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>A Metal Slime draws near

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Who runs from a metal slime?

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Metal Slash

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But you didn't get that until much later.

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Dragon Warrior/Quest 7 to be precise, unless you count the remake of DQ4.

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Speed boost + attack

who am I trying to fool? it'll run away

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That's the only one of the main series I haven't played yet. But I still need to beat 5 and 6 which I'm getting to.

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Get sweaty palms, take a deep breath, "you can do this," attack!

Miss. Metal slime attacks! Misses!

"oh god, yes, one more chance, don't blow it." attack!

Miss. Metal slime runs away.


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So what are your favorite Dragon Quest game?
I love 4 but can't stand the accents in the DS. Personally I liked Dragon Quest way more then most of the other JRPG out there.

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Uh...I guess I have three favorites.
III for the system
V for the story
IV for the characters

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I actually like 3 for the story. Mostly because I love how it's works so well with 1 and 2. But really all of them are actually good. The only problem one is 2 since it's the most grindiest and lack of direction of all the series.

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save state

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4 for the characters and story, then 7 for the characters and story and class system, and 3 right after them with it's class system being the best executed of the series.

>Erdrick/Roto Trilogy
Combined together, it's an amazing saga. Just that single uniting theme and song just speak volumes.


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DQ 5 hand down for the story
DQ 8 for the cozy atmosphere

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Pretty amazing how grand 3 really is when you look back. And outside having an amazing class system at the time. The Erdrick (since I played the NES version) story feel so complete. Yes it was fairly simple but man it felt good in the end.

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when i see metal slime, my hand automatically go to the dick. i stroke the dick and feel i have sex with the dq3. all becoming world record

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Could you have wrote a poorer written post?

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I don't think he has the capacity to try

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>metal slash
>2 damage
>You have erected a wizard ward!
>metal slime attacks!

next turn

>attack missed!
>metal slime has ran away!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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The quest in DQ 9 that requiers you to kill five metal slimes with a wizard ward erected suuucks.

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9 Seems so weird compared to the other Dragon Quest games. Since it seem like it's just a bunch of missions. How is it?

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It's weird. Hard to put your finger on what's wrong. It has the regular DQ type of gameplay. Go to town, experience that story, to to the next town etc. But it feels more like an mmo. It is ment to be played with others while running around killing mobs, getting loot and using that loot to craft different stuff. So the story isn't as good as previous entries, your partymembers are puppets ( they are ment to be played by others - co-op ) so they are just following you, sadly. And yes, a bunch of quests, alot of quests and grindfest.

,,,that was a long post

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I've completed around half of the quests ( there are 184 of them ) And I have 100h of playtime, so yea, mmo-like

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I thought the story in 9 was pretty good. The central plot wasn't particularly strong, but the stories of the towns you visit can be touching. I think most people wanted another character-centric DQ like 8, but they opted for a make-your-own-party system a la 3.

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9 is good, but as >>1177703 points out it's a dragon quest that never ends. It feels like a throwback to older RPG's with your own created party. Personally I think it's one of the best DQ games because of it's replay value, there is just so much to do and you can keep playing the game for a looong time.

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I think the same. General story is "ok", the town-vignettes is great, really touching for a "outwards" "kid-friendly" game.


The replayvalue is amazing if you have the patience to go though a infinite amout of grottos ( x amount of floores with a boss at the bottom ), and the quests takes a really long time, leveling up the jobs, alchemy.

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I might just skip it then. Never really was a fan of MMO type gameplay.

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Probably for the best.
There are better DQ-games out there,

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Also, I think DQ 9 would have been really fun in co-op, but alas, I don't know anyone who owns DQ 9, would have been nice to have been japanese were everyone owns a copy of the game.

On the other hand, I don't have any "bad" moments in the game ( except the part towards the end of the game wich sucks in relations to the, almost, same scene is DQ 5 who did it infinitly better )

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1-8 I feel are all really good. The only one that really feels bad is 2 mostly because of the lack of a real direction (getting those crests was a fucking bitch). And the grinding was a bit much (even more then most JRPG at the time). But outside that they all are really good.

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Yes, all of the DQ games have a really good, high standard. 7 and 9 are just a bit different from the rest, but they are still good. Just... a bit different.

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I thought 7 was like most of the others. Just REALLY long and REALLY slow.

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The part that's different is the tempo. Is sooo very looong so it's a very different experience you have when playing it. More like living in it, rather than a highly refined rpg experience

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I keep meaning to play more from this series. I've started just about every game in it, but have yet to actually beat one. Usually life gets in the way, or I end up doing something else instead.

Fuck, last Monday I downloaded 1+2 (SNES), 3 (SNES), 4 (DS), 5 (PS2), 6 (DS), and 7 all with the intent of actually playing one of them.

Instead I played and beat Sweet Home because of Halloween.

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It usually end up that way. It takes about 30-40h to beat a DQ game ( ds atleast ), it's quiet a few hours if you have a life and a job.,

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my favourite's 8, but 3 is pretty close. 9 is also really good

5 and 6 are decent but on a lower tier. haven't finished any others

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Really? 5 for me is one of the best games I have ever played. I guess maybe the story griped me more that some others. Every major thing that happened in that game really had an impact on me.

