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I'm finally going to play this game all the way through after thirty fucking years. Just arrived at the Dark Palace, and soon I will be there, and after that it's uncharted territory for me.

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wtf? they made Zelda a girl??

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Swamp Of Evil/Misery Mire for me

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Finally, a new Zelda thread. The board just isn't the same with only 5 of them.

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>use the firerod on the skull and spine at the end of the path to burn open the entrance to the dungeon
>fire never works on skulls before or after
What were they THINKING???

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Source on the art? sauceNAO can't find it and it looks like it's cropped from something bigger.

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But if there were no Zelda threads, where would you bitch incessantly about Zelda threads instead of seeking and discussing topics that do interest you?

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Why was that Palace specifically called the "Dark Palace"? It's literally the Dark World; every palace is a Dark Palace.

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No idea. I saved it from a Zelda thread a long time ago.
Good question. Maybe because is the darkest.

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>Skull Woods ... home.
At least it was before I fucked everything up.

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Why? How?

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Doesnt work. Its like calling the police in an european city.