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What the fuck were they thinking?

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>Let's expand the RAM in the form of a pak.

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>memory expansion pak

The funny thing is, they literally thought "pak" is the proper spelling.

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There thinking 'dam nigga this memory shit be expensive maybe we should try to keep hardware costs down'

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>Instead of telling people the easy technique of using the corner of the slot cover we'll sell a serialized ejection tool and those silly Americans will pay for it!

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No, it's stylized spelling. Nintendo literally have registered trademarks on the terms gamepak and expansionpak.

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Nothing wrong with making money off the ignorant. Prove me wrong

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>we should download some more RAM

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Yeah, the "pak" thing goes way back. They didn't want to use the word "cartridge", they preferred to use the word "pak". A made up word that only Nintendo used.

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One of many examples of Engrish.

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Probably not. American marketers probably came up with Pak on behalf of Nintendo

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>officially licensed nintendo plastic, only $15 plus tip on ebay

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Other weird thing, instead of calling NES and SNES "consoles", they called them "control decks".

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nailed it

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They've been using the term "pak" since at least the NES days

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should've just sold the console with the 8mb ram from the get go. why cuck your own hardware?

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RAM prices declined in the time from launch to the time of the expansion pack

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Ok but the expansion pak came with that eject tool

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the jumper pack is hard as fuck to get out, including a dedicated tool for doing so with the expansion pack was a smart move.

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They also called the N64 system a control deck.

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"Heh heh expand dong"

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I bought it.
Made my perfect dark higher res.
Worth it in whatever year it was.

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They also referred to the consoles as the "Control Deck"

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It's a mortal sin. QED.

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Testing Labs at RARE, 1999
"If you play DK64 for more than an hour it crashes."
>"literally how do you know this, nobody plays DK64 for more than an hour. It sucks shit"
"Forgot and left the console on lol."
>"Oh kek. Should we try to fix it?"
"Fuck no, I'm done with this trash ass game, let's just male noncetendo throw hardware at it."

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Wasn't something Intel tried around the P4 era where unused RAM slots had to be terminated? So they probably had half on-board, with the remaining slot terminated in hopes the price of RAM to drop in the future.

I think it was their way to divorce themselves from prior video game systems in the USA to gain the trust of retailers based on what I heard.

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>there are people here that think pak is a misspelling
real get off my lawn moment

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You literally robbed a poor Japanese boy of experiencing that game just so you could have something to put on a shelf and do nothing with. You should be ashamed.

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>already have CIB expansion pak on the way from Nippon
>spot an N64 with an expansion pak already inserted for $25
And now I also have two of the things.
Do they ever fail? If so it'd at least make for good peace of mind having a backup.

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That says control sets not control deck? Uuh

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The control set is everything in the box. Check the yellow text on the left under 'includes' and it specifies control deck.

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It made the framerate tank even more than usual, though. I turned off the hi-res mode after a while for that reason.

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That's an urban legend. The gamebreaking bug was fixed shortly before the game released, and the expansion pak had nothing to do with it. It was used for better lighting effects, and that was about it.

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Rambus ram needs a terminator. I don't think any P4 systems using RDRAM was soldered on board. People simply had a terminator installed after the last RDIMM.

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There were games that worked fine on dev kits but failed to boot on retail hardware so this got released so those games can see a release.

Also the 64DD to dump data into ram.

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The N64 used RDRAM, which while super fast at the time was also very expensive, and had several limitations such as it needed to be installed in pairs and required every slot to be filled, slots without a RAM module needed a terminator (A CRIMM Module) installed. That's what the Jumper Pak is and why the N64 won't work without it. It was likely considered too expensive to include 8MB (Especially since the competition also had generally less memory than the N64 did standard) so they made it an optional add-on instead. In the end it was the lack of a CD-ROM that held the N64 back anyway, not it's memory.

Also in regards to RDRAM being expensive, IIRC there was a lawsuit years later where the RDRAM manufacturers were found guilty of price fixing or something like that.

