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Rate my pokemon emerald team

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>no bugs
>no ghosts

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>3 fucking birds
Also >>>/vp/

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>Half the team destroyed by Earthquake
Already it's got problems.

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>kappa are birds
Fuck off.

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I was just picking random pokemon i like but kek yeah half of them would lose to an earthquake

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Emrald was the one with ruby and saphire right? Ive been putzing about with brillant diamond, forgot how bland pokemon can be.

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>no mew
>no mewtwo
>no ditto
> no gengar

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Only if you rate mine first.

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*stays here instead of going to /vp*

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ok post your team

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im into it
tentacruel is so fucking sick
idc if hes the literal rat of the ocean. hes fucking sick, looks sick, and actually is pretty good just as a mon

used to hate solrock as a kid because i thought he would evolve, and by like lvl 70 i realized i had wasted my time
but one time i got stuck with him in the battle factory and he fucking carried the entire team with his ridiculous utility, EQ immunity, and explosion. early gen explosion is such a GOAT move. up there with gen 1 hyper beam in just how colossally bigdick it is

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solrock and dodrio are totally immune tho, so no worries
also, emerald, so its wallace instead of steven. iirc the only E4 member that has EQ is phoebe, and shes a retard that spams protect 3 times in a row

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lmao good try
Every single day you trick me to post my team.

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Never played this game, only know what it is
>First only has on eye, so it doesn't look like he would be that great of a fighter
>Second can bite you 3 times
>Ship wheel seems imobile, maybe you can thrown it on someone
>Can hentai rape so seems to be the best
>Fuck mexicans
>What is this Pikachu girfriend? IDzk maybe it can shock you or anything

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explosion is pretty op

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Shitmons with shit designs, why would you ever use them?

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bait used to be believable

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Why the Solrock?
It's a really unusual choice, so it makes me curious.

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I prefer Lunatone over solrock.

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i can respect the staying away from meta autism and no legendaries, but no sableye means i can give you a 6/10 at most

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>no legendaries
It's strange how some people just KNOW not to use legendaries on their team. I don't think the games ever told us not to, if anything it's the optimal choice. And yet we don't.

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The games themselves in single-player are already easy enough that using them is essentially overkill, and the places that actually can challenge you like Battle facilities won't allow most of them to compete anyway.

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i never use them myself but honestly using some of the weaker ones like the regis and legendary birds would be fine (hell regigigas is pretty shit compared to most normal mons). there's a big difference between that and blazing through the endgame with a level 70 rayquaza

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i mean, i don't want to validate the "you didn't beat the game" assholes, but there is a nugget of truth that if you are reduced to having to use the equivalent of a gotoh in a fire emblem game you are admiting to having fucked up while growing your team before the end of the game and having to take the easy way out

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Wheres spinda you fuck

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You didn't beat the game if you used legendaries

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The objectively best Pokémon are Skarmory, Luvdisc, and Unown Y

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lol i get it

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>Skarmory, Luvdisc
decent, but they are no sableye

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Based sableye enjoyer

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Someone give me a naming theme for a Gold run imma do soon

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Fat green guy and sun guy are kinda lame.

Dodrio and Tentacruel are sick though.

Using Pokemon you like is way better than the same old shit every time. Glad you don't have Gengar, and using Mew or Mewtwo is some real fag shit.

Why a Solrock instead of a Lunatone? Because it's his fucking game. It's Pokemon. Unless you're playing competitively, you're a loser if you take it seriously.

9/10 team. Actually, 9.2 cause it has Dodrio and I was just thinking the other day about how sick Dodrio is.

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the teams i usually use in gen 3:
hm slave
>fire red
mr mime
hm slave

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If I have to use a starter one more time I'll go insane. Everything else about that team is cool though.

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naming them after your friends' internet handles

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>team isn't just an extremely overleveled starter plus maybe a legendary plus HM slaves

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the childhood special, an old classic

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What if I just genuinely like a legendary or one is my favorite Pokémon of all time? Am I supposed to just never use them? They aren’t allowed in battle facilities or anything.

