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Has anyone been able to get Excalibur II?

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I did. Once. And only once. I never played FFIX again.

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I did it, twice. The first time, I missed a bunch of stuff. The second time, I did it and also got all the permanently missable items and equipment :)

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Too bad there's not a new game+ feature or something in FF9, to make it more feasible to get it

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Just shark it in. Although it makes the game a joke any time Steiner is in the party.

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>the challenge is possible in the PS-one "classics" downloaded version of the game, but difficult due to the inability to skip FMVs
>which adds about 2 hours to game time

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>why are you green texting
>when just saying something normally?

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Me and a buddy did it once. FFIX was his favorite game ever, he must've beat it a dozen times at least. I suggested that we one day get together and get the Excalibur II since it was the last thing he's not managed to do to 100% completion.

On a Friday night in 2002, we sat roughly 10 hours in front of a 13" TV, rushing through the game as hard as we could, playing it in turns when one of us got tired. We made it with 22 minutes to spare, I believe. I don't know if he ever actually played the game again after that since we didn't really hang out like that again. Was still an awesome time.

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Damn, 2 hours? Really?

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Because he's quoting the FF Wiki, dumbass

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Bet you didn't do that one super obscure quest at Lindblum with the family of rat people or whatever.

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The game is already a joke regardless, unless you go out of your way to not level up or you completely suck.

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I'm sure I did, I did all the missables...I don't remember which one you're talking about right now. Remind me what is was about and I'll tell you if I did

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What did you have to do for that quest? I missed that one.

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also, I call bs on this one. When I did it (both times), I had to reset the game at least 1000 times...some areas are plain chance and luck, and some spots you need to get through with zero encounters, or with a boss not using a certain attack.

It took me the better part of like 8 days, and that was 14-18 hours a day

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Wow, this is the first time I've heard about this quest.

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no, having to rush in an RPG game is retarded
also fuck you Suikoden 2 ofr the same thing (Clive's quest)

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What a way to spend a vacation!

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While we're on FF9. It's paced so badly.

So many FMV cut scenes. So many long talky scenes. So slow pacing. Slow paced battles.

That game would be so much better streamlined.

FF6 and FF7 got the pacing issue right.

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>So many FMV cut scenes.
2 hours worth!

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I thought it was paced well and enjoyed the cutscenes a lot. The only thing I would change would be the length of the battle animations and removing the load times.

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>So many FMV cut scenes. So many long talky scenes. So slow pacing. Slow paced battles.
are you sure you aren't actually thinking of FF8?

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I don't know who came up with this but FF9 barely has over a half hour of pre-rendered scenes.

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Don't forget to mention the horrible story and characters. God damn, I don't hate Final Fantasy 9 or anything, but why do so many people think it's better than 7? "Went back to it's original roots" My ass.

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wow, you actually got me. I didn't know about that I don't think...and the youtube video says it was recently discovered (and I DEFINITELY used a guide to help me), so I'm pretty sure you were right. Huh.

I've been wanting to play throguh the game again soon anyways, so maybe I'll have to check that out

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I don't remember many FMV cutscenes in FF8 and the battles weren't slow.

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FF8 also had that problem.

After the success of FF7, Square focused too much on the technical aspect. The backgrounds, the FMVs, and they lost focus on things like pacing. So FF8 and FF9 are boring chores to get through.

FF7 is the best in that regard. It has the pacing of the earlier games, but the presentation of a PS1 game.

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since it isn't a unique missable item/key item/equipment, my save still counts as being "perfect", but I definitely want to see this quest

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oh my god, I just realized...I HAVE done this quest before! I just didn't do it on the excalibur II run!

I was just watching the youtube video and I realized I have done it. I thought it was different from reading the description.

Wow, can't believe I knew about it before most people did =P

I'm the guy who beat it twice btw

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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>I don't remember many FMV cutscenes in FF8
the game has the most cut scenes of any FF game before the PS2 ones and had freaking long sections with the boring characters talking about nothing

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I wish they'd done technicals. Then they might not have had horrendous load times in FF9, they were bearable in FF7.

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No. And I would never do it. It's like buying a whole corn to shove inside the anus. It's actually a good analogy because it explains well what I feel. I like FF IX, it's my favorite game, but I wouldn't ever do this quest. I tried it once, but quickly gave up. It's just not fun. That, and the rope jumping and Hippaul quests. They're not fun, they're annoying. I think they drag down the quality of the product. So, personally, I wouldn't ever do that quest.

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What the fuck did I just read?

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What stopped me from ever getting far in IX was that I fucking hated Tetra Master with a passion. You'd have to have the patience of Buddha to put up with that shit for 100% completion.

