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Why was this game made? It's such a strange entry in the Sonic franchise.

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Adults and grown ups need sonic too

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Didn't one of the devs say people wanted to see Sonic use a gun (since that was the trend at the time), but they didn't feel that suited his character so they did it with Shadow instead?

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Yeah, pretty sure it was Iizuka who said that, and I think the requests came from Americans. Which goes to show that listening to fan's dumb requests is a bad idea.

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Because sonicfags will buy literally anything

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This game needs full penetration and to show shadows balls a little from behind in some shots

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Many Sonic games are made to pander to fans. It's very clear. After Sonic 1 this feedback increases per game.

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>we want the deviantartfags edgy ocmakers audience

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Yeah but I'm sure a lot of that feedback was decent like give Sonic a friend or rival, not give Sonic an actual gun to shoot people with.

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They put all the fan feedback in a box and draw from it to see what they should do for the next game.
This time they happened to draw the "Sonic with a gun" suggestion.

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The target audience of 13 year olds thought this sort of thing is the coolest idea imaginable. Especially in the early 2000s.

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It was requests from kids sending in letters of "Why Sonic no gun??" They went with Shadow since it was more in-line with his character.

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>Yuji Naka later commented on the design of the game. "We had received letters from kids, and many of them had asked for Sonic to have a gun," he said. "We felt that it was not appropriate for Sonic to have a gun, but maybe it would be ok with Shadow and that's how we started on the game."


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I was 14 when this game was announced and I mocked this shit even back then.
But I also partially like it

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>Why was this game made?
because I emailed sega and told them to make it

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>"We had received letters from kids, and many of them had asked for Mario to have a gun," he said. "We felt that it was not appropriate for Mario to have a gun, but maybe it would be ok with Luigi and that's how we started on the game."

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This had been a request for a while, since Gamma was also created for the same reason.

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Listen up kids, a bullet to the head is too good for your enemies! First you gotta electrocute them until they can't resist! Then you gotta stab them with thousands of needles! Then you gotta burn them with fire until they beg for the release of death!

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but mario does pack a gun

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why is luigi a dinosaur in that picture

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he's doing drive bys on niggas

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more merciful than his usual methods

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You tell me.

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but Mario pack a gun

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And Goku had a chance to be in Smash. You suck at this.

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Mario was even packaged with a gun!

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he did have a chance

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>include an obscure peripheral with the console

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What kind of psychotic kid sends letters to companies? Chris Chan?

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In America it's normal for teachers to assign homework to kids to write to their favorite company and tell them to add more guns.

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>but maybe it would be ok with Shadow
Because he's black?

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>super saiya-jin
>strongest man in the space

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>"Disgusting Black Creatures. Get out of my sight!"
>Is Black

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sonicfags are literally that retarded

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GTA3 mogged the entire game industry just a few months after SA2

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Is is what happens when devs listen to their fans instead of making a game they want to make. Fans, especially sonic fans, have no idea what they want.

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only his hair is black but his skin is tan so he's mexican

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That is his skin, he just has hair around his mouth and chest

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I was 12 when it came out and while I never actually got to play it, I thought it looked truly epic

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That's what og segafags wanted yeh

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blame Tameem

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Banjo and (Kid) Kirby killed video games

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They wanted to make the greatest 3d Sonic of all time and they succeeded.

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they should've played mario then

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>he's not mexican he's italian
ohhh so he's like super mario? BASED

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I really miss the 2000s edge. It's like videogames were going through an awkward teenage phase.

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It makes sense. The target demographic for their hit games were themselves going through an edgy teen phase.

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>such weird entry in a series that has
>3d blast
>bean machine
>adventure 2

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This. Shadow is the mature gamer’s choice.

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lmao. Shadow the Hedgehog was for kids who wished they were teenagers.

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When Rare presented DK64 to Nintendo Donkey Kong had a realistic shotgun, but instead of complaining, Miyamoto just drew a cartoony coconut gun on some scrap paper and said to use that instead. Also Mario + Rabbids exists.

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Not because he's a rabbit.

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>Cocking an automatic rifle like a shotgun
This never fails to piss me off

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please stop saying "cocking" in sonic threads...

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Sonic Team got letters from kids around the time of Sonic 3 that Sonic should use a gun like Mega Man. They liked that idea and tried to add a move to Sonic 3 where Sonic could shoot a ring but it was cut from the final game. Then they tried it again with Gamma's gameplay in the first Sonic Adventure. Then Shadow brought that whole idea back again. It's not really that stupid of an idea if implemented correctly. Sonic being able to shoot projectiles would make it so you could deal with enemies quickly without completely halting your momentum like when using the homing attack. It could've made the game more fluid.

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Have you played any 3D sonic? It's all strange

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That's what they're supposed to be called. Unlike the kiddy version in the dub with all its special beam cannons and mondo cools

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On paper, Spinball is a perfect idea.
The execution on the other hand...

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It’s incredible how this happened not relatively long after Columbine

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terrible baitles

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Yoshi’s face just like:
>”MMMMMMmmmm :) “

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sorry, wrong pic

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This but Shadow should have AO-rated.

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>We had received letters from kids, and many of them had asked for Sonic to have a gun,
I doubt it was that many. This feels like the Raiden thing in MGS2, where apparently one girl they had playtest MGS1 complained about Snake being an "old man" so they decided to make a whole game from that one decision.

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>How to trigger /k/

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>Sonic CD graphic designer

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What the fuck

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what if zelda had a gun

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>voiced by dubbed Shitku

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it's an automatic assault rifle, anon, you have to pre-pump all the clips you're going to shoot

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But I don't get it why is it okay for mario to pack heat but with sonic it's "no good!" I mean why? Besides like half the guns in shadow are meme guns like alien shit and the fucking billy hatcher gun.

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The success story behind this game never ceases to amaze me yet piss me off at the same time.

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Sunshine is le bad, so le bad Mario 64 tranfans allow their rivals to trash it

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>level up
>your gun shoots harder

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Having done five playthroughs in a row for the different routes and endings today I can say Shadow isn't that bad of a game. I like how it doesn't have any shitty tank levels like SA2 or complete shit levels like Bingo Highway in Heroes. Some of the objectives are insanely tedious though and could have been easily solved by adding a few extra enemies to reach your goal, only the game actually does do that every once in a blue moon in levels where it doesn't help. The amount of bizarre game design choices are too high to count but that's expected because it's a Sonic Team game.

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>gun damage never increases as you level
>by 4-5 levels in conventional weapons are completely useless
>only medieval weaponry that scales with your stats can damage monsters

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I've only seen 1 manga attempt to justify that setting

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Just like Naka became dark Balan recently, he became dark Sonic back then.

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It's fucking based.

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>Sha/d/ow the Hedgehog

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In both cases it was the majority of people

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>Zelda Team cooks up a ton of fun ideas for a kino TP sequel
>proceeds to hire that minish hack and force them to do another waggle Zelda game, because TP Wii was tacked on abd mirrored.
Wii Music had done a number to Shiggy's ego, now he's just as bad as Aomuma.

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Kids wanted to feel edgy. This was my only way to experience an "evil" character since I wasn't allowed to play GTA or anything like that

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>Wii Music
but i thought people hated wii music?