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i got really annoyed with 5 when i had control taken away from me every so often because i either got sent to prison or turned into stone. the story seemed to be based around getting married, and NONE of the choices seemed appealing. deborah turned out to be a fucking dominatrix bitch, and bianca's cockney dialogue ruined her. not sure if that was exclusive to the DS version but it was terrible. as for the other one, nera, she was the one i should have chosen in retrospect, but i barely know anything about her and she seemed like she would have been useless in battle before picking her

the battle system was really standard and didn't seem to be much more evolved over 3. at least 6 had class-based abilities

i never used the monster taming thing because it was useless, they were just as good or worse than the main characters, i.e. your family and the pet sabrecat

oh, and the worst part, they spend all game building up kon the knight and bishop ladja, and while they turned out to be end game bosses, i thought at least ladja would have been the final boss, since they were the ones ACTUALLY ANTAGONIZING YOU. and then the grandmaster who was barely mentioned for the entire game turns out to be the final boss, and he's easy as shit, at least for me

imagine if ff6 had you kill kefka near the end of the game after him being the one actually giving you shit, but then you learn the final boss is actually gestahl. that's how dq5 fucked up, it's entirely anticlimactic

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You are correct in what you say. I like the story because it is so refined.
And "blond" i liked because you actually have history with her ( the accent is added I think )
"Black" is new for the ds-version.
I didn't even bother with the monsterhunting - yes, useless.
And the boss-part, that is basically the way DQ works, sadly. The actuall boss is somewhat hidden often enough.
But I play DQ 5 for the story,

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>You are correct in what you say
well you can agree with me, but it's just my interpretation. other people can enjoy the game, i however did not

i chose black-haired deborah because i like black hair on girls the best. blue-haired nera had no personality at that point, and blonde-haired bianca had that annoying accent. if i had played the original with a translation patch, i would have picked bianca. no question

well actually i shouldn't say that. i did enjoy the game, it's easily my least favourite dragon quest though

you're right in that that's how it often is with dragon quest. 8 however technically has you fighting rhapthorne for the entire game, since he possesses those who acquire his staff. as for 6, i barely remember it, so i can't really comment. 9 is kind of weird, the final boss was technically mentioned a few times, but he wasn't known as the final boss. he's also a tragic villain you can sort of sympathize with, at least he is compared to most other dq villains, so i award points there. moving on to 3, it's a nes game so you can't expect much, but it does lead to what feels like a climactic conclusion. it's just that the game doesn't end there, it goes on to beat the "true" antagonist. i guess it's actually really similar to 5 in that way, but i regard it in a much higher manner. maybe i was expecting more out of 5? maybe it was just nimzo's lack of difficulty? maybe i just did too much grinding in 5, even only a few levels can spoil the difficulty. the problem is that grinding is required to an extent in most older dragon quests (i had no problems with 8 or 9's end game and barely did any grinding), so you're not really sure when to stop. anyway, for whatever reason, i don't like 5 much, but really like 3. go figure

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>well actually i shouldn't say that. i did enjoy the game, it's easily my least favourite dragon quest though
clearly this should have been before the previous paragraph, after "i however did not". i knew i'd fuck my post up in some way

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True, I have gripes with 5 aswell, but still - it is still one of my favorite games.
And as you say, oppinions - people have them.

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depends which game.

somerthing that does 50% criticals or miss is a good way to go.

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this. always this. sadly.

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Even worst is when you hit it 2 or 3 times and you know you are just 1 hit away. And then it runs.

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It was designed with multiplayer in mind

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Guess they used it for a trail version for X. Hope they go back to basic when they make 11.

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i had alot of fun playing that with my friends.

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Is it a monster girl OP?

I'd probably run since It could probably split and over power me. I don't need my cock to be fissured in between a couple metal slime girls. Even if it were just one she's probably wet with mercury or some soft liquid metal. Fuck even if I run she can probably use the wind and slice me in two or some shit. Throw some metal balls and cave my skull in then use my body's rigermortis. I can't win.

I should have never responded.

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I am so confuse

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>Metal Slime Girl

It's the best of squish-squish and clang-clang in one conveniet package!

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Too bad they will run away from you the first chance it gets.

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That just means when I do catch one, the sex will be beyond amazing.

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Well this thread took a turn for the faggots.

Guess I'll try to turn it back. What is your guys opinion on the side games (Monster/Joker, Rocket Slime, ect.)
I actually never played any of them before.

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What's wrong with that?

Monsters 1 and 2 are both really good.

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I only played the first Monsters and Caravan Heart, since they are connected to DQ6 and DQ7.

Caravan was a mess, and I had to force myself to finish it, but Monsters was a lot of fun, even if grindy at times.

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I have DQ Joker 2 fpr the ds, mostly because I really like the DQ serier.
But I have only played for about an hour, so not much. Is it like a clone of Pokemon with a DQ finish? Or is it good in its own right, so should I continue or not?

