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Shenmue. The zoomer filterer.

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it's the n-word, saved you a mouseover

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I hate nooners.

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its just worse yakuza...

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I beat this game two weeks ago and don't know what to think about it. The "missions" are too simple, and I feel like there were so many missed opportunities for character development.

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You tried the sequel yet? I think most generally find it more of a "game".

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Twenty something years ago I got this for Dreamcast and got about halfway.
A few years ago I got it on steam. Got about half way before dropping again
I plan to finish this decade. Probably. It’s filtered me and I was probably it in my 20s before any zoomer was born.

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How about a game of
Lucky Hit?

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Its a game for different times, when just being in a game world was rewarding by itself, time wasn't an issue and there was no milion distractions from your phone. When gamer wanted to SINK IN

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I wish it had two stick controls. Why didn’t sega make a two stick controller?

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Because in 1998 there wasn't a good use for them other than a few gimmicky things.

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I got this game with my Dreamcast. I found it clunky and irritating. And then I figured out how to burn games and played Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Sonic, and Powerstone instead and never looked back.

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Thanks for nothing dreamcast sister.

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it's a life sim that was impressive when it came out but without the nostalgia it's more of a time bubble comfy trip

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i was actually playing it a week ago. if they included more side stuff to do i'd say it holds up pretty well.

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I was never interested in this game when I thought it was chinese. Now that I know only the 2nd game took place in Hong Kong it have more interest in it.

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People openly admitting they dislike Shenmue is an easy way to know their opinion on video games is complete shit and that you should ignore them

>”the voice acting is bad”
>”it’s too clunky”
>”it never tells you where to go”
>”having to wait until a certain time of day to progress is annoying”
These are the most damning red flags. Shenmues voice acting and NPC interactions are great because of the unintentional humor and element of surprise that it brings. Perceived flaws in the pacing mostly come down to attention deficit disorders, where people expect constant waypoints and are unable to enjoy things that don’t bombard all their senses with feedback from every little action a la Candy Crush or GTA Online.

The worst one of course, is probably the most common phrase uttered in any Shenmue discussion by the droves of trogs who misunderstand the point of Shenmue completely:
>Yakuza is Shenmue but better

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>”having to wait until a certain time of day to progress is annoying”
i don't really blame anyone for saying this when 90% of NPC interactions are...
>ryo: hey do you know about [insert clue for lan di's whereabouts here]
>NPC: nope sorry...bye ryo.
...and the only way to kill time is either practice moves or play in the arcade which is just darts, OTE training and playing space harrier or hang on till you wanna kill yourself.

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that's how life was during the 80s, kiddo

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>I cannot be thankful for what I have!
Just like Ryo!

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>Creator of the series said the protag simply gave up on his quest to avenge his father at some point after shenmue 3, like a total pussy
This has to be the videogame definition of failure. Killed its company, killed its fanbase, and killed itself.
Couldn't imagine being a fan of this disaster.

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>shonen anime fan cannot understand nuanced morals in plot
I suppose you would have preferred if he punched his feelings out?

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Shenmue's original design was literally fucking supposed to be Virtua Fighter with RPG elements.

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i get that you wanna have the japanese schoolboy simulator but without any of the shounen shit that persona has but this is a pretty weak argument.

having moments where ryo can just hang out/do activities with his friends, or talk to people about something other than the guy who killed his dad would've went a long way in the life simulator department.

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you want to check some failure?
Research Lorne Lanning from Oddworld.

After Stranger's Wrath it was abysmal,
but since they changed to Xbox it was bad too.

Although Stranger is more interesting than Munch.

But New N Tasty and Soulstorm are trash.

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i mean his dad's final message to him kinda implied that he didn't want to be avenged and while i haven't played shenmue 3 it legit wouldn't surprise if there was a twist that lan di was justified in killing ryo's dad or some shit like "muh cycle of revenge".

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I’d punch in the face of whoever created this if this were the truth.

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Great, because that's what Ryo wanted too. That's why he's so single minded in his quest for vengeance, and that's why his decision to stop seeking revenge once he has answers is significant. That is the role playing element, the fact there is more to his life than punching.

You could always watch the Virtua Fighter anime if you still feel sore about how media can change from development to release.

