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Starting off with one of the obvious ones.

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The SNES version is better.

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Capcom's a better action platformer video game, Virgin's a better adaptation of the film and what most fans of the film at the time would've loved to see in a video game, the aesthetic and using a sword to attack. Capcom's obviously had more of a polish to it, what we'd expect from a Japanese action platformer, while Virgin's feels like British platformers mixed with arcade sidescrollers and beat 'em ups, which also works well enough for what it is. Virgin's still more iconic to me at least.

Also, don't pass up on the SIMS version, it's not as good as either of the other ones, but it tells the story of the film better, and it's the only one where Aladdin actually uses the sword against Jafar at the end, it also feels like Prince of Persia.

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I won.

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I have a sword, platformerfag.

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Magical quest 3 is one of my favorite platformers. Beautiful graphics, the costumes are great, and music is amazing too.

Here's some of my favorites tracks from the game:
(This one sounds like a jrpg town theme or some shit.)


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This game is fuggin rad.

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I think I played every Star Wars game from this generation but this one.

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Konamis TMNT entries are so iconic to the NES library that be willing to argue at least some part of their fanbase are fans strictly because of their games

Their NES entries are on the same level as Mega Man, Castlevania and Punch-out just in terms of how iconic they are for the machine

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>Cowabunga tier
Turtles in Time (SNES port)

>Radical tier
Hyperstone Heist
Arcade game

>Great tier
TMNT2 (NES port)
The GB trilogy

>Okay tier
Turtles in Time (Arcade)

>Shit tier
First NES game

>Secretly the best tier
Manhattan project

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Almost perfect ranking, except for the fact that the GB games are drastically different in quality.

Fall of the Foot Clan is very, very easy and short but a pleasant experience overall.

Back from the Sewers is a fucking pain. Awkward sprites, wonky hitboxes, enemies that spawn so fast that on hard mode the game is almost unplayable, and the sections where you can move up and down the screen like in the beat em ups were very poorly thought out.

Radical Rescue is the best of the bunch and a surprisingly solid metroidvania for GB. Only issue is the lives/continue system, especially considering how hard the bosses can be.

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Think of all the characters created just to be in games who never got a game as good as Ronald McDonald

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>Virgin's a better adaptation of the film
Yes, I too remember the part of the movie where Aladdin stabbed like 50 guards with a Scimitar. Capcom went way of script focusing on acrobatics and goofy shit like throwing apples and bouncing on peoples heads, Disney's Aladdin would never do that.

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>Turtles in Time (Arcade)
The arcade game was bad? That's the difference between it and the SNES port?

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Off the top of my head, less levels, less bosses, combat feels more weightless and floaty, you can't run at will, you can't toss enemies at the screen, you can't even decide when to grab an enemy as it's RGN, in fact much of the combat feels outside of your control. The game just feels weird and unfinished. Of course it has more frames of animations, voice samples etc, but it's not remotely worth the tradeoff. SNES is the real version.

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What is the business strategy behind having two different companies make two different games for two different consoles? Wouldn't it just have made more sense for Disney to just give either Capcom or Virgin the license for both SNES and Genesis? They picked just one developer for Toy Story, Lion King, Jungle Book, and probably others I can't remember.

I'm sure some accountant crunched the numbers and figured this would make them more money but I need the ELI5

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Pretty sure it had to do with some deal Capcom had with Nintendo until around 93 where they would refuse to port games to Sega. There are like a bunch Capcom Disney games on SNES and the only one that got a Genesis release was Magical Quest 2 in 1994.

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This post had me trying to think of some examples of NOT obvious ones, not as in licensed games that are obscure but as in games that are licensed but are usually not thought of or talked about as such. My mind's kinda blanking right now but I'm pretty sure there are at least a few besides these 2

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I guess these games count, though its strange to say that.

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Well if its a contest....

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Don't forget how the arcade game will force you to die if it detects that you've gone too long without losing a life, just to squeeze another few quarters out of you or whoever's behind you.

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Oh yeah just remembered that this one also fits the bill. It's a particularly strange case because the rights owner was literally LucasArts staff, but it's still a game based on a pre-existing non-game property not owned by the publisher, and hence a licensed game through and through.

