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Zoomer here, I really like the aesthetic of old ps1 games though, but I hear about most games that they are really difficult to get and have terrible controls. I want to get into retro gaming but I want to start with something more accessible, what would you guys recommend? What is a good place to start?

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*difficult to get into

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>install PS1 emu
>pair controller
>google Top 50 PS1 Games
>play games until one clicks

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>but I hear about most games that they are really difficult
Having the tiniest bit of challenge doesn't make them difficult but I guess they might seem hard when compared to modern games that have absolutely zero challenge
>have terrible controls
The controls are almost never bad, they're just different. Modern games all use the exact same controls with one of the same 3 cameras every game uses, but back then every game tried something different so you'll have to get used to something where you don't control the camera with the right stick and fire your gun with the right trigger

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>I want to get into retro gaming
>retro gaming
There's something inherently wrong about that term.

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>retro gaming, there's something inherently wrong about that term, he said on /vr/ - Retro Games

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Just play PS2 games bro. They are retro.

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nta but I agree with him, it should be called "vintage" or "classic" gaming. Retro is a term that describes things that imitate an era without actually being from that era, like Greta van Fleet and "Nostalgia"-brand hot dog toasters. Games like PsiloCybil and Corn Kidz 64 would be "retro games".

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>but I hear about most games that they are really difficult to get
eh not really. boomers talk them up but fundamentally they aren't THAT much more challenging than modern games, just less streamlined and occasionally a little obtuse.
>and have terrible controls
there's no getting around that it was early 3d that relied on an 8 way directional pad instead of an analog stick but I think for many games it works well enough to be tolerable, enough for you to enjoy the good aspects of a particular game. if you absolutely must have fluid, effortless movement the ps1 may not be for you but I'd give it shot. some games will have controls you just won't like even after giving it a shot, if that's the case move on to another game.

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Just play Zelda Ocarina of Time, the best gayme for newcomers. It's both fun and easy.

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The Vectrex had an analog stick, do your research.

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stick to fortnite

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This is the way. Be sure to also check out the Mega Drive.

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I'll try to list some really safe and fun selections with easy controls.

NES: Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby's Adventure, Punch Out

Gameboy: Tetris, Super Mario Land 2, Pokemon Red/Blue

SNES: Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Kirby Superstar, Donkey Kong Country 1-3

Genesis: Streets of Rage 2, Dragon's Fury, Road Rash 2, Lightening Force

PS1: Crash Bandicoot 2, Final Fantasy IX, Spyro the Dragon, Tekken 3

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>I like the assthetic
go back to tiktok

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considering youre a zoomer that only plays zoomer games and only talks to other zoomers about, presumably, zoomer games, id wager youre just misinformed.
theres plenty of reasons why we all started gaming back in the fuckin prehistoric era and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves
just dont go into it with such a negative attitude
and when/if you get filtered by a game dont immediately make another thread about how REEEE [insert game] suxxx, cuz thats like 90% of the reason this board hates you guys

shoot out a genre or something so we can narrow it down
what do you like? RPGs? platformers? are there any current series that started back when that you like?

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so did 5200
really sensitive one at that
just also horribly cheap and prone to breaking

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If you never looked at an older game and decided "that looks like something I want to play" and preceded to get the hardware or download the software to play it, then you likely never cared in the first place and just think its something you have to force yourself to engage with inorder to gain some social clout checkpoints in this area of pop culture.

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Well yeah, potentiometers are sensitive and when controllers don't use hall effect potentiometers they wear down and break faster.

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I'm not sure what to tell you. Think of a game franchise you enjoy that still exists in modern times, and work your way backwards until you hit the original installment from the 80s or 90s. That could be interesting.

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or hes just surrounded by shitty gay faggots with dumb opinions who keep talking him out of it

this is prolly the way to do it

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I was talking about the ps1 and the average 90s psx game. please save your clapbacks for when they make sense.

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If you're worried about wonky controls why don't you start with some classic 2d games? mario 3 and link to the past.

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If youve heard of a game just play it. Zoomers have this fucked up tik tok brain where they need all these lifehacks and hustle tips to enhance their gaming experience. In the past people used to hear about a good game then buy it and play it. Children aged 10 would put the game in their nintendo and play it then move on. Its not complicated just google top 100 games of all time and filter garbage from 7th gen+

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...no, retro games are retro, don't know what you're on about.

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That anon was right. "Retro" is often applied to NEW things that are deliberately designed to pretend to be old in certain ways. It does not mean "old". On /vr/, "old" would be the best word, because here, genuinely retro-style games that happen to be new are officially off-topic in most cases. Shovel Knight is a retro game, but not a /vr/-"retro" game.

It's just a superficial quibble about the forum's name and it's not a huge problem or anything, but personally I would say that the idiots who named the forum should simply have called it /vo/ or /ov/ or something like that, rather than bending the well-established meaning of a word to fit with the stupid gamer usage of it that's only popular because gamers are mostly stupid kids who don't read much. The forum is obviously about old games, not about "retro" games.