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am glad Shitmue cultists are going extinct while everyday more and more Yakuza fans learn about Shitmue and they (rightfully) shit on ot for being garbage

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>he thinks video games are sports teams

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Youre sort of right about the NPC dialogue. Anyone who isn't a store owner or one of Ryos friends doesn't really have anything to say, but the ones that are actually have hours and hours of dialogue and its cool to talk to them at every new story beat because they all have something new to say.

Shenmue 2 basically fixed this while also like quadrupling the number of NPCs, almost no NPCs in Shenmue 2 give you the "Sorry Im busy" bs and will talk to you, even about multiple different topics at times. Hell you can ask most of them the same question like 4 or 5 times in a row and the response will be slightly different each time like slightly different wording or just different intonation. And of course this dialogue changes with each new step in the story. Its actual black magic how they got fully voiced dialogue for like 500 something NPCs, with hundreds of lines of dialogue each onto a couple 1gb Dreamcast discs.

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You find any sailors yet, you big queer?

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>Revenge bad
>Giving up good and mature
The Last of Us 2 ruined a whole generation of gamers

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Don't bother recommending the sequel to someone who doesn't understand the beauty of the original. This game is predicated on the basic understanding of what it's like to inhabit a rich, vibrant, comfortable living world, and to go on an adventure within it. Zoomers don't have that experience, they can't connect with the idea of understanding why someone would want to leave the house. A zoomer Shenmue would be Ryo scrolling tiktok on his smartphone ordering uber eats every day and going to sleep at 5am.

To a person who understands the human experience, Shenmue is one of the most profoundly beautiful games ever made. I can say with sincerity it was a powerful influence in my own beginnings as a world traveler.

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Wtf? What was the point of shenmue 3 then? How hard is it to kill one old Chinese dude?

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Link to it.

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it was a novelty on a console that has a stronger cult following than l ron hubbard

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>Will you try lucky hit motherfucker?


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You apparently haven't read "Crime and Punishment".

TLOU2 sucked because it forces you to kill while preaching about morality simultaneously, never allowing you to turn around and leave should the choice ever occur to you. Not only is the player offered the option to simply waste time doing whatever until Ryo loses his lead on Lan Di, he also chooses not to kill every opponent he faces for his entire journey because he was taught discipline by his father, the very discipline which he would need to abandon in order to exact his revenge.

If you boil that down to bitter "shit sucks and you're a fucking coward for giving up kill yourself" surface level froth then you have no respect for the people who taught you everything you know, built everything around you, and wasted their breath speaking to you. Not even mad, just disappointed.

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Ryo is no Raskolnikov

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Indeed, Ryo may be seeking revenge but he isn't a selfish murderer killing his opponents and skull-fucking their dogs before suddenly realising at the very last second of his journey how exacting his revenge is as inconsequential as his own wasted life seeking that revenge.

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i mean to be fair ellie effectively ruined abby's life by slaughtering all of her friends and loved ones. leaving her alive isn't the mercy you might think it is in that context.

>Not only is the player offered the option to simply waste time doing whatever until Ryo loses his lead on Lan Di, he also chooses not to kill every opponent he faces for his entire journey because he was taught discipline by his father, the very discipline which he would need to abandon in order to exact his revenge.
the problem is that shenmue is meant to be like a legit martial arts movie and he should come to that realization DURING his final confrontation with lan di and ultimately spare him until being forced to otherwise. it would feel extremely weak to just give up before actually fighting him.

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>This amount of mental gymnastics to excuse a loser protagonist
I'll be right over to kill your family. Forgive me afterwards, okay?

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you're not even remotely as smart as you think you are

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source or GTFO

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Sure, you're torturing yourself with your own miserable and unsustainable beliefs all the while anyways.

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>small child incapable of complex thoughts responds with pathological violence
Yup, didn't expect anything more nuanced or intelligent.

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NTA but this whole argument between you and >>11011642 reminds me of the time the woolie played the yakuza games and he kept trying to apply his modern western worldview to everything because he just didn't understand japanese culture and/or the fact that despite kiryu's honorable nature you still play as a CRIMINAL in yakuza. it was so cringe even his audience told him to shut the fuck up during the LP.

you're the woolie in this scenario and he's the audience telling you shut up because you don't get why ryo giving up would seem like a cop out and i say this as the guy who posted this >>11011708.

