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games where the music is better than the game itself

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the sequel is more on that case

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the golden axe port on pc engine
absolute disaster, NEC Avenue shouldve handled it instead of telent

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holy crap, you weren't kidding

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OMF2097 is pretty good though. First game I ever bought as a direct download with no physical copy, 1995ish.

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OMF2097 remains one of the few "actually good" PC-exclusive fightan gmz. Literally everything else was junk.
Yes, Primal Rage included.

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one must fall is a great game and I keep it installed to play once or twice a month for a bit. Sorry you didnt enjoy it anon it's one of my favorite pc fighting games

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I'd say a lot of amiger games count

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Always wanted to play the sequel out of curiosity. It can't be as bad as I've heard it is, but then I remember the game is supposed to have adaptive difficulty...