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And the RDRAM was extremely laggy, also for the same price as 4MB of RDRAM they could've got 16MB of SDRAM instead and have that be quad channel and run it at 600MBs.

If 8X CD-Rom drives were cheap enough in 1994/5/6 the N64 would've been a CD system.

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>That's an urban legend. The gamebreaking bug was fixed shortly before the game released, and the expansion pak had nothing to do with it. It was used for better lighting effects, and that was about it.

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Fucking based

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Where do you think the expand dong meme came from?

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Maybe he grew up to be Shinzo Abe's assassin

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First time I've heard that. You got a source, kimosabe?

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Reminder that he was only sent to a minimum security prison and was only sentenced to 2 years since the assassination was planed just so Japan can participate in the world stage again, he will be out of prison this year.

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>poor Japanese boy
No such thing, everyone in Japan is rich

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Incidentally, Windows natively does RAM compression.

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paypal me $50 and I'll gladly prove you wrong

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Wut? Wasn't he retired?

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He stepped down due to explosive diarrhea, he then got shot in 2022.

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It's still around, remade even, and preserved if he wants to play it.

I cannot speak for the actual numbers, but all of my expansion paks still work decades later, so they seem reliable to me. It may not hurt to have one with only the jumper pak and keep a spare expansion, since some games may work better without the expansion pak.

Yeah, that was it, P4 RDRAM required empty ram slots to be terminated like the last in a SCSI chain. I combined sentences, and I meant for Nintendo 64 had one half, and to cut costs expansion chip style like their prior home consoles to best leave the other half as an option.

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It was the 90s. Technology moved fast. It's understandable why Nintendo designed the N64 to take a RAM expansion even if it ended up segmenting the playerbase.
Those came in the package, dipshit. I remember having to use a butter knife whenever I loaned mine to friends though. Amazed I still own it considering all the other games I loaned out and lost over the years.

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I'm actually overdraft in my bank account, so the only way I could do that is if you first sent me 350 dollars through zelle, then I can pay you back on the fifteenth the when I get my next check.

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As a kid I really couldn't understand why this thing didn't just come with the console to begin with.

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Why didn't the PlayStation come with a memory card? Why didn't your dad stick it in your mom's butt? The world may never know

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I thought a lot of dumb shit when I was a kid too.

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That extra RAM cost more than a controller in 1996, and they were already only giving you one controller on a system that supported four.

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Has anyone made a replacement with a toggle switch to terminate it on just the internal RAM for the handful of games that get fucked up with the expansion pak in?

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Weren't they thinking
>Oh shit DK64 keeps fucking crashing just bundle it with some extra ram

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That only applied to the first revision of Space Station Silicon Valley (as far as I know).
Later revisions of that game had it fixed as well.
There should be no need to ever remove it from your system.

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Nah, Nintendo was thinking, "Rare's DK games have been heavy hitters, let's use DK64 to push our new Expansion Pak."
This article has an interview with the lead artist who explains that they were approached early in development and asked to use the Expansion Pak, and although there was a significant bug it actually appeared late in development and was fixed before release.

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Around 2019 the devs dispelled with that rumour, as the earlier information was just bad memory recollection.

>One such story involves the N64's Expansion Pak, a little device used to double the console's RAM from 4MB to 8MB. The tale goes that a game-breaking, memory-related bug occurred in the 4MB version and forced Nintendo to ship the game bundled with the Expansion Pak. That's a costly bug, and we certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to deliver the news to notoriously fiery then-President of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi back at Nintendo HQ.

>That story has become more-or-less accepted fact, although Stevenson believes the truth is more complicated. "This one’s a myth. The decision to use the Expansion Pak happened a long time before the game shipped, in fact we were called in by management and told that we were going to use the Expansion Pak and that we needed to do find ways to do stuff in the game that justified its use and made it a selling point. I think the bug story somehow got amalgamated into the Expansion Pak use and became urban myth."