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From what I've heard it plays a bit like the monster catching/battling in DQ8 but I could be wrong.

>> No.1179239


When i have nothing else to play, or just feel like it, I might pick Joker 2 up again. Would be interesting to see how it is, but I just don't have the effort to play it right now - need to finish the other DQ games first.

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I'm actually playing them in order. Almost done with 3 and going to play the NES version of 4 since I can't stand the localization of 4.

>> No.1179245


Sounds good. I didn't really mind the localization. Sure, it's a bitch to read, but I just tried to translate it to regular english, and then it was fine.
Sadly partychat was removed in the ds version ( if it ever excisted ), so maybe the nes is better for that version.

>> No.1179250

They did take it out. I'm just sad that the PSX version was cancelled. Just got DQ7 (still never played it since I'm waiting to beat the others) and in the back manual shows "Coming soon Dragon Warrior IV" which has the part chat.

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It did exist in the Japanese version. The interesting thing is that the Japanese DS ROM has partial translations in quite a few languages, including English. Using an Action Replay, you can get the game to display the partial English translation. It's written normal English with some syntax , formatting, and line break errors, and none of the Party Chat dialogue translated at all. Whenever the game is supposed to give out Party Chat dialogue, it will give out place holder text identifying the line number. I think this might have been the reason why it was edited out of Western versions, because it wasn't already translated for them.

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I really loved the partychat in DQ 5 and 6, it really gave the games another depth to the characters. The reason I hold those two games higher than 4 might be because of that.
Sad really

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Huh thought it was they didn't have to time/budget. Since you are basically doubling the dialog. Since they change in nearly ever character you talk to. If only people translated the DQ4 PSX version.

Also Alena is fucking badass. I always hated the whole magic princess so having one that was the fighter from 3 made me smile.

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>Alena is fucking badass. I always hated the whole magic princess so having one that was the fighter from 3 made me smile.

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Funny how they did it in IV but it seem no one is willing to copy that. They copy everything else but a princess that gets into the fight first nope can't have it

>> No.1181264

I always thought it was funny how she was just willing to jump into the tournament without a single thought.
"So...wait...You just want me to beat up everyone? Including the 'Manslayer'? Cool I'm in"
And then just beat the ever loving crap out of every one of them by herself. I always kept her in my party because of that.

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Bianca isn't even cockney, her accent is west country because she's a farm girl. Reads very Bristolian.

Here's some video of a Bristol guy speaking with a Bristol accent:

Are you American?

>> No.1182396

i think his point was all British accents are awful. pretty much just white trash lingo.

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V, VIII, III, in that order.
Honorable mention to Joker 2.

>> No.1182458

Was V or VI the one that had the spirit world traveling? I liked that one but stopped playing it awhile back because I got busy.

>> No.1182486

I think that was VI. V was about you growing from a little boy to a grown man.

>> No.1182496

Oh shit I just learned V and VI were released in NA on the DS. Are the remakes food or should I stick with the SNES fan translated ones?

>> No.1182530

I think you mean good and yes they are. Unlike 4 the accents are turned down. They are still there but it's not nearly as annoying as with the DS of 4. And I think the fan translation of IV isn't actually finished or has problems from what I've read. But if your computer can run it I say play the PS2 version of V. There's a fan translation and it's pretty solid.

>> No.1182545


Didn't know of any of these re releases. I'll play V on PSX2 and VI on Drastic. Good looking out homie.

>> No.1182550

bu-but you're missing VII.

>> No.1182551

Thought there were problems with the DS emulation on Dragon Quest. But I guess they fixed them.

>> No.1182598

I never played a single DQ game before.

I do own the DQ game for the NES though.
Where is a good place to start? Any platform is fine, so long as its a version that was officially translated.

>> No.1182606

I can't condone the awful pacing.
I've rarely played a game I can simultaneously enjoy and also want to end.

>> No.1182783

I highly enjoyed IV for the NES (the DS localization is too annoying to me). V is also wonderfully done and the DS is very much playable. III is consider the best but I feel to truly appreciate it you should play 1 and 2 since there is an over arcing plot. But I would hold off on that since 2 is the worst in the series since it's way too grindy and finding the crest without a map is hair pulling maddening.

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For >>1182598

>> No.1183097

I've never played the series before and plan on playing it in order. So far I'm playing Dragon Quest I & II on the SNES with an rpgone translation. Any recommendations on platforms for the rest?

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Good guy here

>> No.1183124

My main recommendations for playing DQ2 is to play the SNES or GBC remake, and use a map to find the crests and get though Rhone Cave. That mitigates every problem except for the grinding.

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i wish i had DW 3...

>> No.1183128

I wish I had the box and manuals from DW2, 3, and 4.

>> No.1183131

i'd take more pics, but they are at my old house right now. those are MINT cib, as if you just took the plastic off and i got them dirt fucking cheap.

sadly my best /vr/ score in a decade...