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Sableye is good but objective truth doesn't make room for our small dreams of what ought to be

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It's really dumb, but I think she's just trying to PP stall you since her dusclops has pressure. It's ingame so it doesn't work, but uh that's neat.

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Use your favorites and have backup pokemon that can fill in for them.

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You'd be surprised at how good the AI can be if they actually turned up the difficulty setting on it. I've seen the AI use Stallrein properly when given it.

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>Mr Mime
Based. I'm currently running through Fire Red and I'm 4 badges in about to hit cycling road. So far my team is:
Paras (HM slave)

Not sure what I'm going to round the team out with. Maybe I'll grab a Rhyhorn when I go through the Safari Zone.

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+ Dodrio/Raichu/Tentacruel
- Those gen 3 shitmons

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was intitially using tentacruel as a hm slave but it became a normal team mon lol sludge bomb and surf

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Discontinued Google services.

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You didn't really beat the game

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Yeauh RSE are really really nice games. They are peak for me. Just enough grit and QoL
Pretty challenging game if you shuffle wild pokemon into your party regularly

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my current emerald

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3 of those look like pokemon the other 3 do not.

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Well, this and the Gen 3 thread got me replaying Emerald for the first time in..19 years, holy shit. I've replayed ruby and sapphire but my emerald cart I've saved from restarting.
Here's my team so far. I kinda didn't want to keep Azumarill/Gardevoir/Aggron as I used them in my first playthrough, but hell, they're so useful. flygon is another one I used before- and I'm itching to add him again, but might keep it as an HM slave and let it stay at the daycare to level up in the meantime.
I love Gen 1, but having just replayed Red and blue it's refreshing how much QoL improvements are in Gen 3, even Gen 2 really didn't feel like as much an improvement in comparison.
Sableye is more useful than I thought. Hoenn is fun to explore though I'm dreading needing to cycle through HM slaves for dive and waterfall.

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I fucking loved Skarmory until I found out he's the size of an emu or fat chicken

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I rate it negative nigger/10

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vp is the johtranny containment board

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Is that good?

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Not bad
bad. take Jolteon instead
Odd choice but okay
Why? You already have a water type. And better water types exist.
You're gonna have to explain this one to me.

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>being a metafag

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Hariyama was my fighting type on my first gen3 run. Swap out for Machamp, you'll be glad you did.

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Grape my Fire Reds.

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i could have a "free" legendary with the masterball but fuck u , i like my Mister Fish and Butter.

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>Hoenn is fun to explore though I'm dreading needing to cycle through HM slaves for dive and waterfall
there's a gen 3 hm slave that doesn't require you to cycle and it's dragonite
it can learn all the gen 3 HMs except for flash

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Evee, weird as it is given it can only evolve into Umbreon/Espeon through RSE, is unavailable in all of them.
problem is, dragonite isn't in RSE and having to level up an HM slave to 55 kills the point of having an HM slave.
always thing it's interesting when people ditch their starter. I like how you could possibly have gotten all of those before Cerulean except dugtrio. Keeping Butterfree through Kanto always feels comfy.

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>sableye, breloom, aron
10/10 this guy fucks

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R8 my gen 3 final teams (top row is just indicating the game (Ho-Oh is Colosseum and Lugia is Gale of Darkness)

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You know what's funny? As a dorky teen virgin I wouldn't have used Breloom, would've thought Sableye is cool but too weak because I associated short, single evo pokemon with weak stats. But both holds her own well. I picked up breloom/shroobish because I realized Seedot was going to be a non-starter. As much as Gen 3 fixes, it still has some awful movesets.

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looking good. i like your teams

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based kanto team and clefairy is an amazing pokemon love clefairy

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>always thing it's interesting when people ditch their starter

i pretend pikachu/raichu is my starter and that i'm playing PokeYellow but Gen 3 rules.

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R8 mine. This is the team I'd use if I was transported into the world of Pokémon.

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>if I was transported into the world of Pokémon.
play Mystery Dungeon for GBA.

