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Revolutionary is a term overused these days that conveys an internal emotion difficult to explain in objective terms. However, we can all agree that, in this occasion, Sonic the Hedgehog was truly revolutionary. SMB 1 through 3 give players a very linear and small map to conquer. Meanwhile, Sonic's first level offers you a whole world to explore.
I can see why so many people got fixated into this. Sonic wasn't ahead of its time, we haven't yet seen another instance of an open and consistent world full of life.

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Crash Bandicoot is revolutionary. It's got THREE dimensions. An entire dimension more than Sonic.

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But none of it matters. You take one path, and you beat it, and unless there's some advantage to taking another path there's no reason to care about it. Sonic's levels aren't that much more interesting for having multiple paths because they don't do much with that.

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Exploration is good for its own shake, you can evaluate sonic under mario's lenses. Still, with several branches, it incentivizes replayability.

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Sonic 1 doesn't do that much with it, but the later Sonic games absolutely do. Sonic 2 made it the series custom to have higher routes be filled with less speedbumps and thus faster, but to easy fall out of and be put back on the slower and arguably harder path with a single mistake. Further mistakes punish you more, not with bottomless pits but with more frustrating level layouts.

Not to mention secret routes like the one in Chemical Plant that gets you past the infamous water section and right to the boss.

To say nothing of Sonic 3 & Knuckles where entire gimmicks can be almost completely glossed over if you play well enough, and the special stages being hidden all over the levels in clever areas.

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I get the impression Sonic's designers sucked at platformers. They made a game where it's almost impossible to die with so few bottomless pits and effectively infinite health so long as you can collect one ring.

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>SMB 1 through 3 give players a very linear and small map to conquer.

That's incorrect though. And if you want to talk about "a whole world to conquer", Sonic's level design is nothing compared to what was being done on computers like the Commander Keen series

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>Mariocentric post detected.

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Mario tier

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>higher route while also having a death pit
Sonic btfo.

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Oftentimes the intended challenge was less about dying outright and more about completing stages effectively and quickly. You have to be a lot better at Sonic and know its mechanics well to get through stages in a brisk and effective manner compared to beating most Mario stages. But it's easier to die outright in Mario compared to Sonic. It's simply a different approach to difficulty.

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>But none of it matters. You take one path, and you beat it
Your lack of curiosity is showing
>unless there's some advantage to taking another path there's no reason to care about it.
You can find faster paths to complete the level which is the main thing, but you can also find and get items

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Sonics speed would benefit more with linear Mario stages and Marios platformer focus would benefit more from Sonics multi tiered zones.

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The excuses SEGA/Sonicfags give for these things are always funny. I like exploring games, where there's interesting stuff to explore.

Compared to Sonic, genuinely yes. Not because it's 3D, but because the designers of Sonic's Ass went "hey, you know, we should put stuff inside these levels to interact with", and so they came up with crates. Then they went "hey, what if we rewarded the player for collecting all the crates in a level", hence giving you a reason to explore and master what you can do in each level.

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>But none of it matters. You take one path, and you beat it,
This coming from the fanbase that shames you for not liking Mario 64 or Zelda TikTok if you play it in a conventional way instead of the obtuse overthinking way.

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>mario influenced every japanese developer ever to make good platformers (including sonic)
>sonic influenced every western developer ever to make really bad mascot platformers
Some revolution.

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Why are sonicfags such insufferable assholes?

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2D Sonic is better, get over it nintenfaggots.

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Sega marketing

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You have a micro level, get over it.

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How come? I often see Sonic fans mostly taking shit from everyone else on here than the other way around, we have a "Sonic was never good" thread every week at this point, out of all those major iconic franchises from the 90's it's Sonic that gets the most shit in here by far, Mario and Zelda too, especially Zelda, but often those are jokes most don't take seriously, and that's all.

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Sonic stage design is leagues ahead of most other platformers', true.

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>a whole world to explore

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If Sonic levels didn't have multiple paths his games would feel like a scam since they also have 1/10 the levels of Mario (or the average platformer really).

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I like looking at the levels and getting lost, there are so much details

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Jet Set Willy already gave you a whole world to explore in 1984, Sonic the Hedgehog is mediocre in willyvania terms.

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Sonic's music is better than Mario's

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You know, worlds have trees and grass and sun and sky. This looks more like hell willy enjoyed.

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>willy enjoyed
I don't think he was supposed to be enjoying anything that was going on in that game.
Also look closer, there are grass and water and a giant tree in there, as well as a literal Hell, AND the gastrointestinal tract of an elephant because why not.

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Yes, my parents also thought it was "revolutionary" when I would draw a picture that was a series of squiggly lines in various colors as a child.

And that's all Sonic levels are. A bunch of squiggles and loops without purpose except to have more "stuff"

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Thanks for the inane comment and reddit spacing.

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What the fuck is the poetry bullshit? Mario would never have something so lame on its cover.

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Looked like penis til I zoomed in (I'm on phone)

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Every Sonicfag I know got btfo when they tried the classic Mario games and blamed the game design for it so I think you’re on to something.

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>1991 game is the first game that offered "a whole world to explore"
My man, you need to stop only playing Sonic games, and only comparing them to Mario.

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Sonic is for the thinking patrician.

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The sun is laughing at you. Good going.

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This but the opposite

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Meant to>>11015572

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It's exactly the opposite though, Mariofags rage about how there's no time to react in Sonic, after they get a game over to a motobug.

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Nobody gets btfo in Sonic games, the fact that you only need a single ring to never die and stages are absolutely full of them makes the series extremely easy. Enemies being placed in stupid locations is annoying but it doesn't filter them.

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>Nobody gets btfo in Sonic games

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>Journo gets btfo in shootan game, says it's bad
>Everyone rightfully realizes they're wrong and suck at vidya, opinion is discarded and the journo becomes a meme
>Some RLM dudes get btfo in funny hedgehog game, says it's bad
>Everyone suddenly rethinks opinion on sonic

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Newer game is bigger and fancier than the older game that they were free to study. This isn't news.

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You'll notice that whenever you see someone who thinks the Genesis Sonic games are bad actually play them, they'll constantly be at 1 ring and running into every single spike, enemy, speed trap, you name it. They'll be on the bottom path the whole way through suffering and game over partway through Sonic 2 or something and then do anything other than admit how fucking terrible they are at the game.

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wait a early video game released six years after another is larger??? what???

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Newer Marios are always the same though. Besides you are conveniently forgetting that exploration is actually cool in sonic.

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Flesh covered toilet makes it look like some croenberg body horror

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And? The fact that they can play through the game like that shows why it's bad.

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>Person struggles until they game over midway through
That's how basically anyone playing a game poorly has things go though? You can bruteforce Sonic 3 & Knuckles entirely because it has a save system, but that applies to any game with saves as well for obvious reasons. I can guarantee no one that's genuinely bad at Sonic 2 for instance has ever made it through Metropolis, and that's if they managed to make it to or through Oil Ocean at all.