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itt we post great villains with good motives in video games

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Man, remake ruined this guy, now he wants to exchange the princess for Corneria's riches or something, SNORE.

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>figures out how to take control over an entire city through politics, money, and crime
>takes it over again a year later after getting depleted by a group of ex-police officers
>has a great laugh
>cheats death by turning himself into Mother Brain and decides to take revenge on the city or humanity as a whole (depending on the version you are playing) through terrorist attacks in the last game he's in
>skips SOR4

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garland? no thanks, that's for girls

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How did the time loop get opened in the first place?

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and he'll probably cheat death again in the reboot

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Stranger of Paradise made Garland 100 times better.

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Was referring to WSX+ actually.
Why, is Garland back to being the princess-touching, impertinent-fooling down-knocker in SoP?

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Most hateable dude in video games

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>Garland is just a good guy who loves the Earth and needs the Warriors of Light to defeat him to stop the real evil

Fuck no. Stranger of Paradise Garland is dogshit. The only thing people can even praise about him is the memes, lowest common denominator shit.

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This whole textbox is a work of art.
Four guys enter a room to contront Garland.
>No one touches my Princess!!
Garland claims possession over a princess, whom only he demands to touch. His grand plan is to stand in the middle of his vaguely satanic keep filled with randomly-spawning undead and creatures of the blight, hording that princess from the outside world.
Instantly, without his contronters saying a word, He recognizes them from the prophecy of Lukahn. What do they aim to do? Are they potential suitors?
>You impertinent fools.
Whatever they're here for, Garland knows they're out to end his princess-touching ways, and insults them for their impertinence. This is the immediate, guteral reaction that cuts them like a knife.
>I, Garland, will k ock you all down!!
And now, the gloves are off. Garland perceives the threat, and announces that he will knock down his opponents to ensure he can keep touching the princess whenever and however he wants. The Light Warriors underestimated just how big his desire is to touch his princess. What man can say they never wanted to touch a princess? Garland embodies the final fantasy of the everyman in its truest form.
Every re-release is a hackjob that missed the point. It wears one piece of the textbox as its dead corpse, for cheap thrills.

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I often wonder why this kind of thread always opens with an image that centers the whole conversation around one game instead of the broad category of games (in this case, "games with great villains") that the text of the opening post explicitly calls for. Why do so many of you OPs want to shoot yourselves in the feet like that? Or did you really just want to talk about Garland?

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To forget is a blessing anon.

I know, but I meant SoP made Garland better.

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>Crash the old older and create a NEW society! Ahahahaha!!!!
The antifa guy laughing at you from his blimp is pure villainry kino.

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>I, Garland, will k ock you all down!!
what did he mean by this?

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extremely based pose


You're being pretty flippant so it doesn't seem worth the time to explain it. You can check it out on your own time if you want.

Bahaha. You're human trash.
>muh memes
You couldn't POSSIBLY be more wrong. Your greentext is wrong, your blacktext is wrong. You're literally the kind of trash the word "filtered" was created for.

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Based chad protecting his love from invading "heroes"