>> No.1183180

True but finding the crests is still a bitch and a half. And the grinding isn't that bad on the SNES/GBC version. But it's still a fun game outside that in my opinion. Just not nearly as good as the others. And that is saying something that after 8 games (haven't played IX and can't play X) it haven't really had a bad game. Just some games that are better then others. It's sad that here in the US it never truly caught on like Final Fantasy. And I feel Final Fantasy had more downs then ups.

>> No.1183204

Am I the only one that enjoyed the localization? I think it was a very clever thing to do.

>> No.1183207

It would be interesting to find out which Final Fantasy games Dragon Quest fans really like.

Final Fantasy 6, 9, and Tactics for me

I think so. To be honest though, the accents is one of the lesser things that bugs me about the DS version of the game. It's really not that big of a deal. I found the fake Elizabethan English in the first game charming, but I think that's more nostalgia than actually liking the change.

>> No.1183214


the thing I have about the localization is not that it is there, more that is is hard to understand sometimes, the meaning of the words are not immediatly understandable - for a non english-speaker that is, so you have to re-read sometimes, so the localization gets in the way sometimes for me. But I don'r mind it per-se.

>> No.1183216

Why do they keep localizing characters with british accents?
Is there an actual reason?

>> No.1183228

Isn't it because they have a headquarters in England? I think I heard that. Gives us a reason why DQ8 voice actors are British.
5 (amazing class system), 6 (nice character development to the few that has a story) and 9 (just feel charming to me).
Also I love the ye old English over the accents. I felt the NES localization gave it character while the DS took some of that away. It's not horrible but I would rather play the NES version over the DS.

>> No.1183239

Do you want american accents? Why?

>> No.1183240

Because it's supposed to be medieval.

>> No.1183242

It's text. It should be written in either standard American or Commonwealth English spellings.

>> No.1183245

Oh I thought people wanted american voice acting in their medievalesque fantast jrpg, DQVIII with american voice acting would be pretty fucking shit.

>> No.1183275

In the Japanese version it's written like everyday talk. But I do feel a small bit of change in the way they talk can give personality to the game. Like in the NES and the Elizabethan dialect. But there's is a point where they can go too far and I feel that happened in the DS of IV. Luckily V and VI toned it down. There are a few for time to time but it's much easier to read and it's everywhere.

>> No.1183282

The recent localization teams are based in England anyways

>> No.1183315

Well that would be pretty boring and unimaginative.

>> No.1183317

If you want to have accents in a video game, do it with voice acting, not with the text.

>> No.1183319


>> No.1183328

Heavy accents in text never really works. Since you normally have to miss a few letters and put in words that only people of that region you are mimicing says (Like blimey or something). I'm from Boston and now think of putting mayor Menino sentences in how he actually speaks. It would be very fucking annoying. Now do it with a whole town. Now do a different accent with each part of the world. I like a little personality in each region of the world but it should be at least easy to get through without question what the person just said.

>> No.1183330

Ah'm afraid ah cannae agree wi' ye. Ye need tae know 'at some accents are strang enough tae warrant being written. Take it fae me, ah'm a Scotsman.

>> No.1183331

Every time someone mentions writing accents, my mind goes directly back to how difficult it was to read "Timothy of the Cay" back in Jr. High.

>> No.1183332

>. Now do it with a whole town. Now do a different accent with each part of the world. I like a little personality in each region of the world but it should be at least easy to get through without question what the person just said.
Like what Final Fantasy 12 did? There were some subtle differences in the way people spoke in different areas. Very minor but they were there.

>> No.1183336

Oh man I remember The Cay, didn't know it had a prequel. I'll have to read it, The Cay is a very good read. Still I didn't have a big issue with the black accent, but like I said, I'm Scottish, I'm used to very thick accents.

>> No.1183342

I will agree, The Cay and Timothy of the Cay were good books. Still, Timothy's accent being spelled out slowed down my reading dramatically.

Midwestern American here. Stereotypically, our accent is pretty much considered "not having an accent" in the United States

>> No.1183351

12 was pretty good at that (while the audio was reduced because of space) but it was audio. When it's written it's much harder to do that. Things like >>1183330 is what really ruined DS IV for me. It's really sad because it might be my favorite out of the games I've played (3 if you include the whole trilogy and still haven't beat 5, 6 or 7).

>> No.1183414

>mfw I have only played IX and all the others I tried are too grindy...

>> No.1183505

So, is DQ really dead in the west?

Four new games already out and zero news on localization.

>> No.1183528

Did you use a guide, map, ect? Because if you did that's the reason they are grindy. You are meant to wonder that dungeon for that couple of minutes that you spent grinding. Or you were meant to wonder the map for a little bit to find that town. It seem like no big deal but those few minutes add up. Grinding it mostly in cases for people using guides and getting to places faster then they should have.
I don't think Enix felt it was ever alive. Nintendo had to publish the DS version of 6 and 9 but also most of the side DQ games. It's really sad since they seem to have wanted to give America DQ at the start but we never really appreciated RPGs until FF7 and by then Enix stopped caring about the West. They did make some comment on X being released on the PC but that was a while ago.