>"There was a game-breaking bug right at the end of development that we were struggling with," he clarifies, "but the Expansion Pak wasn’t introduced to deal with this and wasn’t the solution to the problem. My memory is that, like all consoles, the hardware is constantly revised over its lifetime to take advantage of ongoing improvements in technology and manufacture methods to essentially make the manufacture more cost effective and eventually profitable. I think there we’re something like 3 different revisions of the internal hardware by this point and the bug was unique to only one of these versions. We did eventually find it and fix it, but very late in the day."

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Hello rabbi

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so if RDRAM was both slower and more expensive then why did nintendo go with it over SDRAM?

>> No.11013017

Aren't there games that run in high-res mode with the expansion pack, looking better but also performing worse?

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Overstock, same reason why then went with Sony for the Super NES' sounds chip (originally designed for Sony's NEWS computers) when Ricoh already had a ADPCM chip ready for them (resulting in the chip being stripped down for Fujitsu and Sega).

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>Instead of telling people the easy technique of using the corner of the slot cover
fellow based macgyverchad, I used to do the same thing

>> No.11013416

>the sony P(ak)SX

>> No.11013474

Someone I know gave it a very apt description: "the most expensive 4MB of RAM you've ever seen."

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For me it's K'Nex, the best jumper/expansion pak ejector

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what happens when these all die? i havent seen any reproductions of expansion paks.

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There is a reproduction, but it requires you to get 1 or 2 meg RDRAM chips to solder onto a custom PCB.

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>we totally give a shit what some autistic child will shitpost about this in the future.

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Why isn't there an easy way to circumvent the regular jumper pak

>> No.11014772

I presume jumper paks are just so cheap nobody has bothered to monkey around with terminating the rambus another way.

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They were all over ebay and amazon like 10-15 years ago, did those all just disappear?

>> No.11015008

THAT was probably a left-over from trying to de-console-ify their early platform stuff given the Video Game Crash and trying to make their stuff seem more like a VCR, among other choices.

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>What the fuck were they thinking?

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It came with it though, maybe your confusing resellers with how it was actually done.
I remember getting it with DK64.

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>bug was fixed
No it wasn't you can run DK64 without the extra ram through a gameshark code and the game crashes after 2-3 hours like the described bug. What more this bug is present in the WiiU version due to it's suspend functionality that never restarts the game and the game will crash after some time when it overflows the allotted 8mb on the emu.

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Post proof and/or the GameShark code you're talking about.
If you manually lower the allocated RAM to 4 MB from 8 MB in Project64 after launching the game it will simply crash. This is because it writes to the Expansion Pak at start-up.

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never seen a repro expansion pak. theres plenty of oem ones on ebay for absurd prices though.

>> No.11015837

You pay Nintendo monthly for rental emulation and hope they remember the game you want to play for maybe a month in your lifetime

>> No.11015840

Isn't that the proof? Without the pakku, the game shits itself, even though it shouldn't at this point.

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Absolutely retarded

>> No.11015843

Asshurt that your gayme was proven to be a mere hackjob because they couldn't be arsed to fix their own shit?

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The game writing to the Expansion Pak when it starts is proof that it was always intended to make use of the additional memory, meaning it wasn't just implemented last second to soak up a memory leak.
Unless you have any actual evidence to the contrary, you are just outright wrong.

>> No.11015852

But this means exactly what you claim it doesn't do. It writes to the pak in order to avoid a gamebreaking bug which was bound to happen later - better code the gayme to write to it from the start.

>> No.11015861

No, all it means is the Expansion Pak is instrumental in the execution of the game's code. It in no way means it is intended to side-step some bug in the game.
If you want to insist otherwise then show me the GameShark code you claim to have or a time-lapse of someone leaving the game open on original hardware long enough to run out of memory.
Failing that, stop parroting false info you've received third-hand.

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>prove me my headcanon is wrong

You've got proof that they fucked up, why don't you try to prove your headcanon yourself?

