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>this game is too old!
Anything before the NES filters me and I don't find any of it fun. Why am I built bitch, anons?

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Skill issue

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Try some arcade ports for the Atari, Coleco, or Intellivision; some are genuinely fun to play. Pick a game and try to beat your high score, rinse and repeat. I broke 79k in 2600 Centipede the other day.

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What even is there worthwhile besides, like Zork and all that?

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There really aren't THAT many games that are before the Famicom. If you don't enjoy Space Invaders, Pacman, or Galaga, that doesn't really leave too much.
Berserk is cool though, so I don't really agree with you.

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Because some old games are just so damn simple that there really isn't any point to playing them. I mean are you really missing out much if you don't play pong?

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>what is wizardry
>what is elite
>what is tempest
you are a faggot.

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same here but I grew up with the SNES.

Older arcade games are fine though. It's just home consoles that suck for me pre-SNES/Genesis

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Dangerous exists
4000 exists

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to be honest, why would you play elite or wizardry if you have no nostalgia for them? Both of have surpassed and in elites case by games in its own series.

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Wow, 3 games. And yes, there are other arcade classics that are pretty fun that I didn't list. But the Famicom is so early in video game history that the total number of games before it isn't huge.

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SNES was my first video game console too. But honestly, if you love platformers, which as a SNES fan how could you not, the NES is absolutely worth your consideration. Just look at the numbers. 6 Megaman games vs. 5 on SNES, and of higher quality. 3 Castlevania games vs. 2 on SNES. 2 (well 3, but you know) Contra games vs. 1 on SNES. Etc.

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Patience issue. Do research before you start an old game. Read documentation. Watch it played by someone else for a little while so you can get the hang of it. Start over a few times while you get your feet wet.

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Don't worry, there is nothing good before the nes.

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>muh nostalgia
Maybe you want to challenge yourself

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1985 is the oldest I can go. Tiger-Heli, Gradius, Space Harrier, Super Mario Bros, Gauntlet, etc.

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Baby steps. Try some C64 or Atari 800 games.

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I don't really like any game made before 1985 and don't feel too bad about it, the devs were still figuring out how to make anything work.
Gradius is the first truly good game ever and everything before it was practice leading to that moment.

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There are over 1300 FC/NES titles