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Find me one game better than this. ONE FUCKING GAME!

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you've gotta be fucking kidding me, the storytelling in all the sequels sucked and the gameplay got repetetive.

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>columns lore

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Puyo Puyo far outclassed it as far as Genesis puzzlers go.

Panel de Pon is best though.

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>columns was about two bored-as-fuck angels stacking gems

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Puyo Puyo was totally broken. Puyo Puyo Tsuu was good however, even if the MEgadrive version had fuck all options.

Columns 1 strikes me as a more "serious", gentleman's puzzle game however, while Puyo Puyo is more like being on acid.

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>the gameplay got repetitive
That's... the way puzzle games work.

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Thank fuck you showed up man I almost forgot how horrible this board is.

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Puyo puyo.

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I have 4 or 5 copies of Columns. In addition to those I gutted one to put a flash cartidge PCB in and I gave one away to an ex. So I must have had at least six copies at one point.

I don't even like Columns.

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game gear port

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Columns gets me hard. Best music. Best gameplay. Best comfort.

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Is it notalgia or is this the best vgm ever?

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Oh god just popped another stiffy. No nostalgia friend. Just great comfort and jogability.

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columns is one of those games thats just magical. its just so chill and comfy.

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came here to post this
that song just makes me feel so odd
no description for it although "saudades" in Portuguese comes close. But even without the nostalgia factor, it borders on comfy/haunting, perfect for a good arcade game. Used to be able to play it on guitar years back, I should go back again and relearn it

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>Find me one game better than this.

What do I win, OP?

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It's funny how the sequels almost never "got" what made the game good.

The music was not only beautiful, but fully dynamic, sped up, slowed down depending on how well you played, and turned into this wicked organ virtuoso solo if you were about to lose.

The graphics all had unique, high-contrast images for every different game, so you always saw it very clearly which ones you need to pair up. There was also no background, so the jewels did not get "lost" among all the colours.

It was also one of the first Tetris Clones that allowed you to move the block AFTER it touched the ground. This gave you an insane amount of flexibility; so much that the Tetris Grandmaster series is almost entirely based on this one gimmick.

Combine those and you have a very conforming, easy to play, yet challenging game that is much less repetitive than any other Tetris clone.

Every single sequel screwed up on all of those points. Columns 97 at least had nice graphics and music, but the graphics got lost among all the colours on the screen, and the music wasn't dynamic (or even stereo). Plus the gameplay was badly balanced, either too slow or too fast, and if you pushed Down to increase the drop speed you cancelled out the extra move time (blocks couldn't be moved).

Columns is one of those games that seemed to just get worse with every iteration; all of them slowly lost the charm of the original.

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People who liked Columns and said it was unique for these reasons have clearly not played any decent Japanese puzzle games. Almost everything on this list are staples of Japanese puzzles!

>Dynamic music with "warning" theme
Not all have dynamic music, though dynamic sound effects like the opponent complaining about you winning or celebrating your impending doom are common. Warning themes are also popular.

> High contrast colors, little to no background behind pieces
Again, popular in Japan. If there's a background behind the pieces it's most likely static, muted colors, and/or just your "character" making faces to let you know how you're doing. Having the character there makes it so you don't need to look around the screen so much!

> Allows you to move blocks after it lands
Ok, this is a columns thing though it does occasionally appear in other games.

> Easy to play yet challenging to master
Pretty much any decent puzzle game is like this.

Here's a great example series to check out: Magical Drop. The later games are actually BETTER than the first one! You don't need to know Japanese to play, so don't be scared. Pic is from Magical Drop 3.

> Bright, colorful pieces
> Many characters to choose from, each with different playstyles based on Tarot cards.
> Characters make sounds/faces to let you know how you're doing. Some versions have warning music, too.
> Simple muted backgrounds make seeing the pieces easy
> Can easily pick up and move pieces. It's how you play, actually.
> Easy to learn, challenging to master.

Japan: Land of beautiful, fun puzzles.

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>Push any key

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oh god soulless weeaboos everywhere

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>super famicom
>family computer

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