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There seems to be a lot of hate for epsxe on the emulator scene. I've been using it and it's perfectly serviceable. If there's a reason to use any other let me know, because I wouldn't mind having a better emulating experience. Just right now, I don't see anything wrong.

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Closed source and somewhat-active development.

PCSX-R (svn) is open source and very active. For example, it had multi-track cue sheet support for about three years before epsxe it.


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blah blah blah blah personal preference blah blah blah

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Only freetards who fap to stallman think that epsxe is not good.

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I like how it runs even on a Pentium 3 PC.

And that's pretty much its only advantage.

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It works sure, but PCSX-R does PSX emulation better. Try Twisted Metal 2 under both. epsxe won't emulate the intro properly, and all level transitions just don't load. PCSX-R does both right.

I used to use JNES for NES emulation, but after seeing how much better PuNES is at NES emulation with games like Kirby Adventure I can't go back to JNES.

Accuracy doesn't mean much until you have a chance to try something more accurate. Give it a go.

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More like people who are educated about emulation.

Closed source emulators are never a good thing, that means that any knowledge about how the system works is not being shared and is being hoarded by a few people for personal or monetary gain, so it's useless from a preservation standpoint.

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You explained nothing.

This guy did >>1141490

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>You explained nothing.

Uh what? I explained why closed source is bad for the emulation scene.

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You didn't explain why the emulator itself was bad, whereas the other anon did. That's what this thread is about.

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