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It's fucking good.

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I kill all the tribes people, they let you blow their heads off and shit. Even the children lmao, this game is metal.

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PC port when???

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Oh, I would love this.

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On my first playthrough. Liking it so far, but I hope it gets less linear at some point

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>Want to play the Rare Replay version with dual analog aiming
>Don't want to buy an Xbone for just one game

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It will open up once you finish each character's path to the center and beat the boss.

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>dual analog aiming
This game was not made for it.

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someone just recompiled Zelda Majora's Mask to PC and it is perfect. Look it up. Soon enough we'll see this too, I hope.

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All I remember about this game is the split screen multiplayer sputtering along at like 12 FPS most of the time when I played it at my friend's house in high school. Kind of a blemish on Rare's whole reputation as optimization wizards.

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this is my de facto example of a game i wanted to like but dropped because of the controls. mind you i had no problem playing shit like quake 64 on nightmare, because at least you could remap movement to dpad, but man, this game's controls are fucking aids. all they needed to do was add a remap option and 95% of my criticisms would be solved. i made it about halfway through before getting tired. weird that rare made this mistake when both GE and PD had adequate control options. great premise, cool graphics and music, but the HIV tier control scheme ruined it all. what a waste.

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And that's a good thing.

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All rare spit screen is like that on the 64

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It's a great game.

Until the dual scavenger hunts at the end.
as a kid I fapped to the female character a bunch of times.
I regret nothing.

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That fucking soundtrack is orgasmic.

She was my first childhood crush

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i used to rent it all the time just to play the first few levels. great movement/shooing capabilities for an n64 game. can walk, run, crouch, climb, prone, roll.

i also actually like that it's difficult, which is what most people bitch about. difficult games don't bother me and i'm fine with playing and enjoying a game that i don't end up beating.

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I can't explain why, but the lock on third person shooting of Syphon Filter felt so much easier to control and play than this game.

Beautiful world and art... you can tell so many of the textures were high res 3D renderings, photographed and used as sci fi textures. Cool mix of shooting and alien world exploration... but the controls really drag it down.

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I fapped to the flower with the huge tits in conker when I was a kid. Rare used to be so based

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Get a cheap series S, put extra 20 bucks for dev mode and fill it with emulators