>> No.11015943

>make a bunch of shit up
>get called out for it
>'j-just prove it yourself!'
No clue why you're so stubborn about this while being completely unable to point to a single tangible piece of evidence that you yourself cited.
Here's a guy leaving the game open for nearly 12 hours without issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWUg_iM7yIg
I'm sure your response is gonna be screeching about how it only happens at 13 hours or 24 hours or 128 hours or some arbitrary figure (despite still not having anything to substantiate your bullshit claims).
DK64 was designed to use the Expansion Pak, and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that a memory leak exists in the final release even after a quarter of a century.
These statements are objective facts.

>> No.11015947

They were thinking ahead.

>> No.11016080

What the hell is wrong with Space Station Silicon Valley? Why was it programmed so retardedly that it can't even interact with this thing?

>> No.11016114

It doesn't clear the Expansion Pak's RAM, and a bug causes it to erroneously load data from the expanded memory.
There's a fan patch to fix this, however.
SSSV was pretty hastily slapped together, it's not even possible to 100% the game because of missing collision in one level (which has also been patched by fans).

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everyone disperse

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This isn't a reproduction though it was a 3rd party pak produced during that time period. By reproduction I'm talking about NEW ones being made, kinda like how you can get forever paks for n64 memory cards.

>> No.11016925

This isn't a reproduction though right? isnt this a 3rd party pak produced during that time period? By reproduction I'm talking about NEW ones being made, kinda like how you can get forever paks for n64 memory cards.

>> No.11017368

>This isn't a reproduction though right?
It is
>isnt this a 3rd party pak produced during that time period?
Nobody knows what "that time period" is in your head
>By reproduction I'm talking about NEW ones being made
No ones fault but your own that you're using words wrong.
There are probably none being made "NOW" as in right this second. Any large run would probably be done in one go with no more production until they were (nearly) all sold. The odds of anyone making a DIY one right this second are extremely low.

>> No.11019662

Well, I'm not blaming anyone or trying to be combative. I'm more seeking information. My understanding is those expansion paks were produced during the time period in which the N64 was still being sold at retail stores, and maybe some time after e.g. for this specific produce the late 90s into the early 2000s. But I guess you're saying that 'reproduction' just means any third party version of a product?

>> No.11019725

He's just being pedantic, it's obvious you were referring to modern recreations especially since you mentioned old hardware dying.
Third party Expansion Paks existed contemporaneous to the N64 because there was a market for it and RDRAM was easy to source.
There are some people making their own today with custom PCBs and their own RDRAM chips, but it's rare and costs about the same in materials as buying an actual OEM Expansion Pak.
My advice? Buy an OEM one and hope it doesn't die. Alternatively, buy two OEM Expansion Paks for peace of mind and hope they both don't die.
All that said, I practically never hear of these things going bad.

>> No.11019875

>But I guess you're saying that 'reproduction' just means any third party version of a product?
I'm saying that words does not mean what you think it means. Tap on a dictionary app to learn more.

>> No.11019885

>There are some people making their own today with custom PCBs and their own RDRAM chips, but it's rare and costs about the same in materials as buying an actual OEM Expansion Pak.
Thanks for the info. So not an impossible task but basically not worth anyone's time at this point.

And yeah, a lot of people just like to argue on message boards. I get it. I was that age once as well.

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File: 184 KB, 297x450, nintendo executives when the amerimutt buys expensive nintendo branded cardboard boxes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jews don't exist in japan

>> No.11019909

This nerd get more girl than you.

>> No.11019910

You're a douchebag.
You're fine man. Its the other guy thats unreasonable

>> No.11019919

They exist as foreigners, but Nintendo's executive branch is 100% Shintos, no Jews there.

>> No.11019970

Aren't shintos the 'Jews' of Japan or is that the other religion over there?

>> No.11020004

No, they're as far away from Jews as you can get.

>> No.11020050

It was pretty much only made for the 64DD so it didn't have to constantly access the disk and have more wiggle room for transferring data. If the DD was never in the cards I actually doubt the system would've even had the memory expansion slot to begin with, its not the kind of thing Nintendo usually does. Kinda surprised they even ended up releasing the thing at all with how they more or less gave up on putting the DD out.

