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About to play Saturn for the first time after years of ignoring for being an inferior to the PS1. Any games you would recommend, translated if possible?

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blast wind just got a translation

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Metal black

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Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining the Holy Ark

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Only listing multiplats if theyre best on Saturn.

If you like shmups, try Galactic Attack, all the Thunderforces, Hyper Duel, Blast Wind, either Strikers, Batsugun, Soukyugurentai and Radiant Silvergun to start but there’s tons more.

If you like fighting all the 2d Capcom fighters, Virtua Fighter 2, Last Bronx and Fighters Megamix are all great. Virtua On is basically perfect.

If you like FPS its got the best console Duke Nukem and if you want a Metroidvania style classic FPS game try Powerslave, its one of the best.

If you like rail shooters the first 2 Panzer Dragoons (especially 2) are great. Theres also ports of Space Harrier and Night Striker.

Third person flight and mech shooters like Bulk Slash, Stellar Assault and both Gungriffons all have translations.

For 3d beatemup theres only one option but its a great game, Die Hard Arcade. Guardian Heroes and Dungeons and Dragons are 2d beatemups. D&D is untranslated.

For Racing: Sega Rally and Manx TT is where I’d start.

Too many RPGs to list but Grandia, Shining Force 3, Dragonforce 1&2 and Panzer Dragoon Saga stand out.

The Saturns weak on platformers and adventure games. Astal, Tryrush Deppy and Clockwork Knight 1&2 are about as good as platforming gets here. You can try Burning Rangers or Ninpen Manmaru for 3d but dont expect much. Elevator Action Returns is a great run n gun. Shinobi and Psychic Killer are ok Hacknslashes.

Nights is a great transexual peter pan jester flying through rings simulator.

Tons of classic arcade ports. Sega, Capcom, Irem, Taito and others. Virtua Cops and House of the Dead for light gun games. Baroque is translated if you like Rougelikes, Oasis for a Zelda clone. Mr. Bones might be the only FMV game thats still kinda charming.

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Robotica, play the Japanese version Deadalus for a first play (it's entirely in English)

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I’ll be lenient and say its three good games and one pice of shit. Virtual Hydlide is just about as bad as any game can be.

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Shinobi X is incredibly maligned. I have no idea why people acted like it was a terrible game for 20. Only started seeing consensus change on it in the past decade.

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Nice aesthetics

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Clockwork Knight

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It's a great game, my 2nd favourite in the series after 3. I think people are prejudiced against photo realistic graphics since the majority of them are things like shitty Mortal Kombat clones or that Batman Forever game

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There's something different about the way the sprites look and move compared to other ugly digitized games. It's not super pretty but things like how the enemies split when slashed feels like it belongs in a TV drama of the era, which fits the excellent cutscenes.

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What's the point of playing translations, the originals are always better

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Only games of worth are the arcade ports with exclusive content.

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The best version of Vandal Hearts

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>weeb so desperate to tell people that he knows japanese that he’s willing to make himself look stupid by asking retardedly obvious questions
I bet you make japanese dishes at home to feel more japanese

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Does the japanese live rent free on your mind? I didn't even said anything about Japan

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This post is really retarded.

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>blast wind just got a translation
With the save-type select menu and the opening text still left in Japanese, and Gorn's dubbed dialogue now using Thunder Force IV music for no reason.

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Oh so you’re talking about the massive amounts of Flemish-to-English translations that are happening? idiot weeb

But okay, why do you prefer to play untranslated originals then? They’re in Japanese so you wouldn’t understand them

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OP is console warring do not help him

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Guardian Heroes
Panzer Dragoon Series
The House Of The Dead
Virtua Fighter and Cop

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Can you (or any other lightgun anon) spoonfeed me on emulating lightgun games? It feels like mouse just defeats the purpose unless I really really wanted to just see a game. Are there actual "Just Werks" tier lightguns for the PC that cost <$200?

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Sometimes I go for a multiplat and pick the Saturn version of it just to be able to say, "damn, I'm playing the Saturn!"

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You can use a Wiimote or equivalent (like Aimtrack), although not a real lightgun it's better than nothing. They just take over the mouse.

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I love the Saturn but multiplats are usually worse on it, only exceptions I know of are Resident Evil and Symphony of the Night.
Saturn Quake is worth checking out for the 2 exclusive levels.
also I don't count Powerslave as a multiplat. Saturn version is one of the better version but I count it as a Saturn game rather than a multiplat, DOS version is a completely different game, and PSX version was a port made more than a year later and also differs drasticly (and the shitdive version doesn't count)

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>ignoring for being an inferior to the PS1.
I mean you were right so why bother going back and playing it?

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I definitely wouldn’t say SOTN is better on Saturn. It has more content sure but parts are pretty unplayable due to slowdown. Ideally the Saturn version would run at the PSX performance, but nobody has achieved that yet.

For Resident Evil I guess you could say is better due to the unlockable content.

Saturn Quake is on a totally different engine than normal Quake. Its different but not better. Powerslave is much better on Saturn, no reason to sell it short. Some of the differences were due to the psx not being able to draw big enough rooms. I’d say the best console port of Duke Nukem 3D is on Saturn. The polygonal N64 version is passable but kinda weird.

Saturn got the best versions of all the Capcom fighters and most all the multiplat shmups.

There’s a Megaman game PSX and Saturn people are constantly fighting over which version is best.

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>I’d say the best console port of Duke Nukem 3D is on Saturn.