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>ffvii paced well
>summons 12 minutes long
>tons of shitty mini games and wannabe qtes
>tons of fmvs
>story stretched out like goatse for no other reason than to add hours to the experience


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>I don't know what pacing means so I'm going to list various distractions and a battle animation

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>original quote actually listed all of those things as well but since it is IX and not VII it gets the pass

/vr/ ladies and gentlemen.

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>long summons
I know that feel. IX did it right by introducing short summon animations. W-Summon KOTR/mime against Emerald was legitimately the stupidest experience of my childhood.

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I was pretty sure you could wait until the in game clock ticks over 99:59 and collect it then. Never tried it but whatever.

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If you do that, it changes color until it hits 99:59 again, then it switches to another...

You'll be on that file for several years. It would be faster to get it legit.

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You get nothing from it. Plus, it's glitched. It's not worth it, just pretend it doesn't exist.

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>FF6 and FF7 got the pacing issue right.
You're kidding, right?

FF is the last game series to go to when it comes to sluggish pacing, really. Probably a big part of why the only FF game I can still stand since my early teens is FF5.

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*when it comes to good pacing, I mean. DQ3 does pacing rather well, to name a counter-example.

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The loading times killed the experience for me.
I was spoiled by playing the SNES games for years before picking up FFIX.
I remember hearing that FFIX is supposed to be more like traditional FF games on the NES. I didn't think that included the pacing of the NES games as well.

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>pacing used as criticism

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If it was anyone elses ultimate weapon than maybe. But just look at him, eyeliner and armored shorts. Fuck Steiner

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>hating Steiner

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>FF6 got the pacing issue right.

But that's wrong. Not because of the techinical stuff but constant cuts to different characters with not enough information.

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Pacing is one of the most important things in a videogame, especially if you're a working adult with limited free time.

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Once. And it was the most frustrating thing I've ever done. I was going for a 100% game, but missed a bunch of other stuff.

I also had to play it on an emulator because it's impossible in the PAL release.

Never did it again, just wasn't worth rushing through everything and min-maxing myself

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In youtube there's a 35 minutes video of the "best" FMV's, imagine if you put them all.

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>I also had to play it on an emulator because it's impossible in the PAL release.
Why? It's like Digimon World PAL verison?

>> No.1193802

With a massive slowdown because of lazy PAL conversion where they just straight-up fucked up the framerate, and black borders.

The same shit that also happened with Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and X-2, so don't think it was a one-off thing.

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>needing any magic users at all

Get on my level.

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Ah, I see.

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>Not using Zidane Steiner and Amarant
>Not having Dagger auto-phoenix down herself whenever she dies
>not using Curaga every turn

Have fun not winning.

>> No.1194108


>not bringing Vivi along with Steiner for brotacular combo attacks

Why not?

>> No.1194110


It's not quite as reliable as normal attacks.

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Oh, please. FFIX is such an easy game, you have no need of healers if you know what you're doing. The only thing that poses any challenge is Ozma, and only because there's no surefire way to beat him without at least a bit of luck.

>> No.1194173


You can synthesize a bunch of shadow absorbent items in the black mage village. That makes it pretty easily manageable.

>> No.1194194

I was 1 hour late in the PAL version

Meaning that I would have done it hands high in the real version

>> No.1194241

No matter what you do, even with the best preparation, there is always that one small chance that Ozma will pull some bullshit like opening with Meteor to OHKO everyone, then following up with Curse if you have Auto-Life. It's not the most likely outcome or anything, but shit like that HAS happened.

>> No.1194272

Even the PAL speedruns get there with over a hour to spare.

>> No.1194462

Usually when people say something is bad because of "pacing" they usually have no idea what they're talking about.

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>using Amarant
>not using Vivi

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Vivi is cool and all, but once you get to the end game, he doesn't stand out much. Amarant can deal good damage, as well as provide nice buffs. Although Quina is probably better than both.

>> No.1194514


>Not using Vivi's Doomsday + Shadow Absorb Armor as your main healer

Cmon now we're all adults here.

>> No.1194526

Or maybe you just have too much free time on your hands

>> No.1194546

FF8's story has slow pacing.
How does that mean I have more free time? Do you know what you're talking about?

>> No.1194560

That's nice, except that requires a ton of MP unless you dedicate a ton of AP points for Half MP, and the Doomsday animation rivals that of summons in length, which can be tedious.

Really, though, with Auto-Regen and high defense and evasion stats, almost nothing can kill you, anyway.

>> No.1194786

The NTSC runs at the refresh rated of CRT TVs over there, 60hz, while the PAL version runs at 50hz, but the clock and the time limit remains the same. I don't think it's possible, but if it is, it'll be a matter of minutes on a perfect game

>> No.1194789

Necron doesn't look quite right there...

>> No.1194796

Probably the texture filtering.

>> No.1195135

By the time you get Amarant, you don't need him.

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