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>buy shenmue the week it releases
>play for like 30 minutes
>bored as fuck
>quit and never play it again

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I don't see a difference between the z-word and the n-word, so fpbp. They all speak and act like n-words, thanks to them being controlled by an Internet algorithm (besides the current state of public schools).

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The fun starts at the 31min mark frog.

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haha zoomer got filtered ! !! ! lmao !!!

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>"It's too clunky"
how many times have you heard a zoomer say this

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>Game isn't fun from the start
Not him but lmao

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you got filtered zoomie. little zoomie couldn't handle getting to the 31 min mark when the anal sex scene starts lmao

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>Press power button
>0.000001 seconds later
>Game is still loading
Sorry, not for me.

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>still no proof

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Fucking look it up retard

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i don't speak asian and i cannot read so this source doesn't work.

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>the woolie
You'd help your case if you didn't casually refer to nobodies as if anyone will ever care who you're talking about. You apparently haven't realised how someone's attitude can change towards the actions they take throughout their life and nobody can ever convince them to stop living in shameful denial but themselves. I may be referring to you.

You are such a shonen it's adorable. That said, you've done very little to convince anyone of your opinion so far but I look forward to your insistence on how murdering a murderer is somehow going to solve anything. As far as I'm concerned, using murder as a solution has historically only ever worsened issues between groups.

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Nobody liked it when it came out either.

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>they can't connect with the idea of understanding why someone would want to leave the house.

>by playing a video game instead of just leaving their house

Really made me think.

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>because you don't get why ryo giving up would seem like a cop out
I’m pretty sure everyone understands that sentiment, my dear let’s-play-referencing faggot. What people are saying is simply that exploration of moral ambiguity and dilemmas is infinitely more interesting and fitting for a game like Shenmue, compared to a braindead story of a manhunt to kill a guy roll credits. That should be easy to undertstand for you. You see how an artistic choice is not the same as a cop out? Try imagining that I’m the Game Grumps telling you this if it helps

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>You are such a shonen
>how murdering a murderer is somehow going to solve anything
Not him but "if you kill him, you'll be just like him" is the actual shonen mentality in this case which is ironic.
Killing the man who killed your family is one of humanity's oldest warrior tales.

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I mean its pretty obvious this was going to be the case even in 2 as everyone keeps begging him not to take revenge and how its not honorable and whatever. Doesn't mean something else wasn't going to happen to keep the story going though, theres like 4 other villains we never got to see, different countries and locations hinted at as far back as the first game, and other tangential storylines left completely unresolved. Anyone who thinks the end goal of the story was to kill Lan Di is an idiot who didn't pay attention.

I doubt we will ever see the end, and after how utterly dogshit Shenmue 3 was I'm not sure I even want to, but I will forever be curious where the story was going to go. Theres concept art and things in Ryos basement in the first game that suggest we would have ended up going to Mongolia and even Russia. Could have been a really interesting and ambitious globe spanning adventure had it panned out and people been more receptive to it. It sounds like they still have all of the design docs, scripts, key art and everything else made in advance covering what would have been the entire franchise so maybe it will just be published as a book one of these days or something, would be better than nothing I guess.

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>artistic choice is not the same as a cop out
ah, you're mentally ill and baiting. makes sense now. sorry for the misunderstanding.

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How could you possibly fucking disagree. You think a generic final boss fight and “and so I killed the bad guy and lived happily ever after…” is somehow the harder choice to make in terms of writing?

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Shenmue 2 has been my favorite game of all time ever since I picked up the Xbox version 18 years ago. I enjoyed the first one, wasnt too blown away and didnt always understand what it was going for, but I liked it for what it was, enjoyed the immersive elements and was intrigued by where the story was going. I mostly picked up 2 just to see what happened next. Long story short I was absolutely blown away by how much larger the scope and ambition was compared to the first game.

Shenmue 1 feels like a demo compared to the sequel. The wharf area you begin the game in by itself is about as large as every area in the first game combined and has a lot more to see and do. Every store and building in the entire game is able to be entered and explored compared to the small handful in the first game. Theres minigames, an economy of pawn shops to sell your items, and well hidden areas to find. Theres easily three times as many NPCs and they all talk to you and help in some way instead of just telling you to fuck off like in the original.