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always did like that beaner mon

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/vp/ is for talking about the modern games dipshit.

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That works out since ditch their starter because it makes them interesting. Only plebs use their starters. It’s seriously reddit shit to keep the starter on your team.

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4/10 team desu. Tentacruel, Solrock, are such shitmons. Dodrio is alright I guess. Ludi is cool. At least your team is somewhat original. I'd imagine Ludicolo and Blaziken hard carried your team in the E4

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>3 shone
Which romhack was this?

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there's 4 shinies

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that thing in the top left looks fuckin retarded anthrobait shit

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That is a blaziken.

Image counts (by pokémon-related search term) from my preferred rule 34 booru site:

pokemon 599961
eeveelution 49977
gardevoir 25916
pikachu 14786
eevee 12642
charizard 10416
blaziken 7011
absol 6696
typhlosion 5497
mewtwo 5298
raichu 5027
mew 3101
houndoom 2587
mightyena 2427
machamp 2191
mawile 2015
feraligatr 1900
suicune 1785
pichu 1680
ditto 1516
miltank 1219
grovyle 1197
swampert 1177
furret 1030
sableye 875
jigglypuff 834
blastoise 617
spinda 579
meganium 516
tangela 361
mr._mime 204
unown 168
dusclops 69
masquerain 28
sunkern 24
shelgon 13
clamperl 8
deoxys_(attack_form) 4

So, yes, blaziken is doing quite well. I'm surprised by all the charizard-related uploads though! And I'm surprised at how hard it was to find even one single-digit image count. There sure are a lot of bipeds horny for quadrupeds out there.

(The list of search terms above was arbitrarily constructed by me and is missing many relatively high-ranking entries. Although I like porn a lot, I am not an expert either in Pokémon, which I haven't played all that much, or in bestial/furry porn, which turns me off for the most part.)

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So Mudkip is the best starter to choose, isn't he?

>> No.11019392

It's got the most utility, but I prefer Treecko and then keep it a Grovyle forever

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Rate my Ruby team:


>> No.11019427

And here are my planned Kanto and Johto teams:





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looking good

>> No.11019558

>not evolving Abra
>has an owl
I love it. There will always be a table ready for you at my home, anon.

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>planned Kanto and Johto teams:

i only ever did that for Pokemon Yellow. but after "speedrunning" Red and Bleu, i felt i had more fun beating the game with commons and uncommons.

Once i also beat Elite 4 with 1 level 100 Magikarp with some itemclone cheating.

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And the other half would be immune.
So what?

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Kanto is fine enough but Fearow is better than Pidgeot, I'd consider an entirely different Pokemon though. It's fine, not spectacular. Pidgey is one of those pokemon it feels like people got led into thinking needs to be on a Kanto team.

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Being young is wanting a pidgeot. Growing up is knowing dodrio is the better of the 3 kanto normal/flying mons.

>> No.11021471

Aerodactyl becomes available immediately after getting Surf and trounces the Normal birds.
Even if you needed a Normal/Flying bird, Farfetch'd with Slash fucks shit up and is basically free.

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Just finished this morning. Here's my E4 team. took some detours to grind(find a heart scale for dragon breath on Flygon, get icebeam/thunderbolt)walrein was my HM slave who didn't make the cut. Flygon proved useful enough that
I hate to say it, but Aggron is kinda useless. He's a good damage sponge if you need to set up healing, but the gyms/E4 in emerald don't give him much to do.
If it was still Steven as champion, Blaziken would've been way more useful. But there's only a handful of E4 enemies she'd viable against in E.
Also, got a shiny Golbat for my troubles grinding. Coincidentally, my first shiny was a golbat in Emerald 19 years ago. I suspect a good chunk of shinies people see in a playthrough are cave filler you encounter grinding.

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Imagine using farfetchd. Couldn't be me.

>> No.11021528

based flygon and breeloom gaurdivoir team

>> No.11021537

There’s something that feels right about using green Pokémon for Emerald.

>> No.11021549

>he doesn't like DUX
the sheer essence of unlovable

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makes sense