>> No.11020067

They would've of had it just for Majora's Mask at least.

>> No.11020068

No, it was made from the beginning
they removed it to make it cheaper
Why do you think the jumper pack was in there

>> No.11020641

In the beginning Nintendo was using quad channel SDRAM running at 600MHz, they switched to RDRAM because of overstock.

They should've stayed with SDRAM because it's much less laggy and 16MB of SDRAM cost just as much as 4MB of RDRAM at that time.

>> No.11020645

It's crazy how fast computer technology was moving in the late 90s and early 2000s

>> No.11020647

Wait you can run dk64 without the pak? What about Majora's mask? Or will it just not boot even with GameShark codes?

>> No.11020656

The Zelda GameCube collection pack had Majora's Mask running without the Expansion Pak (not enough ram on the GameCube), it dumbed down the background graphics and had saving bugs that crash the game.

>> No.11020793

What the fuck are you talking about? It does emulate it, it has to for it to even work. Any issues the game has on there is simply because the emulation quality isn't/wasn't able to be good enough.

>> No.11020802

It does not emulate the Expansion Pak, the game was modded to work with the stock 4MB so they can reuse the same N64 emulator as OOT and homebrew proved it.

The Wii N64 emulator however for VC does support the Expansion Pak as it has more ram.

>> No.11020827

Can't find a single source for this anywhere and if this was the case I feel like we would have seen similar hacks to run the game on real hardware for people who don't have an expansion pak. The extra memory is integral to the game working period, not for performance but for things like having more actors and objects loaded into a scene, etc.

If you have something concrete about this Id love to see it but to me this sounds about as bullshit as the DK64 memory leak.

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>> No.11021594

I get the feeling sgi made a lot of promises that nintendo felt were not met, still they are making a bunch of money on those games 30 years later.

i think it was because they knew the dd64 was going to fail. It came with dk64 anyway and was barely more expensive. I was looking forward to dd64 like many others, I think people would have supported it.

>> No.11021695

The only game as >>11012845 mentioned that had issues was earlier versions of Space Station Silicon Valley (I know it was fixed in the PAL version). The game had other bugs too anyway, like it being impossible to 100% it that was also fixed in the PAL Version.

>Aren't there games that run in high-res mode with the expansion pack, looking better but also performing worse?

AFAIK all the games that had that made it an option to enable it, not force it.

>> No.11021698

There are games that look better with the expansion pack like Resident Evil 2 or Castlevania LoD. But they don't run better, in the case of LoD it runs worse. With emulation though you get the benefit without the cons.

>> No.11021729
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>its not the kind of thing Nintendo usually does

Are you kidding me? Nintendo had accessories and expansions out the ass for their systems, it's just that almost none of them ever came out outside Japan.

>It's crazy how fast computer technology was moving in the late 90s and early 2000s

This, a state-of-the-art computer would become outdated within a year during that time. And by outdated I don't mean you can't max out the latest badly optimized game at a raytraced 4k120fps, I mean that you would not even meet the minimum requirements and the game would be a literal slideshow at even the lowest settings when the previous year your system blew through even the highest requirements for the latest games.

I remember there was commercials advertising computers that "never become obsolete" because they had a trade-in offer, one that specially comes to mind that was played a lot was a person going to the store to buy the latest computer that was being advertised everywhere on his way to the store, and when he was driving back home he saw advertisements for the replacement.

I agree, the chances of it just being a shitty emulator are far more likely, especially Nintendo's skill in emulating the N64 in software back then, especially on the GameCube of all things. IIRC OOT doesn't even emulate properly, there was many documents issues. It can't emulate the credits sequence and actually crashes there, they got around it by recording the ending to a laughably high-bitrate MPEG video file that's so high bitrate the disk drive can barely handle it... and coding a crash handler so if it detects the emulator crashed it plays that video.

