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Would you have defaced the logo if given the chance?

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>vandalizing a public place intended for recreation
human garbage tier act

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How dare you. I WOULD NEVER!

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Only if it was already out of service for an extended period of time.

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>someone is probably busy in Photoshop right now trying to vandalize the logo in a competent way

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I'm white and value my community and its amenities so no.

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I drew on the machine and made it say "fag-man" didn't I?

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i would never take a dump on a namco machine.

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pacman was originally going to be called "fuckman" but the creator was worried people would vandalize the cabinets and change it to "puckman" which he did not want because that was the insulting nickname they called him as a kid after he accidentally got a hockey puck struck into his ass while playing goalie in a game of hockey so they went with "fackman" instead but then they were threatened with a lawsuit by rich racist billionaire Robert Fackman so they changed it yet again to "packman" complete with a greenbay packers theme but then the packers threatened to sue as well resulting in the final name change to "pacman".

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Make pacman black, draw ms pacman stroking his big black nose in a sexually suggestive manner, change it to cuckman.

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I don't shit where I eat, so why would I vandalize where I play?

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I would paint him black and call him Buckman

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"Pacfudgeman" was also rejected after gay rights activists began protesting it

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Why did they give him such a large nose when the sprite had no nose whatsoever?

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this is the worse thread I've read in a long time

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over 9000 hours with sharpie in pooper

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To give the character (just a circle in the game) some personality, attracting the audience to the cabinet. The artwork was made after the game was designed.

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depends whether a hot alt guy works there

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The maze is a plantation
The dots are cotton
The ghosts are buckbreakers
Catch it all before they get your ass 2Pac-man

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2Pac was gay as hell though.

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After he was broken

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He was a theatre kid, he was gay from the beginning.

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to make this on-topic, i would not vandalize a retro video game pac-man retro video game arcade cabinet retro video game if it would risk me being banned or on poor terms with an establishment i like to frequent

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I know that, it just seems weird to go for a detail that so obviously contradicts the game depiction.

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No need, you can already tell he is about to raep the red ghost in the artwork.

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Puckman... Pukeman... Pokeman... POKEMON!

Deepest lore! Pacman inspired POKEMON! That's why Pikachu is yellow and loves to eat a lot! That's why he's bad against GHOST TYPE Pokemon!!!

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He was weak to ranged attacks. Kinda faggoty ngl

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People only say this after they learned he blasted two cops and got acquitted. Character assassination

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Big if true

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No, I was raised to respect other people's belongings, and the sanctity of the public space.

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Where's the contradiction? This is a really common thing between artwork and actual game graphics. Perhaps they thought 1. the nose makes the art of Pac-Man (the character) stand out more or 2. Iwatani (or whomever) always envisioned him as having a visible nose but thought depicting his sprite as such looked bad (or was too hard for the program to draw).

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Why does Pac-Man have a nose?

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Yeah, it's just the size of it that attracts extra attention. If it was a normal-sized cartoony nose, you'd just accept it as a detail of the character that's not present in the game due to technical reasons, like the arms, legs, eyes and mouth. But making it that large draws extra attention to it. If I had no knowledge of Pac-Man beforehand and just saw the artwork, I probably would've considered his nose an important feature of his and expect to see it in-game.

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I'm retarded, ignore that one.

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lol bretty good

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It'd be rude not to

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Hahahah! That's like a MADvertisement.

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this guy pucks>>11010628

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