The game is just massive spread across 2 giant cities and a chapter where you travel through these beautiful Chinese mountain trails and its absolutely stuffed with stores, buildings, warehouses, etc that you can explore and Ive never seen anything so fully realized even in the newest games on the market. And its actually fun to go to all these places just to talk to the characters or see if theres any secret items or minigames of which there are many. The impressive visuals, lighting and texture detail for its time is just a bonus. This game is a technical marvel for the ages and Im disappointed not many people, fans of the first game included, havent experienced it. I come back to it every year and always find something Ive never seen whether its a store Ive never been in or just a neat detail I missed. If you liked anything about the first game and haven't played this yet please do its absolutely incredible and deserves more recognition.

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>You see how an artistic choice is not the same as a cop out?
-it's a cop out because the director is cucking you out of making the final decision of revenge or mercy for yourself.
-it's a cop out because ryo never actually gets his closure before giving up on his quest.
-it's a cop out because even though >>11019609 is right in that there were things in the story much bigger than ryo's journey for revenge people still effectively waited 20 YEARS for some form of closure on lan di and are basically denied it because of word of god AND NOT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING IN GAME.

it's not smart or deep it's lazy & hackish but pretentious cucks eat shit like that up because it makes you feel smarter than you actually are.

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People usually don’t get to choose the outcome of stories they read/watch/play, I don’t know how the fuck it would be a cop out in Shenmues case. Just because other people would like an ending that challenges their thoughts just a little bit doesn’t mean they “think they’re smart”, that’s just you projecting because you are somewhat aware that a bland revenge ending is nothing but pandering to instant gratification.
Also, just because Yu Suzuki says shit like “ryos feeling of revenge eventually disappears” doesn’t mean that the storyline of Lan Di is completely dropped and won’t have any closure.

Completely irrelevant, the discussion is about the theoretical ending that never happened, not about if it was told through a game or not

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>if you kill him, you'll be just like him
That wasn't the point being made. Yes, killing a murderer also makes you a murderer, but the point of contention here is not "murder bad". It's absolutely idiotic to think you can kill a high ranking crime lord and expect everything in your life to be hunky dory, the problem with murdering a crime lord is how you either take over as head of the criminal network or leave a power vacuum, both options will leave you open as a retaliatory target for whoever wants to make a name for themselves. You will never be forgiven, and because of that you will never have a moment of peace ever again. Not to mention the psychological effects of murdering someone, but I get the impression you idolize warriors without ever considering how their profession affects their ability to enjoy their lives, presumably because you've never killed anyone before and mistakenly believe you would be unaffected.

-If you as a player want to resolve the plot by killing and chose to play a game where the protagonist's story arc involves becoming a pacifist, you chose the wrong RPG to play. Practically any other RPG would be better suited for you, there is no shortage of "kill to win" RPGs.
-Ryo wouldn't give up on something this significant to him without his reason for giving up being the equally significant closure he needed.
-This reason for closure could never happen unless it occurred in a future game at a later point in time.

By asserting how media you don't personally appreciate "makes you feel smarter than you actually are" is clearly your intellectual insecurity showing. I've got a perfect game you should play instead, it's called 100 Classic Books for DS. Or, you know, you could just watch "I Spit on Your Grave" and "Death Proof" or whatever turns your crank. No More Heroes. Bully. Et cetera.

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shut the fuck up you stupid homosexual

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its just a little bit of shitmue man
just a little piece of excrement game

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most sane people think the game is boring shit with a gay ass story

I bet more zoomers like this game than millennials because zoomies get opinions mainly from their YouTubers lol

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>Perceived flaws in the pacing mostly come down to attention deficit disorders
This. Not to mention it's practically the moral of the game. It's the thing that people seem to miss most when talking about Shenmue and it drives me up the fuckin wall. The whole time you're playing Ryu he's urging himself to find his fathers killer, to head into danger aimlessly, get into fights, and progress. And the whole time the elderly people in the game who have lived lives that Ryu didn't even know about keep urging him to slow down, enjoy the world, smell the roses that his girlfriend literally sells in a shop down the road. The game is about patience and appreciating what's around you. The fun distractions, friends, family, people, the fish in the pond, a lost kitten, etc.
It's a god damn work of art to meld that into one of the first fleshed out, realistic, open world games that was made. Where everyone else is living their lives. Going to work, play, parks, or moving to new or old countries and then poof gone from your life. People who can't into Shenmue because of how primitive it seems 25 years later simply don't "get it" because they're too stupid to put their mindset into another era, and they aren't worth arguing with.