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How does it do this?

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NNNooope. Mickey Mania is better. But only the genesis and sega CD versions. PS1 version is alright too.

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Surprised nobody has posted this one yet. Back when I was a kid I loved this game to death and used to consider it "My favorite game of all time" Now I'd put it in maybe my top 20 but I still love this game a lot. I genuinely think it's better than Mega Man

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>creates the single most iconic moon theme, unrivaled to this day
yes I know tintin's is pretty sick too, but it's a better space station theme anyway

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my real question is why does nobody bring up the 2nd one?

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Approximately 11 people played it back in the day and have nostalgic sentiments for it.

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Hyperstone Heist is a bit of a weird one. On paper it should be equally as good as TiT and its cool how it takes level ideas from a bunch of different TMNT games, but it all ends up feeling a little phoned in. None of the levels flow organically into one another, the boss rush at the end feels lazy, and most of the levels just feel like corridors with infinitely respawning enemies that go on for way too long. Run button and faster game speed is nice, but for me, TiT beats it out on by feeling nicer to play and having better variety with more bosses and shorter levels.

Fair enough - It's been years since I played the GB games, but I remember enjoying them all. Kind of suprised about your take on Back from the Sewers, that was my favorite; It seemed like a straight upgrade from 1.

Shame they never tried doing a proper beat em up for the console, I would have loved that.

Elaborating on what anon said here >>11011518, the arcade version doesn't feel very polished. Enemy hitstun is so weightless your hits feel like you are hitting air, the RNG in grabbing enemies and doing special attacks makes them feel unnearned when they do happen, and the transition from sewers to time travel in the arcade feels very jarring and abrupt.

The SNES version is much tighter so you always feel like you control the flow of combat. The graphics and audio downgrades pale in comparision to how much better it feels to play. Its hard to put into words - Just run through both games back to back and you'll realize how all the small changes in the SNES version makes it feel better.

I'm that guy - For some reason we only had 2 at my house. Love it to bits and prefer it to 1, but its probably nostalgia related; Both games are fantastic. I do enjoy the pogo style in 2 more.

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Only the finest.

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HH has tighter controls than TiT, but that's where the praise ends. Seems obvious to me that they had to slap together the game in a couple of weeks, it's just starved for content and surprisingly buggy. The hitboxes for the stage hazards are all wrong and several times the ninja dojo boss stopped spawning foot soldiers for no reason.

>Enemy hitstun is so weightless your hits feel like you're hitting air
The worst offenders are those robots with the punching gloves, I never had a clue if I was actually doing any damage. Removing them was a wise decision.

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Weird tidbit about HH that I recently noticed; Both it and TiT ROM size are the same size at 1024 kb, but there seems to be less unique graphics in HH so I'm not sure where all the memory went.

>Six bosses vs TiT ten (Twelve if we count Tokka and Rahzar and Bepop and Rocksteady as unique bosses)
>No frames for foot soldiers throw against the screen

Granted HH might slightly edge it out in number of backgrounds for its different level segments, but overall a lot of stage graphics are straight up reused from TiT so I'm not sure just how much memory was needed for stages.

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Quite a few, actually

>Developer lost the license and had to improvise. Final game is unrelated but keeps much of the engine and art
Astro Boy > Mega Man 1
Dragon Ball (Master System) > Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Spriggan (Namco, PS1, cancelled) > Klonoa (Namco, PS1)

>Developer lost the license and had to improvise, another unrelated game used the license
Popeye (Arcade, Nintendo) > Donkey Kong (Nintendo), then Popeye (later, by Nintendo, never rereleased)
Daisenryaku (NES, Nintendo, 1985) > Famicom Wars (Nintendo, 1986), then a Famicom Daisenryaku (Bothtec, 1988) and a much better Daisenryaku that supported online play by Sega via the Mega Drive Modem in 1989
Terminator (NES, Sunsoft) > Journey to Silius (NES, Sunsoft), then an atrocious adaptation of The Terminator (NES, Bethesda, 1992)

>Developer ditched the license overseas, original game was never rereleased
Doki Doki Yume Kojo (released once) > Super Mario Bros 2 USA
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (PC Engine) > Keith Courage (TG16, but keeps most of the graphics)
Anmitsu Hime (Master System) > Alex Kidd: High Tech World

>Developer added a licence overseas to make it more appealing
Puyo Puyo > Timon & Pumba Jungle Games (PC-only)
Panel de Pon (SNES) > Tetris Attack (SNES), then Yoshi's Panepon (back in Japan)
Panel de Pon 64 (N64) > Pokemon Puzzle League

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Capcom's is a worse action platform game. Very easy casual licensed game, Aladdin on Genesis is far superior as a game.

