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I still believe the rumor about this game, I don't care what you say. It makes too much sense.

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>the rumor about this game
Which one? Sonic fans were already notorious for being autistic retards when Sonic Heroes came out.

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The one that says there was no intent on bringing this game to PS2 initially and that Sonic Team had been working off a custom engine specifically for the GC and Xbox until Sony told Sega that future publishing on the PS2 would be contingent on making a PS2 port, causing them to port the in-progress game to the RenderWare platform just so the PS2 version could work.

The game is jank and a mess to play because of it.

Shadow obviously uses the same underlying codebase and they didn't really do anything in the interim to make the game handle any better.

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All PS2 Sonic games with the sole exception of Mega Collection Plus are inferior so this adds up.

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>we might have had a proper PC port of those two and a modding scene like the adventures
thanks to EA, as always, for consuming smaller studios just to toss them aside and hoard the rights without using them

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Burnout Paradise at least went on to become the best racing game I've ever played

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>port the in-progress game to the RenderWare platform
This makes no sense. What also doesn't make sense is why they would make a game for GameCube & Xbox but not the market-leading PS2. I can't think of any games that came out on GameCube and Xbox but not PS2.

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The GC and Xbox were both known to be closer to the DC than the PS2. This was their first major release as a third-party developer so maybe they wanted to stay closer to home.

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were you there anon? Was this true before Shadow The Hedgehog 2005?

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>This makes no sense
corporate will corporate, engine fuckery will happen, look at the fuckfestival that was OVK's Walking Dead recently

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Stop listening to fucking attention whores.

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>The GC and Xbox were both known to be closer to the DC than the PS2
This statement is known to be pulled out of someone's arse

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Isn't that the one that started this nightmare "open world" racing game bullshit?

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I was there, and yes. LONG before Shadow the Hedgehog.

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PS2 did apparently have funky architecture (as did the 3), it's reasonable to guess that the other two were "closer" to sega's comfort zone and that they might've been able to jump from GC to Xbox with their in-house engine easier than the playstation. But that's all conjecture and even if they were having trouble with the station they probably just bought renderware ahead of time rather than trying to cut out sony and getting bullied, maybe they made the first few test builds on the adventure engine before switching and a game of telephone turned it into sony forcing them to switch a week from release

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There've been open world racing games since the 80s. Burnout Paradise does suck though.

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I like how this artist just disappeared for nearly 2 decades and came back.

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Why would you act like everyone knew what the rumor was? are you that autistic?

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ngl lads
I'd smash

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>I still believe the rumor about this game
Unless you're a Zippofag, I'm going to ruin your day OP.

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OP wasn't talking about that, but LOL imagine falling for MysticDistance bullshit in the first place.