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>appealing to populism
Most sane people don't namefag - same logic

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still remember watching my friend trying to sell me this game forklifting crates for 10 minutes

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Not every one is autistic enough for this game, and this is fine.

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never played yakuza besides zero.
they are barely related at all.
shenmue is all about story and exploration and world immersion.
yakuza is about beating up people and making money.
shenmue II was headed in that direction, so I suppose you're right if that's what you think Shenmue was about.
But Shenmue I was completely unique. No other game has that amount of soul.

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>it would take 10 years.

Do devs like this think they can only die from aging
and that their audience has infinite patience?


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What's are anons favourite Lucky Hit boards? I like the One Shot boards just past the Yan Tin Apartments, the one with the Turtle gives frequent payouts if you drop the ball on the left side of the board.

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>Completely irrelevant, the discussion is about the theoretical ending that never happened, not about if it was told through a game or not
it's still word of god you dingus. we can argue death of an author but that's a pointless circular arguement.

pseudo-intellectuals like yourself tend to label media they don't like as "beneath them" and assume than anyone who disagrees with them must like that media because of the childish mentality of "only idiots disagree with me".

maybe when you grow up you'll realize that at the end of the day you're not as smart as you think you are and you should be thanking me for being so honest with you.

>> No.11022792

I haven't said any such thing, I just don't believe revenge stories are haute literature. I'm going to assume, regardless of what you say, that you're still mad I called you a shonen and you still haven't gotten over it like a shonen

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I don't follow eceleb garbage so I have little need for the opinions of empty NPC husks who do.

>> No.11022848

>buy shenmue
>play it religiously with best bros while learning japanese
>joke over all the silly things in the game like wasting all day in the arcade, being addicted to capsule machines, and busting out your fighting moves in an empty parking lot (learning martial arts at the time so we do just that, it's hilarious)
>all those great campy lines like a kung fu flick
>later, move to japan, get married, have kids
Thanks Yu, glad I didn't end up like some incel zoomer

>> No.11022865


The concept behind Shenmue will never be fully realised. You only get a small taste of it, if you continue Shenmue II from the Shenmue I completion save file.

>> No.11022930

i am a zoomer and played this on my dreamcast for the first time this year and i thought it was fucking awesome

>> No.11022937

>I'm looking for some sailors

>> No.11022940

Damn, that's the most realistic part. You never get to see the whole story of humanity, just your fragment in your corner of the world.

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yakuza is garbage he is a dude on his own I will not..

>> No.11022994

Shenmue is the only JP game where I prefer the English dub. It's very ethereal and floating and your pic related's VA actually sounds like a regular black guy instead of a sassy black redditor.

>> No.11023015

It's incredibly overrated to prefer the sub over the dub. That preference comes from being incredibly and torrenting naruto shippuden episodes ten years ago. You know who you are, cause I know who I am.

>> No.11023016

*incredibly gay

>> No.11023018

You're funny. Proofread first, though.

>> No.11023132

>”the voice acting is bad”
I played it with Japanese voice acting and English subs a while back and it's amazing how much it changes the tone of the game. Feels more like a straightforward Japanese version of a Hong Kong TV drama and less like unintentional Twin Peaks.

>> No.11023141

>What was the point of shenmue 3 then?
One of the biggest critiques of the game I saw across the board is that there wasn't really one. Originally, Suzuki wanted the plot to get more supernatural, but when this idea was criticized he abandoned the idea. I really don't think he knew what the fuck he was doing at all with 3 except for "make more Shenmue" and hope people's nostalgia for the first 2 is enough to make up for what is a worse game in every respect.

>> No.11023587

>I haven't said any such thing
literally all your posts are the same masturbatory "i'm so very smart" smugness you'd see from a MESA """genius""".

>I'm going to assume, regardless of what you say, that you're still mad I called you a shonen
if you actually were smart you'd realize that i wasn't that anon.

>> No.11024231

>literally all your posts
>you'd realize that i wasn't that anon
Funny how these things work out.