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I'll start off the thread with some

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smile because it happened

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>Robin Williams is a Mega-CD enjoyer
He's just like me

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According to the creator of Ecco the Dolphin, michael jackson beaten that game. i dont know what proof he has, but that's impressive to me

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>This will sell our new console

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they were playing starcraft apparently

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rock sure was a whore for money even before he went to hollywood

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>obvious shoop
What a bizarre picture

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Celebs are shit, no one cares. Barely vidya related.

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>Ground Zero: Texas

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why is he reacting like he's just been caught fapping?

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hey, I remember playing that

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somebody must have left this behind on jeffrey's plane. not like they're gonna need it now.

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>pictured: will smith finds solace playing video games inbetween bouts of hollywood gay gangrape

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Kurt Cobain playing Atari circa 1980

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someone needs to shoop that stock car into a white bronco

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Why is MJ playing on a PVM. Doesn't he care about the waterfalls?

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not a celebrity

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It's a face that screams, "I said no pictures!"

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MJ didn’t beat the game as intended

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>They ruined Metroid, Jerry!

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Now it just needs Tom Kenny and his wife.

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>KinoFabino watermark
its a subreddit that worships a faggy voice actor youtuber, this is the original

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>dude was already a literal billionaire and couldn't buy a fucking NES which was still cheaper than dirt at the time

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He named his daughter Zelda, he was a big tendie.

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bill cosby use to steal cable from his neighbor al goldstein in the 80's

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ZSnes is better than real.
he was

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Yeah, was about to ask "What Japanese store just has a bunch of western pc games? Wait, why's the perspective fucked on one of them?" until seeing the watermark.
Yeah, I'm aware Westaboo stores exist, but it didn't look like one.

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He's not emulating, it's that trashy ass freeware Mario clone that was floating around back in the day.

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>ZsNeS iS bEtTeR tHaN ReAl
Found the Down Syndrome cripple.

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>stealing cable TV
>before 1987

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It’s often just more convenient to emulate, also emulators were new and novel then

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>he thinks waterfalls don't show up on PVMs
Ah poorfags peddling a new misinfo I see.

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Probably did to at least few girls.
>Gamecube's the cutest new purse/accessory!

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He's not wrong though, even if he's probably a zoomer (since there's only like Sydney Sweeney and no one else that matters now: social media killed entertainment media).

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>Doom 2: released in 1994
>Quake: Released in 1996
>Blood : Released in 1997
>Half-Life: Released in 1998
>System Shock 2: Released in 1999
>Deus Ex: Released in 2000
> Max Payne: Released in 2001

I can tell this was made by a zoomer just by the fact that they don't even understand how it would be basically impossible for any store to have the older games new in box by the time Max Payne came out. Also the obvious photoshop

I can't lie. I'd hit it.

I remember jerking off to Melissa Joan Hart when I was in middle school and she wasn't quite the hot new thing, but she was still hot and had that typical late 90s/early 2000s girl attitude which was cute and fun to experience (and that I miss dearly). I looked at it on the school computers and had a blast with it.

Now she is old, very unattractive and a typical anti-fun soccer mom. How time flies.

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Is that David Robinson?

Dang that makes pc gaming the best now

Most underrated nba player

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Only cool pictures are


So far

David Robinson and Robin Williams were probably genuinely good people so they get a pass

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I'm tellin mom to get me a PS2 if I saw Paris Hilton carrying around the new Nintendo as a purse

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This yells summer to me, good times

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They effed up the controller so bad though wtf

And it had at least 5 games. Dumbasses

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Would be fun to date her back then I bet

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(Before women got all evil, sadistic and hated their exes to the point of stalking them and trying to destroy their lives for their own sick amusement)

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>Jerry thinks his girlfriend is lying about playing Metroid because she keeps calling Samus a "he" but everytime he tries to follow up she has to "escape"
>George attends a gaming convention during a business trip when he should've been at work and notices someone snaps a picture of him that he has to find before Steinbrenner does
>Kramer tries to morph ball and begins moving around exclusively by rolling
>Elaine gets a new coworker who surprisingly looks exactly like her and starts causing trouble but people keep blaming Elaine so she has to figure out what to do to deal with this "Dark Elaine"

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Best I could do.

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kek, nice

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The rock was one of the first wrestlers wwe groomed from the start, so it kinda makes sense that he would be used in ads so often.

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Post proof that they do then

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Robin Williams was a real one. He even named his daughter Zelda, which despite being a video game name is a cute one for a girl. RIP my nigga.


Probably, but you can't turn back time and your average American woman doesn't give juice worth the squeeze. Such is life. Kinda wish social media and smartphones never existed. They've done nothing but evil things for the world at large.

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This isn't playing vidya, this is whoring out to sell a console, the only thing she plays are dicks.

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>I looked at it on the school computers and had a blast with it.
You jerked off at school?

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I don't doubt it, but I'd let her play with my dick so long as she looks as fine as she does in that second pic.

