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>be 26
>be twelve minutes ago
>browse ebay for snes
>not working, as is US$29

wtf, i just want to play snes again. i can fix shit and just want to play some mother fucking darius twins. what happened to the 10 dollar snes for repair on ebay?

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prices got higher with the retro fad, dongolo

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well no shit, but come on... busted snes going for 30 bucks?

i just want one to have fun fixing, then play the shit out of.

is that so much to ask?

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that's because you're buying online from faggots who think they have super rare old machine.

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i just saw one that was spray painted gold.... with a zelda sticker on it...


fuck me in the ass.

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People started realizing there was money to be made in emptying an old closest or attic with this stuff.

Honestly I'm too the point I'm just making a good emulating setup. Good machine, emulator, controller, and proper tweaks make it pretty damn hard to tell the difference.

Its a lot less headache unless you find hunting for old stuff still functioning and taking that gamble fun. Some do, I don't.

Beyond that everdrives if you have the console. And a few bitch to emulate ones are worth hunting down if you really care for them. Me there is a few I emulate I probably shouldn't, but I'm too lazy to plug in the N64 for the few games on it I like when I have a really nice emulation set up.

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>be 26
>be twelve minutes ago
You age quickly.

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epic lol

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if that blew your mind check this out!
>be 26
>be 36 minutes ago
>post about shitty prices

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>be third world country(italy)
>search for snes
>36 €

sometime it's good to be backwards

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Then buy one that works you fucking idiot.

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>wtf, i just want to play snes again.

Yeah, enjoy that.

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I fail to see how playing super nintendo is going directly result in being raped.

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It will result in wallet rape.

Shit's overpriced, yo.

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Guess what?
You're not the only one that can fix shit and wants to play an SNES.
You're also not the only one that can fix shit and wants to sell said fixed shit once it's fixed.
Get over yourself and welcome to the real world where demand of something makes the price go up.

That said, I wish the "retro fad" would die so I can come to /vr/ without having to listen to whiny bitches like you who want everything for cheap.

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"Why can't things be cheap when I want them and expensive when I want to sell them?"
"Why can't the shit I have be worth a ton and the shit I want be worth nothing?"

Fucking getting tired of this crap.

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>Snes with original box
>all cables, perfect condition
>1 previous owner
>not working

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>Snes with original box
>all cables, perfect condition
>1 previous owner (me)

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Just play an emulator, fool.

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Anybody complaining about retro prices needs to step back and ask themselves: would you sell your SNES for less than $50? What the fuck can you even get with that kind of pocket cash these days?

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Eat for about 8 days
You're right though

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>not just using an emulator on your laptop and playing snes games

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>not being apart of the glorious emulator master race

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OP you fool just use an emulator I recommend fceux.

Don't you know how2emulation?

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Fuck jewbay and craigslist.

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I've gotten 3 SNES in the wild for $20 and under. Yardsales, thrift stores and flea market.

Happy hunting!

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I honestly just gave up trying to find a not expensive and working SNES and got a Retro Duo. The controllers aren't amazing, but so far I haven't had any issues playing games on the thing, I can't complain.

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Fuck emulation.

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Can you use actual snes controllers on it? Just keep looking I gave up too started to emulate, and then found a non yellowed snes for $10 at goodwill. Happy Hunting! Like >>1145529

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The sound on the SNES side is terrible. Hard to notice until you pop in the right game (Maui Mallard in my case) and the song plays on just the (wrong) channel and ugh. Terrible.

Videos perfect thou.

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Same guy as ^^^ had one before, real SNES controllers are SUPPOSED to work but I find that the ports are super cheap and sometimes controllers only half work.

Pop them into a real SNES and they work fine.

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>be missin my old console that my mom let my sister 'borrow' and she left with her baby daddy
>my gf moves in and brings a bunch of dusty boxes from her parent's attic with her.
>mfw i open them and there is every console known to man in them

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>mfw i hook them all up, and they actually work.
>sad face that i has no carts
>"It's ok anon. All of my carts are in my room at my parent's house still

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>On the road.
>Spend 4 hours packing and moving all of her carts
>newly added systems: atari 2600, sega master system, sega genesis, sega cd, sega 32x, gamegear, shit ton of Tiger Games, nes, snes, n64, gameboy classic, gameboy color, ps1, dreamcast, calecovision

captcha: excellent lowimet

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Once i'm done unpacking, I'll take pics guys. shit tons, and I mean shittons of games

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>Yellow NES with no box
>Dirty as fuck cables.
>10 different owners
>Works fucking perfectly.

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Flea market is full of le happy merchants, yardsales never have shit, ever, and the best I've found at a thrift store was a shit stained N64 and Ballz for Genesis.

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