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File: 10 KB, 190x210, Enix_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we never really appreciated RPGs until FF7 and by then Enix stopped caring about the West.
Enix did care, a lot. When the first Dragon Warrior on the NES, published by Nintendo themselves, didn't do as well as hoped, Enix published DW2, 3, and 4 by themselves. They also brought over a few SNES games like Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaea, Terranigma (Europe only), Robotrek, and Ogre Battle. They eventually closed down in the West because they simply couldn't make enough money to justify bringing the games over. After FF7 opened up the West for JRPG's, they actually reopened Enix of America for a while there and released Star Ocean: The Second Story, Torneko: The Last Hope, Valkyrie Profile, and Dragon Warrior 7 on the PSX, and DW Monsters 1 and 2 and the DW1+2 and 3 remakes on the GBC.

Enix tried harder then any other video game company to try and break into the West, even with all the difficulties they ran into. Their games just aren't viable enough in Western markets.

>> No.1183616

That's why I said they really did seem to have wanted it at the start but some reason we just never looked at Dragon Quest like Japan did. And I really REALLY wish we did since Final Fantasy has all the flash and prettiness but I feel Dragon Quest has always been a rock of a truly wonder JRPG. And the ones you listed by Quintet were by and large amazing games that very much earned the right as some of the best game (not just JRPG) on the SNES. Terranigma by itself it a masterpiece and it pisses me off we never got it. I do wonder how everything would be like if Dragon Quest actually did fairly well on the NES. Enough to keep Enix willing to keep going and expanding the market here.

>> No.1185045

1: for the first JRPG it's pretty amazing. Does a nice job portraying the setting and foreshadowing some of the things you are going to do. Like the rainbow bridge.
2: it expanded basically everything. Sadly between massive grinding and hidden crests it's pretty annoying nowadays
3: if you played 1&2 the this is one hell of a ride. But outside that the class system is spot on.
4: I love the chapter idea. And not actually playing as the main hero until the end was amazing to me.
5: the most story game for a main character and does a wonderful job. And the whole raising a family is done very well.
6: I don't hate this game but it does feel a bit off for some reason. The system feels more like a prototype of what will be the system in 7. And the story just never grabbed me
7: this really is one of the most polarizing game. Some people can look past the SLOW game and love it. While others just can not stand it. I actually love it but I can see why some people can't stand it.
8: feels more like a reboot to the series after 7. Battles are the same but you see your characters and the 3D world feels lively. Came with a FF12 demo which was awful to an awful game. But I admit One of the reason why I got 8 was for the demo and while I wasn't a fan of FF12 DQ8 is what got me into Dragon Quest. And I haven't played 9 (don't care for the multiplayer aspect) and can't play X.

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I'm pretty much with you on that except for 8. 8 isn't bad, but to me there was something lacking in the main story, and I can't quite point out what I didn't like.

4 also is one of the first JRPG's where the final boss isn't pulled out of their ass near the end of the story.

If 10 comes out in the West, I will give it a shot. Some of my friends want to play some kind of MMO with me and I think this would be my best shot at staying interested in an MMO.

I also actually liked FF12. It's the only post merger FF game that I have liked besides Tactics Advance.

>> No.1185056

The multiplayer component in 9 is totally ignorable, I played it by myself entirely and still (kind of) had a good time, it just plays like 3 did but with a ton more character customization. The character customization and plethora of items/equipment to collect are pretty much its strong points though; the battle system is pretty lame and the main quest is over in 25 hours with a massive focus on inane post game sidequests (read: errands.)

It's a fun RPG and, well, playing dress-up in the Dragon Quest world is kind of awesome... but I couldn't help feeling that the series was dead when I played it. It does have hundreds of hours of content though, so I guess it's a fitting end along with DQX, to go out on the idea of carrying the adventures on forever. It was a bittersweet playthrough for me.

>> No.1185059
File: 620 KB, 2717x2342, 20110101_AmericanEnglishDialects.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm well aware that this has almost nothing to do with anything, but check out this sick accent map I found.

>> No.1185063

>cot-caught merger
Yep, that's in full swing where I'm from.

>> No.1185065

Maybe it was because it was the first Dragon Quest I played but I loved it. The story does feel a bit lacking but for some reason I was hooked. I think it was because every JRPG seem to try to out do each other. Having one that is light on story but what it has was fun. And I just couldn't stand anything about 12 for some reason.
For some reason 9 just doesn't look appealing to me. But 10 does look fun and maybe I'll try it when they give me the chance.

>> No.1185073
File: 29 KB, 355x433, ondore3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And I just couldn't stand anything about 12 for some reason.
It might be because I lowered my standards for FF games. I basically never played with Vaan and used Basch as my main character. I actually enjoyed the section where I ran around as Vaan claiming to be Basch

Even with that, FF continues to disappoint. My friend and I borrowed FF13 and dropped it after about 2 hours of play.

>> No.1185083

I'm not really sure why Vaan is such a big issue with people.
Do you complain about Nick Carraway when you read The Great Gatsby?
For 90% of the game he exists to justify infodumps and to be the best fighter in end game.
Also he's one of the best dissidia characters both story and gameplaywise

>> No.1185087

My main problem is that he's made out to be the main character when he really isn't. Basch and Ashe are clearly the main characters and Vaan is more an Ishmael with a tacked on plot of his own.

