing games speedinf up to catch up to the player and/or slowing down when ahead. Some games take it a step further and allot a position for each one to rubberband to. Most obvious in SNES mario kart. When i tried the playstation port of snowboard kids because the rubberbanding was cut and they were always way behind you. Racing games ade dull without tough opponents, which is why I wish online racinc would take off like online shooters. F-Zero online would take hubdreds of hours of my time

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>Be in 1st
>DK in last
>He falls so far behind the game thinks he's in first

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I call bullshit.

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Or they could have made the AI drivers better generally.
If they leave you in the dust then practice moar, n00b, just like older racing games.
I'd keep the "farther behind gets better items" though.

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and MK64 still had the least rubberbanding of the series

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Not that guy but it's a known glitch.

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If you are close enough to the other racer, your shells will hit him unless he uses an item. If you are a certain distance away from the other racer, you can barely see your shells hitting him without any effect at all.

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The REAL question is why are you not Toad?

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because i fucking hate toad

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>not playing as Wario

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Someone post the picture that shows what kind of people pick which racer.

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Are you serious? I'd say it's the worst here. CPUs don't use items (They have a set pool they draw from, but it never includes shells), but they make up for it by speeding up when they're behind you. If you take the Rainbow Road shortcut, they'll still be right behind you before you even finish the lap.

Also Wario is the only character worth playing. Dat laugh:


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bump for this

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Double dash isnt nearly as rubberbandy as 64

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