>> No.11021805

Not after the 80s they're not lol

>> No.11021816
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American Nintendo fans have huge blind spots for what Nintendo does abroad. I learned about the Sega Divers Dreamcast and the Sega Teradrive 20 years ago but people are still finding out about the satellaview, FDS, Sharp Twinfami, the N64 modem, etc.

>> No.11021975

Just bought an Expansion Pak for 32 bucks on jap Yahoo! because mine stopped working last week. I don't know what the hell happened, but over 30 dollars for that piece of crap seems pretty overpriced to me

>> No.11022067

innovative and inexpensive way of upgrading specs on a console. Also, more sales.
What are you a fucking retard who can't understand basic logic or something?

>> No.11022204

>I actually doubt
Actually literally irrelevant
>people were born after me
orly? Totally shocking you don't know how making babies works.
>I learned about the Sega Divers Dreamcast and the Sega Teradrive 20 years ago
19 years ago.

>> No.11022206

It ran OOT just fine as the rom on the GameCube release got dumped, it's Majora's Mask that has issues due to lacking Expansion Pak support (and that Majora's Mask had to be modded to work to use the N64's base 4MB which dumb down the graphics and had issues with saving).

>> No.11022240

You clearly don't know what you're talking about lil bro go home

>> No.11022273

Yes I do, it's you that has no idea that you're talking about.

>> No.11022278

Sega doing stuff like that is well known because they brought a lot of those efforts over (or even invented them specifically for a western audience) and tried to enact them in the west only for them to constantly bomb. So it's part of their brand identity worldwide and doesn't surprise people.

>Hey Sega was throwing around all that wacky shit like Genesis addons, lock-on carts, and Sega Channel, I wonder what else they were trying that we didn't see.

Nintendo on the other hand kept their weird experimentation more compartmentalized and either found ways around it when bringing content over to the west or just ignored its existence entirely. It's not something one would be trying to look into in the first place as there's no precedent they're personally aware of.

>> No.11022285

Based cunny enjoyer

>> No.11022425

Once again post literally any source for this. You can't because its not true.

>> No.11022556

Nobody said anything about the OOT ROM being different, I said that the emulator was trash. It's well known that the GC version just plays a MPEG file of the ending and credits, the game is essentially no longer running once the ending starts. It was common for hacks to replace said video with a completely different video file to make the game play all sorts of nonsense when you beat it.

>> No.11022575

There is no MPEG file of the ending and credits, you made that up.

>> No.11022613

I believe he's thinking of Wind Waker. Which is a pretty huge mistake to make.

>> No.11022621


>For some reason, the ending is a pre-rendered video file rather than being rendered in-engine. The in-engine credits were not removed and can still be accessed via glitches. The only notable difference is that the game ends on a black-and-white The End screen rather than the sepia screen the Nintendo 64 version used.

Do kindly shut the fuck up

>> No.11022713

Says nothing of the sort.
Do kindly shut the fuck up and make up more lies about the X68000 and MSX line.

>> No.11022728

In reality people would say they loaded a "tape" (meaning cartridge) into "The Nintendo" (meaning SEGA Genesis)

>> No.11022853

different anon but that text has been on that page for ages my dude, you're blind.

>> No.11022904

You're delusional, seek help.

>> No.11023096

kek i used a butter knife

>> No.11023219

imagine being this much of a lying nigger, and when called out decided to double down

>> No.11023226

You're the lying fool here.

>> No.11023247

NTA but holy cow buddy you got blown the fuck out just give it up already

>> No.11023263

No, you're were the one who blown the fuck out already.

>The X68000 sold at least 5 million units, it sold alot more then 150,000 units.
>The X68000 did have a heathy amount of productivity software.
>The MSX line of computers were only bought for gaming because of Konami, Hal Laboratory and Compile as NEC's computers were the ones used for business work.
>The MSX2 bombed because it didn't have horizontal scrolling when it became a federal requirement because of Super Mario Bros, that and a lack of on screen colors (16 out of 512 when it needed at least 256 out of 512), not having better sound on day one (a YM2203 instead of a YM2149) and lack of sprites (32 with 8 per scanline, it needed at least 128 with 32 per scanline), those things made everyone jump ship to the Famicom and PC88/98.
>Nobody bothered with the MSX2+ because it was too little too late and everyone's eyes were on the PC Engine, Mega Drive and X68000, even less so for the MSX Turbo R as all eyes were on the Super Famicom by that point.