>> No.1185089

Welp I never thought I would hear FF12 compared to The Great Gatsby, but there it is.

I loved 12 too. I actually really enjoyed the gameplay.

>> No.1185090

Well, someone did admit in an interview somewhere along the way that he was specifically tacked when they were finalizing the story because they were afraid Basch (the original main character) wouldn't test well. That makes me feel a little better for disliking Vaan, at least.

Moby Dick too? it's a day of firsts

>> No.1185094

/vr/ is much more cultured than most of us realize.

>> No.1185096

They were probably right, honestly.
FF has always had pretty protagonists.

>> No.1185107
File: 1.07 MB, 983x1560, FFXII_Basch_Render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Basch is pretty enough, but yeah, he's certainly manlier than most FF protags.

>> No.1185108

Or we all passed high school English.

>> No.1185123

They didn't make us read Moby Dick or The Great Gatsby in my school. I read them on my own time. In fact, my school pretty much let us read whatever we wanted to and I read things like biographies, history, and science books in school and quite a bit of Tom Clancy. The only novels we were ever made to read in school was Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver.

>> No.1185146

I'm playing DQVIII right now, having a blast, 20 hours into it and I haven't played a game this long in ages.

I did play DQV for a very long time, but quit near the end. Because I do that sort of thing, regretfully.

Has there been any word on the localization of DQM:3DS? DQM is one of my most nostalgic games.

>> No.1185148

>I did play DQV for a very long time, but quit near the end. Because I do that sort of thing, regretfully.
I do something similar with most RPG's I play. I'll get to right before the end of the game and then take a break from the game for a month or two, then finish the game.

>> No.1185157

to be fair i feel like DQV peaks once you get your whole family back and find out about all the lineage shit. once that's over and you just need to go do the final fights... well, you just kinda hope the momentum carries you through the end at that point

>> No.1185160

funny story: he was supposed to be the main protag but squeenix realized their core demographic was twinks and fangirls so they introduced that one fag and his sister as the main characters

>> No.1185163

Yep, that's exactly the reason why I always played Basch and had Ashe in the party almost perpetually.

>> No.1185165

Dragon Quest 2 is my favorite.

>> No.1185175

Basch/Ashe/Balthier One True Party.

>> No.1185176

I think I know why VIII feels so good. It's just presented really fucking well. The story is a bit lacking but I actually think that's one of its strength. With so many JRPG that felt like a soap opera it's nice having one that is colorful and a joy to play. I only played Joker on the DS and sadly I couldn't get into it. It's not that I didn't like it but that I just got playing Pokemon HeartGold so I was pretty drain in monster catching games. Even if it's a totally different game.
I tend to take most JRPGs slow. Play an hour a day every day so I don't get drained. Takes a month to beat a 40 hour game (VII I actually double it because it's such a fucking long game) but it keeps me playing it without taking a long break.
1. They are not brother and sister.
2. That fact has already been posted here.
I really wished I never talked about FF12. I just wanted to compare it to VIII because of the demo

>> No.1185184

Can say I've seen any people clams II as their favorite. What about II do you really like?

>> No.1185186

Stupid phone

>> No.1185196

Yup, Level 5 did a killer job on VIII. I was very skeptical when I first read about it because I pretty much assumed that they were gonna make a Dark Cloud game with a Dragon Quest skin, and I didn't play DQVIII until after Rogue Galaxy so I still had doubts. But VIII ended up retaining just as much Dragon Questiness as I wanted it to. And the Level 5 style definitely worked with the menu and item icons. Crafting fit in well too. But I never saw the huge, open, to-scale world coming. That really won me over.

My only nagging complaint about VIII is the specialization system, or whatever. I get that they wanted to add a bit of flair or customization to the combat system but that fell kinda flat. And then they re-used it in IX...

>> No.1185214

I didn't really like the skill points too since I had no clue what "courage" does or "sex appeal". I normally hate looking up guides but I felt I had to for the skills and what skill gives what when. But once I knew that I didn't really hate it. It was a nice way to change the gameplay a bit. Just wish they had a way to reset your skills later in the game just in case you fucked yourself over. But I wish more games do that when using skill points.

>> No.1185227
File: 25 KB, 550x400, catch me if you can.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Metal Slime ran

Oh, what else is new?

>> No.1185248

Wow, actually, now that you brought it up I would have actually preferred they made a Dark Cloud game with a DQ skin.
DC was the tits.
Also Level 5 showed their level 5ness by having a major villain be a clown AGAIN. Its like a requirement for those guys.

>> No.1185264

You miss hitting it for 1 damage then it runs.
I don't think the idea of the town building would be all that great for Dragon Quest. The cell shading work beautifully however. Don't know if they made him a clown or it was Yūji Horii idea but I did enjoy him.

>> No.1185612

The simplicity of it. You have a party unlike the first game, the progression is measured and balanced, and you don't have to deal with trying to min/max classes or skill points.

