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People on /vr/ seem to be really obsessed with Zelda and Zelda clones.

And I can't really understand why. It's an attractive concept but never that great as an actual game which ends ups with dull puzzles and dull combat.
I like the exploration and character progression aspect of it. But Metroidvanias do that too and do it better. Plus they have fun combat.

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So you can't process the difference between "different kind of product that you like better" and "better product", got it.

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The question is what do you like about it that Metroidvanias aren't doing better?

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And mine is, how do you define "doing something better" in a way that doesn't involve exactly this >>11009998?

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For one, exploration is more fluid, there's no big distinction of an overworld and specific dungeons and levels, it feels like one big interconnected level. It also doesn't have you wandering through boring shrubs and woodlands to find something. You can rush through stuff very quickly, if you're backtracking or hunting items. Everything in Zelda games just feels much slower.
And for progression, there are more progression stages and they usually avoid locking stuff behind keys or extremely situational items and instead give you interesting and fun weapons or powers to progress.

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in 2D gaming Metroidvanias are much better
Sodomy Of The Night, Anus Of Sorrow and so on are obviously better than Twink's Awakening or A Twink To The Past
but in 3D gaming Zelda is better but only because there is only one good 3D Metrdoivania game (Cunt Of Darkness) while Zelda has many good 3D games such as Toilet Paper, Ocarina Of Tranny, Majora's Mutt

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>Are Metroidvanias the better Zeldas?
Metroid was inspired by Zelda

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You're thinking of Halo Prime

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>I cant understand why people like Zelda
Work on that. Thats abnormal

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>I like apples
>Why do orange enjoyers not like apples?
The thread

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platformers are shit

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as was symphony of the night

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Expect nothing less from a Zelda flamewar thread.