Nah, I love the engine but Duke3D on Saturn is just a nice curiosity. It barely plays like Duke3D, all the gameplay is approximate; while both the PSX and N64 version run off both the Build engine and Duke3D's game code, so gameplay is accurate.
+ both other versions have substantial exclusive content, of varying quality but still better than the 1 literally shit level of the Saturn version

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Ninja Jajamaru-kun isn't bad either

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The PSX version of that is basically a beta, or hell even alpha, while the Saturn version is a finished game

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Double sin: it was a 2d game in the 32 bit era, it's a cheesy looking digitalized-sprite game with corny fmvs so no one today wants to argue about it being an hidden gem or something

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What games/genres are you into?

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I think I have to at least try it now. Wish I still had my Wii Zapper but maybe I'll just duct tape this thing to an old Nerf gun and see how it feels

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In 2024 I see it as a game with really fun up close and personal sword fighting that doesn't feel like you're throwing big energy slashes but forces you to get within an arms reach of a guy and that makes it special today

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>unplayable due to slowdown

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Burning Rangers is a love it or hate it sorta game. I think it's fucking awesome but I can definitely see why people wouldn't.
>Limit 65%
>Limit 59%
>Limit 68%
Holy SHIT were they just not fighting fires and saving people?!

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I seriously love this game. It’s got the worst framerate but the simple action rpg gameplay is fun.

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magic knight rayearth

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I thought there was a fixed version of SotN on Saturn that came out in the past few years?

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Learn Japanese and play Linda Cube Kanzenban and Cyber Doll

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Still not fixed enough

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It's so ugly tho and the dungeons are confusing mazes

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That's sad to hear, I was hoping it was better now

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Panzer Dragoon II is amazing

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It is better, but it doesn’t run as good as the PSX version. Without fully reworking the game from the ground up, it probably won’t. I’d love to be proven wrong though. And the Saturn version will always have the extra content.

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Good to know, I have a friend who swears up and down that the Saturn version is the best one but I'm cool playing the PS1 version

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Sonic 3D Blast's the closest you'll get to a proper 3D Sonic platformer on the Saturn, many despise it or are just indifferent, but I honestly think it's a decent title that's often underrated, it's almost a Sonic 64 in the sense that it's more of a Collect-A-Thon and all, just in an isometric view... which can work when you get the hang of it. Of course, this can't compare to Super Mario 64, but it's decent.

Also, it's probably the closest we'll ever get not only to a 3D Sonic on the Saturn... but to a Sonic Collect-A-Thon, which I think is a genre that fits the character well. Frontiers looks close enough.

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The game nights sucks for this and the rest of this list is good

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bump cuz it has good recs

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Well there ain't much let me tell ya
I recommend Panzer Dragoon. Not Saga but the regular game. Also Dragon Force, Sakura Wars, Sega Rally, House of the Dead and Three Dirty Dwarves.

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its not very good, you will get bored quickly, real talk

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It is inferior to PS1. Just stick to anything by SEGA or Capcom

Best answer

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Should I play the Saturn version or the PC version?

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The DOS and Saturn version are completely different games sharing the same assets. Both are fun imo.

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Exhumed unironically

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I'm still conflicted on the saturn.
On the one hand if you like Arcade games it's completely unparalleled.
But on the other, there's really no killer apps for it that would make it worth playing in current year, especially when the arcade ports are generally inferior to the original machines, which are all ironically easier to emulate than the saturn.

But that being said you should play
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Dracula X (english translation)
Baroque (english translation)
Grandia (english translation)
Fighters Megamix
Legend of Oasis
Powerslave (but the PC remake is better)

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I like NiGHTS :(

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Your are an actual fucking idiot.
Lots of games are better on Saturn, but not the ones you mentioned you absolute fucking retard.

Battle Garegga
Darius 2
Dead or alive 1
Earthworm Jim 2
Elevator action returns
FEDA Remake The Emblem of Justice
Mega Man 8
Ogre Battle
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Vandal Hearts
X-Men Children of the Atom

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Actually a bunch of arcade games are better on Saturn thanks to extra content.

And also,
Game Tengoku
Golden Axe Duel
Gunbird 1
Hyper duel
Radiant Silvergun
Virtua Fighter 2

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I can only speak for Battle Garegga and DonPachi/DodonPachi but actually no they're pretty trash and don't have the correct aspect ratio
Samurai Shodown was also garbage on Saturn, as was pretty much every other Neo Geo port like Metal Slug.
Even if stuff like SFII had extra features, they generally had scaled down sprites and were pretty obviously inferior to their aracade counterparts.

And don't even get me started on Sega arcade games... they really fucked up VF2 and Daytona

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>muh aspect ratio
They have more content and better modes

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Isn't Dodonpachi pretty good in tate mode though? Seems there are a few Saturn games like that

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nice, more content looking like shit

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Nah, you're blabbering out of your ass based on shit you parrot from somebody else

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>And don't even get me started on Sega arcade games... they really fucked up VF2
lmao nice bait. Best selling Saturn game and venerated by critics, video game players and hardcore VF players alike.

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You're a poser retard most of those ports were good (Metal slug) to perfect (Garegga)

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based, these 外人 are too stupid to learn another language

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>Legend of Oasis
I'm mixed on that one, I liked Beyond Oasis better

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Some Neo geo ports suffer from really bad sfx quality like KOF 96

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Just like ps1

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ps1 versions are worse but Saturn ports have problems too

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The bad ones don't matter.
Were here to talk about the good ones.

Saturn has a bunch of ports that have more content than any other version to date. Who gives a fuck if a neogeo port is bad, just emulate the neogeo you dumb ass

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Saturn Bomberman
The Last Gladiators

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The Saturn version is like a Metroid style fps. Its one of the best games in this style and was kinda different when it came out.

The dos version is Doom with an egyptian tombs paint job. That doesn’t mean its bad, its just unoriginal.

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It's not entirely turn based, but you get the idea