The game just lets you sit back and enjoy it.

>> No.1186658

How do I play Dragon Quest V?

>> No.1186685
File: 36 KB, 720x720, 1316351252976.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw going to be starting SNES DQ3 soon
Wonder what classes I should use.

>> No.1186686
File: 3 KB, 493x402, 1278210151791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That definitely isn't my image.

>> No.1186701

are you being serious...? it's very straightforwards. or asking what system to play it on? ds or ps2.
for a first playthrough i'd recommend sticking to the basics by having a priest and mage in your party. you can always switch things up later! and have fun, SNES 3 is in my top 3 dragon quest games/versions

>> No.1186706

I can see that. The idea of just a normal party (Pure Melee, Red Mage, and Pure Mage) is nice to have from time to time.

>> No.1186713

I actually would say Solider, Fighter, and Pilgrim (Sorry don't know the SNES names). And when you can class change then turn the Pilgrim into a Wizard (learn Vivify first) and one of the Melee into a sage. So then you will have 2 Magic casters (one being more melee but still nice to have) and one pure melee so you cover all the bases.

>> No.1186724 [DELETED] 

Maybe he's asking which system to play it. And I say the PS2. A great fan translation is out there. If you can't run a PS2 emulator I think the SNES is fully translated.

>> No.1186786

Why did the spells name change anyways?
Blaze -> Frizz
Icebolt -> Crack
Infernos -> Woosh

>> No.1186805

The DW5 game for PS2 is Japanese only, right?
I don't have a DS. Is there a fan translation for the PS2 version? Is the DS version based on the PS2 version?

>> No.1186807

i think the translators were never able to find a satisfactory "brand" for the DQ spells (you know, like fire/fira/firaga or agi/agilao/maragi) but also struggled to find them good translations that weren't confusing

they've always been bad, that's 1 thing i can say with complete honesty that i dislike about DQ. the bullshit spell/skill names.

>> No.1186812

I don't think there are many thing really different between the SNES/PS2/DS. Just that the PS2 has amazing music and looks better. But other then that it's the same game (even lets you date another girl). And there is a fan translation of the PS2 version and it's pretty solid.

>> No.1186820

Aren't they named after onomatopoeia (Woosh like the wind, Crack like ice cracking, ect.). Guess it doesn't really translate well into English. I think they should have kept it as blaze since it's at least sounds like a fire spell. I was actually really confuse casting spells because I had no idea what the fuck fuddle was.

>> No.1186827

Not W, Q.

>> No.1186828

How does an American go about playing the DQ5 PS2 English Translation?

>> No.1186832

>they've always been bad
Healmore, Hurtmore, BeDragon and the like were all fucking awesome spell names

>> No.1186842

It's actually a LOT less confusing in Japanese. Most of the time. Other times you get shit like マヌーサ or ヘナトス (which are actually Dazzle and Blunt), and I just can't connect the spell's name to the effect it has.
I just prefer whatever spell names were in the GBC version of DW3, since that's the first game in the series that I played and the one that really got me into Dragon Quest. That said, Bikill sounds cooler than TwinHits as a translation for バイキルト which doubles your attack, so it's a bit more of a wishy-washy thing than just "I like everything from this version better".

>> No.1186846

The DS version uses the same engine as the other 2 DS remakes, which is a take on 7's engine. You can play these with a DS emulator if you like. the PS2 version is a separate, ground-up remake.

Get your hands on a disc image for the Japanese PS2 release, link to patch is here:

Apply whichever version of the patch you like (DW version implies earlier, NES translation style spell names etc.) Either burn to DVD and play on a modded PS2 or use PCSX2

>> No.1186852

Yeah, Bedragon was awesome. Puff! was retarded as an update to that.. Defense was confusing. Infernos too.
Fucking "frizz" and "sizz"

>> No.1186960

I personally love the NES spell names. The only real problem was infernos for wind. Why that is a wind spell I have no clue but the rest are perfect to me. I'm personally not a fan of fizz, crackle, whoosh. Guess it's a culture thing but I prefer knowing the spell from the name then having to look up the discretion a billion times before remembering it

>> No.1187337

What do you think is the odds for Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS to be localized over here?

0% ;_;

>> No.1187357
File: 139 KB, 600x450, 1378549209466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1189260


>> No.1189330

Things are looking bleak for DQ in general these days. I remember when Final Fantasy started going all crazy they promised that they would reserve DQ as the outlet for more traditional formula RPGs... I guess VIII was the last we'll see of that, unless they decide to reboot the series later on. I mean, DQ is still a huge cash cow in Japan, they'd definitely make a main series traditional game for XI, right? and it'll be glorious... everything we've hoped and dreamed of...

>> No.1189340

From what I've here a lot of people in Japan are growing restless with the Enix side. Since they feel their Dragon Quest is being like Final Fantasy. While it is a massive franchise in Japan their maybe hope that enough pushback will bring it back to the old style JRPG. But that's just a thought.

>> No.1190490

I hope one day someone translates Torneko no Daibouken 3. I think I saw a website where someone was working on the GBA version, but it was years ago and I can't find it again.