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Capcom's is an excellent platformer. Virgin's is a mediocre action game.

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Nice platform I have to say. They reused various assets for Robocop vs Terminator.

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My personal favorite obscure licensed game is Cy Girls
I'd be willing to bet money that you'd never guess what the license is from if you've not heard of it before
It's action figures. And not the cheap kids toy kind either, these are the expensive ones meant for serious toy collectors
It's also one of the few two disc releases for PS2

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Capcom's is an easy platformer, Sega's is a tightly put together action platformer with challenging levels that have excellent flow.

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Probably my favorite licensed game honestly.

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this thread is here once a week. go away

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Licensed games are my favorite games.

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Spider-Man's quite lucky when it comes to video games compared to most other licensed IPs. It's true that we had a lot of mediocre or downright bad titles, but that goes for most IPs, and I'd go as far as saying that even the mediocre titles we got in the 90's have their worth. We got Spider-Man 2 in 2004 and Spider-Man in 2000, the more popular ones, but we also got a lot more to like.

I'm a big fan of the beat 'em ups like Maximum Carnage and even Separation Anxiety, and all of the MetroidVanias like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the OG Game Boy, and Spider-Man on GBC.

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Bought this game recently after revisiting the show, very interesting gameplay.

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From the moment I started playing it Rampage Edition was one of my favorite Genesis games. Holy fuck it's fun. So much that if this AI bullshit ever gets to the point I have a full Clever Girl movie I want to generate.

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Not a bad effort, but have you considered almost every other Star Wars game ever made?

It's Jedi Academy, Dark Forces II, KOTOR or Rogue Squadron for me.

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The P&C adventures (Final Unity, and 25th Anniversary) are considered both High watermarks for Stark Trek games, and the P&C genre.

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This game is pretty dope. Has cheats if its too difficult for ya.

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I really wish this was a thing. If only it was a gritty 2d action platformer run n gun like Terminator or Demolition man for the Sega CD.

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>"what if-"
>not retro
Get the fuck out, man

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I think both are great, Capcom's feels polished and well put together compared to Virgin's, but it's so simple and easy, so straight forward with it's password system and comfortable difficulty, that the Virgin title, even on the easiest setting, had me way more engaged. 100% completion on Capcom's title was easier than just getting to the end on Virgin's title, on the hardest setting of it.

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The Sega version will be more fun as it requires more from the player, every time you see an enemy it's a preparation to parry their throwable weapons and create openings with apples. It's not a quick .5 second obstacle which makes it more meaningful.

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Turtles in general are such a forbindingly good franchise.

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>Their NES entries are on the same level as Mega Man, Castlevania and Punch-out just in terms of how iconic they are for the machine

No, in many areas TMNT NES is a lot more iconic than those. TMNT actually got an NES bundle, those other games didn't.

When my family (who knows jack shit about games) think about the NES, the first game that comes to their mind is TMNT. They have no idea what Mega Man or those other titles are.
Also the TMNT games were a hit everywhere, Punch-Out is mainly an US thing.

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I knew Jack shit about this comic. I had a female friend that absolutely loved reading it. It was basically Syphon Filter.

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The Lion King is a great game that really captures the vibe and soul of the movie

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Indeed. I get the complaints over the difficulty, I recommend the Genesis version for that reaoson as level 2 has both better visibility, due to a high resolution with more pixels horizontally, and the section where you can jump up the hippos, while in the SNES you have to swing on their tails with a mechanic that barely works and needed a ton more polish. After level 2 I feel things open up.

I struggled when coming back to this one, in my attempt to finally beat it, and yes, there's a ton of BS that I could've done without, but now it's a favorite of mine overall, it's fun, I recommend it.