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And how does your Nintendo shrine look?

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I keep all my consoles in one shoe box and all my games in another. I'm thinking I should change that though

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Yeah, you definitely should!
I made a place for this stuff just today when I took 'em out of a drawer...
So proud of my shitty collection!

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All mu stuff is in a cabinet under the entertainment center, the only reason it is all so organized is because I'm ocd about things like that, but otherwise I could care less, I like to play my games, not look at em.

None of my Nintendo stuff is retro anyways.

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nice dorm

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ma shrine

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Its all over the place. Pic related is my gameboys.

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no gameboy micro?

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Maximum redundancy!

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is that blue SP a 101 model?
Been looking for one of these for ages.
Even put up a add asking to swap my Micro of one.

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>1.07 MB

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Couldn't find any locally and fuck ebay prices.
Yes it is.

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>Maximum Redundancy!

Dohohohoho, you are still green, mah boi

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Are those bitchin' clear cases with GAME BOY Pocket on them official products? I've never seen one before

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Yup, official products, the big GAMEBOY one in the back too.
Though I don't know if they existed in america too.

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Pokemon Pikachu, Pokemon Pikachu Color, Pokemon Mini Wooper Blue, Pokemon Mini Chicorita green, from top to bottom, in that order.
I'm missing the Smoochum purple Pkmn Mini gameboy

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I cringe when I see this.

Knowing that none of those systems in that case will ever be played again.

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Not like I just started buying nintendo stuff because it's the cool/hipster nostalgia thing to do, that's for sure.

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Amazing collections.

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Enough redundancy, let's see games

My NES, SNES and N64 games are boxed up in climate controlled storage, You'll have to settle for this picture of games.

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Here's my game collection right now.

It all fits conveniently inside a single closet.

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Of all the boards I don't know why some people don't understand why other people want to collect things.

>But cars are for DRIVING
>But books are for READING
>But movies are for WATCHING

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Mine's currently crammed into a single Ikea shelf cube. I minimized my GBC+GBA boxes during the last move. Kind of sad about it.
Pic related.
Capcha: dignity exitly

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Nintendo shrine? I would love to get more stuff for things like Starfox and Metroid, but there is little to nothing to get/buy/collect of those things aside from the Figma Samus (which I have)

So here's my two Zelda shrines.

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High five dude.

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i hate you because none of that is mine
also, pocketstation? deep cuts, man. good job.

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o god Time Hollow was awful

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piece of my collection

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It doesn't exist, bitch.
Genisis does what Nintendon't.

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>no pocket

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>Sonic 2 cardboard box
is that the default box for the Genesis version of that? The only time I've seen them used before, was Sonic and Knuckles.

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Plastic case for Sonic 2 is far more common, but a few Genesis titles also got a cardboard box run for some reason. I think it was for a budget priced rerelease version.

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The only excuse for collecting is if it's for archival or museum-like reasons. Otherwise it's just a huge waste of resources and there are a lot of people that would appreciate those items more. The same goes for all of those things you mentioned, faggot.

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>for archival or museum-like reasons

And people aren't allowed to do that?

For that matter, people aren't supposed to own things they don't use? Fuck off, retard.

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Sounds like you're just jelly, bruh

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