>> No.11023273

Why the fuck are you talking about the X68000 in a thread about the N64 expansion pak? Jesus fucking christ you are actually schizophrenic.

>> No.11023281

This dude is an obvious troll, that or so delusional he acts just like a transparent troll. Why even bother still replying to him? Whether he's a troll or hyper-delusional, you aren't going to make him admit he is wrong either way.

>> No.11023282

Because you were making up lies about the X68000 in another tread.
What you said there has been debunked many years ago.

>> No.11023286

You're the troll here.

>> No.11023301

Dont know why you think Im a poster over there, I don't know really anything about the X68000 and don't care about it in the slightest, but if you're in there acting how you are in this thread you're probably fucking dead wrong about whatever you're freaking out over. You should probably get off the internet for a little bit and try to recover.

>> No.11023303

I wasn't even in that thread.

>> No.11023309

Neither was I so?????????????????

>> No.11023750

Nintendo brought plenty of weird, experimental flops abroad. Shit people still make fun of the switch cardboard lol.

Quiet down my son, I was there when you were conceived and there when your mother gave birth to you.

>> No.11023865

Not /vr/. Nintendo played things a lot more safe with their brand identity in the west up until around the Wii era. It took a lot of teeth pulling for them to dare even trying to localize a couple of their niche franchises for the GBA, let alone anything genuinely weird or risky.

>> No.11025008

>I was there when you were conceived and there when your mother gave birth to you.
So a cunt. That much was already clear from your pseud post.

>> No.11026732

Shit, neither was I. Who was in that thread then?????

>> No.11027139

Nobody knows.

>> No.11028620

Was the expansion pak pre-planned from the initial conception or something? It seems a bit odd to have such a specific upgrade available which fits into a very specific slot that cannot be used for anything else. Genuine question.

>> No.11028980

Yeah, Nintendo always plans hardware upgrades in advance even if they don't necessarily materialize. They specifically chose to make a memory expansion slot on the console because they planned for an Expansion Pak.

>> No.11029074
File: 153 KB, 1280x749, perfect-dark.large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfect Dark bros, how we feelin'?

>> No.11029252
File: 33 KB, 1024x768, 1718136505396535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good. Helps me recover slightly from the disappointing gameplay reveal trailer for the new game.

>> No.11029740

Are these going up in price?, saw onenfor 20 bucks the other day

>> No.11030106

When's it updating tonight?

>> No.11030240

Only if you want free DLC packs, GBA and N64 games which is $50, otherwise it's still $20.

>> No.11030549

these things in a few years more will cost double or triple the price, since chinese everdrives will be everywhere and most people will be locked out from playing majoras mask without the damn pak

>> No.11030554

$20 is a good price for an Expansion Pak, they usually go for $40+.
He means the actual physical Expansion Pak made for the N64.

>> No.11030593

He was clearly talking about NSO which isn't retro.

>> No.11030603

I will buy it then

>> No.11030616

Prices can only drop as we can see from how worthless atari collections are and largely nes ones.

>> No.11030631

Atari prices just went up. Anti-Shill all you want. You don't make any difference other than helping to drive up demand even further with your sniveling and crying.

>> No.11030691

>in order to avoid a gamebreaking bug
you can't prove this, and your orignal post intending to
>No it wasn't you can run DK64 without the extra ram through a gameshark code and the game crashes after 2-3 hours like the described bug
was a lie.

tell me how to sidestep the expansion pack via gameshark and I'll do it.

>> No.11030712

>and those silly Americans will pay for it!
it came with the expansion pak

>> No.11030863

He's talking about NSO, not the N64's Expansion Pak.