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I've actually had the pleasure of moving in with someone who owned a bunch of classic games and original hardware. Most old games are actually pretty simple. A lot of them don't benefit from the polish that modern games do, especially the ones that were spearheading a relatively new genre, but once you figure out the game logic they're not that hard to understand. They can be a bit more challenging than modern games, but it's just a matter of learning how the game works and developing enough of an understanding to overcome the challenges the game throws at you.

I think the problem is a lot of modern gamers expect games to act like imsims and structure a lot of their gameplay around "realism" and they get confused when what's happening on-screen doesn't match what they would expect to happen in real life. For instance, Metal Gear Solid tries to LOOK realistic but the stealth mechanics are actually pretty basic compared to something like Splinter Cell, because Metal Gear Solid is a video game first, and by embracing its gamey nature it's able to do things with its mechanics that a more realistic title couldn't. Some Roguelike players might recognize the initialism NHINRL, for "NetHack Is Not Real Life," commonly used to pick on gamers who struggled to cope with the mechanics for this reason.

There are some insane retro games made for crazy (usually Japanese) people like Armored Core, where proficiency at the game requires not just twitch reflexes but also a willingness to develop a deep understanding of an RPG-style stat system, but those games aren't much easier now than they were back then, because of the kind of gamers those sorts of games cater to. If you want to find games marketed at average gamers that are brutally challenging you really need to go back to the 80s IMO, when a lot of developers were still figuring out how to make games play smoothly and you pretty much had to accept jank as part of the experience in order to play well.

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Don't give up when you die. The challenge is what makes these games fun. You might get frustrated at first, but keep at it and you'll feel great when you finally clear something tough.

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i can't imagine what it's like to never have played the gba and gb/c pokemon games
what the fuck are you doing OP? your fellow zoomers are installing emulators on their phones and causing so much traffic it makes nintendo and sony crack down on rom sites, you have no excuse anymore

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Zoomers literally don't know what they like. The introspection is scary and their taste is informed by what has been advertised to them. This is exemplified by this thread, which amounts to someone asking how to breathe

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>durr durr durr look at me
This isn't your Tiktok, you narcissistic little dweeb. Fuck off.

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>I'll be rude and tell him to fuck off, that'll impress the faceless anons

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i mean what did you expect? 8 in 10 people on this board are jaded assholes (and that's a good thing)
if you've never played old games the solution is to... play them, just play the fucking games you dumbass
this thread could have been avoided had OP clicked on a watchmojo top 10 PSX games video instead of asking this board for recommendations

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>trusting the opinion of a mainstream gaming journalism outlet targeted primarily at out-of-touch YouTube viewing audiences whose staff primarily haven't played the video games they're talking about
People like you are the reason GamerGate happened. OP is coming to people who gatekeep because he wants the real experience, not the fake bullshit that modern-day no-effort hipsters peddle as "retro."

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>>trusting the opinion of a mainstream gaming journalism outlet targeted primarily at out-of-touch YouTube viewing audiences whose staff primarily haven't played the video games they're talking about
that's infinitely better for a zoomer than to be told to play castlevania, zelda and mega man for the nth time in a row by people who have no idea what kinds of games you like
>People like you are the reason GamerGate happened
>OP is coming to people who gatekeep because [...]
because he's a faggot who can't fathom just picking up a game and playing it before being told to do it by others

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I'm being rude to him because he presumes that being a Zoomer and having never played a video game warrants it's own thread, and that people ought to come to him, to give him game recommendations, instead of lurking, trying stuff out and seeing what he likes.
It's narcissistic behaviour. I find it repulsive.

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>the real experience
You're 40 years too late for a real experience with old games. The best you can hope for is an experience unique to you, your own path, and why the fook are you asking advice for that? I don't know, download MAME, start playing everything.

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I would like to quibble minorly with your usage of forum. This is an imageboard, or board for short. The established usage of forum more accurately applies to phpbb style message boards.</autism>

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Nobody uses "forum" to refer to PHPBB message boards anymore. I've seen it more often used to refer to minimalistic question-and-answer websites. Anon is clearly using it in the broader sense of a place for discussion or a platform designed to serve as one.

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Play a JRPG or a genre that doesn't really require good controls. You could even play those on a touch screen without much issue, even though it wouldn't be as good.

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>OP is coming to people who gatekeep because he wants the real experience, not the fake bullshit that modern-day no-effort hipsters peddle as "retro."
Actually, the only reason I made this thread is because I saw people seethe really hard at zoomers on this board out of nowhere a couple of times, so I wondered what would happen if I made a thread kike this and what kind of unhinged responses I'd get. I was expecting worse honestly.

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*thread like this

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Forum is a very general term meaning any place designated for discussion. /vr/ is an imageboard and a forum.

"Retro" can be twisted to work for what /vr/ actually is, but it's a little convoluted ("retro" refers to the board itself not the individual games). And most people just accept the new and muddied version of the term synonymous with "old", especially since mods confirmed this broken mindset with the 2020 rule change.

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>"Retro" can be twisted to work for what /vr/ actually is
I figured the phrase "retro gaming" came first, meaning "gaming in a retro manner," and that caused old games used for the purpose of retro gaming to be called "retro games"

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I've used it as "general multipurpose gathering and transit space" because that's what a forum is and always was. A central public space which can be used at the whim of its inhabitants.