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Its a nice if hot day outside. What are you guys playing today?

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Super Mario Star Road

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Alien Resurrection (PSX)

I'm sorry I ever said/thought bad things about this game, it kicks ass

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Just starting FFIV Advance for the first time after finishing FFI & II (the latter of which is still pretty bleurgh). Barely 10C here in Aberdeen lol, no different from March/April

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I built a seimitsu stick to play stgs on mame. It's way harder than using a pad stick but I'm having fun.

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it's also my birthday. replaying chrono trigger because i never got all the new game plus endings and i just reached my favorite part. aside from that, i finished with the main part of super mario bros 2 lost levels earlier today and took a fire flower from 8-4 all the way to a-3 and that was really cool. i mean world 9 was a breather world but still after getting my ass kicked over and over would've expected to choke sooner what with not knowing the levels.

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Just finished donkey kong country, now I'm playing dragon quest 3

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I was playing Chapter 6 of Paper Mario. I really overthought the Berries and tried cooking them into all kinds of recipes before I realized the obvious. And fuck these little cunts.

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I just saved saved the Zoo in MOTHER 1, off to help out in lands yet unseen eastward.

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Been playing kirby's dream land 3 and it is okay

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Will continue Baldur's Gate which I started a few days ago. This game is really cool.
I'm also playing Mega Man on NES. I dont know if i'm determined enough to try and finish it, but want to play a good chunk since it's really good, but also quite difficult.