It was pretty easy. I just loaded pictures like these onto one of those EeePCs, waited till after school (where it usually took an hour or so for me to get picked up) and then wen to town. It's just middle school. Nothing all that special about it.

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>calls others zoomers
>was in middle school in 2010

nigga I had to print out nudes on compurter paper so I could jack off to them in the bathroom

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you did good

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good shit.
RIP Juice

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Good for you nigga. We all had to jerk off one way or the other at school. Also, I was born in '96 nigga. That's millennial territory. Zoomers just use their phone to bust a nut probably.

Which actresses did you print out?

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>nigga I had to print out nudes on compurter paper
shit, that unlucked a memory from 4th grade in 1999. i remember printing out a bunch of these fake britney spears nudes from free-nude-celebrities.com and then distributing them to friends in class. they thought i was some fucking wizard. it was a miracle i didn't get caught.

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>We all had to jerk off one way or the other at school

WTF anons?!?! You couldn't go 8-10 hours without cranking your hog. I can't lie and say I wasn't choking my chicken near enough every night but not at fucking school!

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Millennials weren't in middle school in 2010, zoomzoom

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Neither was he? That would put him in high school.

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anyone who doesn't vividly remember life before 9/11 or the millenium is a zoomer

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Okay, first of all, if you were in grade/middle school in the age of smartphones, you are a zoomer.

Second, jerking off in school is not normal behaviour, my friend.

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Sorry anon, you're a zoomer.

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There's a thousand of these graphs with different ranges. You'll just have to accept you're not a true millennial

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>Okay, first of all, if you were in grade/middle school in the age of smartphones, you are a zoomer.

Smartphones weren't even a thing when I started middle school. In fact, you could expect the kids to have a Nokia phone of some sort.

>Second, jerking off in school is not normal behaviour, my friend.
FTFY. Also, who cares? This was 16 years ago. Everyone involved has moved on. Not to mention we are on a site for people that are a bit eccentric, you retarded normalfag.

It's okay dude. We get that your coping.

>I'm expected to take some shitty graph with retarded looking caricatures seriously rather than an actual article from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Z

Gen X sure did become retarded as fuck after ODing on heroin and becoming exactly like their has been boomer parents. You actually managed to raise your kids worse than them in some respects.

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>Smartphones weren't even a thing when I started middle school
Doesn't matter. If you were playing Angry Birds at any point in middle school, you're a zoomer.

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Good thing I never did faggot. I was playing Dand n' Me on Newgrounds,On The Run and Off the Rails on Miniclip, nigga. Fucking retarded Gen X spergs assuming I've even touched mobile trash while he jerks off about not having a girlfriend because they don't like his anime games on the Shaturd

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*Dad n' Me
Also I had a Nokia 5310. I couldn't even play it if I wanted. Now fuck off with your senile ass if you think everyone born after you is a zoomer and wallow in your autistic nostalgia by yourself

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>It's just middle school. Nothing all that special about it.
A middle school boy jerking off at school is pretty special, Japan even creates comics about it.

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Kek, fukken saved.

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>i CANT WALLJUMP ANYMORE! How Am I supposed to shinespark when I cant see my feet?

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The Genesis is still outputting through the only output the Genesis has. They didn't add 21st century mods just for this event. It's the Genesis's own composite video hardware that does the blending and works mostly the same on an LCD old enough to have composite input

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>rgb on genesis
>21st century mod
the absolute state of this board

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>Side of the pinball against the wall.
He didn't think that one through.

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>nintendo was always for girls and queers

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I don't think that Bob was responsible for the placement of the machine

>> No.10939178

>waste space for an obsolete console
Emulation has always been superior.

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now go and address all the other pics in the thread that are nintendo and aren't women

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kek, saved

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>tilts the machine
>wuh hey, it’s all shook up

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Very nice.

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>you get dominated by Tony Soprano's unique one handed controller style in Goldeneye multiplayer...
Your response?

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I think there's another scene where he's playing blast core. AJ has good taste

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they're playing mario kart

>> No.10940496

Sir! Hey sir! You will have a bad posture if you sit like this! Fix your sitting position.

>> No.10940509

He was embarrassed to be seen playing a nintendo console released after the SNES

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AJ even owned a Sega Saturn.

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so did Asuka

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A Dreamcast too.

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those are two different women. You should spend more time talking to people and less time playing old video games, you're starting to lose it

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You fucking nailed it lmao

>> No.10941085

Holy shit that's funny

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Fuck Bruce Springsteen, commie blue collar LARPER

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Funny how AJ is a failure in the show and he has nothing but consoles that failed

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Who here would like to be chillin' with Dylan?

>> No.10941329

>"hey man you got any spare change im out of quarters."'

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>vthose are two different women.
No shit nigger. Dp you think I just jerked off to one woman as a kid?

>You should spend more time talking to people and less time playing old video games, you're starting to lose it
You should take your own advice and stop being an annoying faggot for a thread chain that died out days ago. or just go back to >>>/r/eddit where you clearly belong.

What even possessed you to give your worthless ass reply? Faggy conceit or just plain autism? Either way kill yourself.

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what game is that

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