>> No.1190801

I always found it strange that Japan seem to got into roguelikes way more then we ever did. I personally never beat a roguelike but i've always enjoyed them.

>> No.1191863

I don't think roguelikes are really meant to be beaten. It is more about the journey than reaching the end. I never really care for them or being at the mercy of an RNG for that matter.

>> No.1191894

Yeah roguelikes are mostly luck based. "Will I get a better weapon on this floor?" "Will I get a magic wand that I need?" "I'm almost most starving I need food!!!"
I still think Torneko's Mysterious Dungeon was fun. But it really is luck dependent a lot of the time.

>> No.1191913 [DELETED] 

>roguelikes are mostly luck based
That's actually not true. In a good roguelike, like Nethack or DCSS, there are very few situations where the game actually becomes unwinnable (barring stupid shit like eating the Amulet of Yendor).


29 ascensions in a row. That ain't easy, and it ain't luck either.

>> No.1194102

Well with Mystery Dungeon in particular they give you some permanence to your actions and the chance to store items for future use, so you can eventually brute force your way through.

>> No.1195121
File: 249 KB, 394x784, 6fbcdab1bca3ff2d8fe95d30ca5a78a124be0e1a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patty best waifu

>> No.1195138

Bianca is best horse jizz bucket slut.

>> No.1195142

I remember I put down SNES DQV for some reason.

I remember I was at the part where you finally meet your kids and discover your son is the hero of legend.

Went straiht to go get him the helmet, is the game pretty much a sandbox at this point?

>> No.1195218

Anyone ever finish that final T'n'T board in DQV? how long did it take you?

>> No.1195443

I stopped playing vidya as i got older but dq holds a special place in my heart.

>> No.1195747

I still play a bunch of games but Dragon Quest holds a place in my heart too. It was the first RPG I played on the NES and my mom (who never got into any video games) actually helped me find my way. Since she was the one that remembered what the NPC said (I was 4 in 1989) and I controlled the characters. One of only a very few my mom got into video games. Outside that she never really got into any games. But I still have that happy thought of her writing stuff down and helping me read the map of the world.

>> No.1195770

Yep. Go wherever you want.

>> No.1195832


It's DQ5, and not quite sandbox. It holds the same principle of you going to a specific town and doing stuff.

>> No.1196236

Still no Dragon Quest 7. Sad but not surprised.

>> No.1196245

Funny thing, just played DQ3 snes for the first time and the personality test in the beginning fucking nailed it. got logical

>> No.1196296

Mara casts BeDragon!
Mara has turned into a giant dragon!

...now, if the metal slime(s) will just stick around for one more round, they're toast

>> No.1196306
File: 1.62 MB, 873x960, 2212420-box_dq5hothb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DQV hero was clearly the manliest.

I always drew parallels to him and Conan.

>> No.1196319

Heh, I have memories of playing games with my parents, too. The NES that they bought when I was a kid they originally got for themselves and I got to play it whenever they weren't using it. Most of the earlier games I played were simply the games they played. While they both don't play as many games as they used to, my dad is still a huge Dragon Quest fan and my mom is still a huge Legend of Zelda fan.

>> No.1196327
File: 9 KB, 1115x160, 123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take that, you little shit.

>> No.1196330

Anyone remember that DQIX event they had at Gamestop and Bestbuy? I'm sure it was here in burgerclap land only.

I remember seeing a bunch of older guys there with their kids. They were all shooting the shit about the older DQ games while we all played in the corner.

Also he gave me a damn good map with King Metal Slimes in it, guy was a massive help to me.

>> No.1196372

I think my mom thought it was fun just exploring and finding my way through the world. And learning how to read a map with the map that was in the game. It got me into JRPGs while my mom never picked up a controller.
I never got IX. Didn't really appeal to me. But it does seem Dragon Quest appeals to an older generation then younger because of it's slower pace and older style battle mechanics.
*trumpets plays*
you level up

>> No.1196376

Dragon Quest 5 for the ds is one of games I'm most proud of owning.

Just saying.

I really like that game.

>> No.1196396
File: 59 KB, 600x446, 1314579802793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found out my dad used to really be into the first Dragon Quest. That's just cool as fuck, I need to chat about the series with him one day. Wonder if he'd like any of the newer ones, he hasn't been into video games since the 90s.

>> No.1197746

Bump, not letting this thread die.

>> No.1197756


Get him a PS2 and DQ8

>> No.1197938

Well VIII plays just like the older Dragon Quest games. And its a pretty fun game.

>> No.1198024

As you should be. I have a lot of great memories from my old DS but playing that definitely stands out.

>> No.1198112

I don't remember them ever really advertising the DS remakes. But when I saw DQIV I asked them if any of the others were coming out. When they said V I jumped on it and enjoyed the fuck out of it. And when VI finally got here I got that also on opening day. Now if only they release VII. I don't know whom I should be annoyed at. Square-Enix for doing this. Nintendo for not localizing it like VI and IX. Or USA for not actually getting into them like we did with Final Fantasy or SMT.

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