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What am I in for?

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Play the game and find out

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Legends, some mana may be involved.

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Play the game and fuck off.

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Play with a guide or you will be fucked! There very important things like the xp ring you can miss early on.

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overrated game

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I'm about to start this too, want to become friends?

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ok, I will tell you what's up.....
>follow this guide to a tee you can't finish the game in one go if you don't get your map placement right.
>don't do two misions at once, always go home and rest
>get that exp share ring early
>take monster taming and farmming seriously even though you only have five slots
>wait till midgame to craft your weapons
>just dick around with skill combos to get your moves ASP
>magic is abject ass in this game

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Just play it and have fun. Ignore the autists, find some quests and go through them

You're not meant to understand everything about the game, you're meant to play it and have your own unique journey

Have fun! LoM is my ideal summer game

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An unforgettable luncheon.

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Pearl best girl.

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Don't listen to this anon. Do your first playthrough blind and discover things naturally on your own. No need to try and get everything on your first playthrough. Save that for NG+.

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dont forget to talk to the cactus in your bedroom in your home after you do every single mission or you'll miss getting them in your log book.. go in your home and go inside and in the far back are stairs. take them and go up and there's the cactus. talk to it after you do every mission and than use the bed to save your game

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Why are there so many spelling errors ITT?

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You can stuck lock enemies in every attack and make the game a cake walk, I would recommend using the nerf Hack for it if you are interested in a more challenge game where you rely more on techniques and magic to survive.

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You can follow a guide and STILL fuck up, mostly thanks to that cactus faggot

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N64 version?

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Comfiest game ever made

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good ideas, bad execution, the graphics are amazing
I still don't get how the placement system works.

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Don’t listen to all the turbo nerds telling you to follow the guide and do everything perfectly the first time. I played this when it first came out and I was in 6th grade going in completely blind. Still had a great time, the game never gets too difficult at all, you don’t NEED everything, and just play how you want. If you like it enough, then do all that turbo nerd shit on NG+. Its one of my favorite games of all time and going in blind is honestly the most fun way to start

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>forgot to talk to cactus after a mission
>kill myself irl

Never eat the forbidden fruit of online secret spoilers

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It looks nice but I found it pretty boring. The make-your-own-map gimmick adds nothing to the game while making everything feel incoherent.

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if you think you only want to play the game once, use a guide. if you enjoy figuring out incoherent mystery and obscurity, just play it blind first and use a guide for ng+, because you are bound to miss something and fuck something up. you dont really need to min-max, and min/maxing crafting is turbo autism that even with a guide you wont understand so dont worry about it too much.

its a lot of fun when you're playing TO have fun, but it can be really frustrating when you're being autistic and "need" to complete things or min/max.

i know that you need to do the cactus thing between missions in order to get a complete journal or whatever, but i honestly never bothered and i dont even know what happens if you do perfect it. sounds like tedium and frustration though.

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one of my favorite games and I have a save about 7 hrs in right now. got alot of maps to beat still

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So if you fuck up you get a bad ending or is this just completionist autism?

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The only thing I'll tell you is explore one area at a time as you place them. The 2h weapons start out stronger, but after a certain quest you'll be able to craft stronger weapons and the 2h weapon speeds will become a little bit of a liability. Spear is the exception, it's great at all points.

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JUST completionist autism. there are 3 main questlines (jumi, demon, dragon. jumi is my favorite desu), and upon completing one of them you get the item to make the mana tree and ascend it to face the final boss and end the game. it doesnt matter which quest you do first to get it. it doesnt matter if you hold the tree or place it and ignore it while you finish other stuff. its a game meant for variety and fun, but a lot of people have completionist autism and it can be a bit of a chore to "100%" the game in a single playthrough. i cant find anything that mentions any sort of reward for completing the cactus diary either (unless its some kind of new achievement or something?).

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>Forget to talk to the cactus before saving
>Realize with a deep sense of regret I'll never know what a silly little naive plantboy thinks of my big adventure
It's over....

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I will now not play your game.

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Oh, good. That other shit is for the birds.

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If you're playing Legend of mana to "beat it"
and not just enjoy every quest for the beautiful art and whimsical creatures, then you're a complete fag

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y liv

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There's two ways to play the game. You can go in blind and experience the game as the developers intended and have a unique experience every time. Or you can follow a guide and play it the way the strategy guide sellers intended and see everything in one playthrough. People have big opinions on which way is correct. Either way though, I recommend not upgrading your weapons or armor too much, game is too easy otherwise. Flipkick best kick. Some of Yoko Shimomura's best work and some of the best aesthetics in any 2D game. If you don't like its storybook-style presentation and side quests, you're probably going to be pissed off about it "not having enough story."

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The main gist of the game is the world and the characters, if you don't wanna see all of it, you are playing the game wrong.

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>produced by Kawazu
don't use a guide
you are meant to play it multiple times

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I don't want to go over a 50 page walkthrough that shows me every quest. I'm ok with missing shit because you just miss shit. The only time I want to look at a walkthrough is if I'm stumped by a puzzle.

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bear town will require a guide and I think like 2 more locations that have kind of annoying puzzles and even than you should be ok. great game and autisms will claim you need a guide to 100% and thats not true. ive been replaying thru it again after not playing it in over 12yrs and ive been having a blast figuring things out and getting stuff to happen. good times. I travel with one of the wizard kids (usually bud cuz he wants to go see locations in the game). dont forget to check the rooms in the tavern early there's a foxgirl thing that gives you a questline to follow but most miss her cuz shes' hiding in the first towns inn in a room upstairs.

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Why would bear town require a guide? Are you talking about the Dubba dada stuff? It's not that bad

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I havent done the dubba dada stuff in 12yrs so I remember it being annoying.

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It's not bad, probably just confusing to younger people, like Lion King

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I am a dumbass and couldnt figure it out as an adult

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you literally just grab a piece of paper and write down

dubba = yes
dub dub = no

or whatever