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Vimm's Lair is dead. Thanks Nintendo.

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Is archive.org down? No? Don't care then

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Everyone should have full romsets for the cart based systems by now.

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Zoomers literally don't know how to torrent

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Damn, lots of Nitendo GBA games are missing now, are there any other unavailable games besides US version of GTA San Andreas?

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It's only a matter of time. They've been under fire lately too.

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>nintentoddler shit
And nothing of value was lost

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been debating downloading literally everything off of myrient but have no idea how much storage space I would need

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Surely you've downloaded and backed-up all the old games you're interested in already? I have a 2TB HDD in my closet with all the ROMs I'd be interested in playing up until the Wii but excluding PS3/Xbox 360.

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Why did you lie?

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>allow iToddlers to emulate via the shop
>give them links to various websites
>popular 1st party Nintendo franchise games get copyright trolled
Doesn't look like Nintendo as they'd just take all their 1st party games down. However Donkey Kong (entire franchise seemingly), Metroid and a select games of targeted franchises are available. Then you have shit like Majora's Mask being hit, but not Ocarina of time?

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Wow it only took what 25 years?

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He’s telling the truth https://vimm.net/vault/5625

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it was my fault. I downloaded some N64 games yesterday. oopsie

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>how to torrent
torrenting roms is a quick google search and 2 second download. a monkey can do it
its not real torrenting

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I have a curated collection of roms that I've built over the last couple decades, and I know it's just the japtendo games that got nuked, but this is still rather frustrating. as a lover of old ass games I want more people to enjoy them obviously, but if the arrival of normies to the emulation hobby will bring bullshit like this then its definitely not worth it. fucking locusts

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>Nintendo games
so it's nothing then

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I don't think it's permanent, I think the owner got a DMCA and they think it's fake, but just as a precaution they are taking down the nintendo games.

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>nintendo of mutt
Go base your shit in Congo or Somalia or Kazahkstan or something. Tell them to go suck camel cock.

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The ROMs themselves are still hosted on the server and can be retrieved by making a proper request to the server with the appropriate media ID.
It can be done very easily - find the proper media ID of the ROM you desire (Ctrl-F 'var allMedia = [{"ID"' then copy the numerical value) on the "removed" game's page, edit a working page's source via inspect element so the download button points to the desired media ID, click download, done.
Conclusion: it's a nothingburger.

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*on the "removed" game's page's source

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>itoddlers get emulation for 1 fucking second
>immediately start signal boosting rom sites on all social media in full view of nintendo
one of my friends started doing this shit even after i told him to shut the fuck up about it and insisted nothing would ever happen, i hate being a zoomer man

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You can get fullsets for every single Nintendo system up to and including Wii(will be retro soon) for just under 2tb. For just the cartridge consoles its like 20gb maybe lmao completely negligible. I have a 32tb external with fullsets for pretty much all of the systems up to 7th gen, will never need to worry about this shit ever again.

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What is needed are full console rom sets available as zips. Struggling to back up consoles on a hardrive forever without individually dling thousands of files.

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Based. I already have complete rom sets I downloaded over a decade ago. Get fucked. Your fault for being a retard who can’t torrent

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That has been a thing since forever. You’re just a retard

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You still can manually go to the download link. If you can't do it, then you don't deserve it.

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Bug! is still available. Sega chads stay winning.

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Tech illiterate zoomers

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Honestly what's even the appeal of phone emulation? There's a trillion dedicated gaming handhelds, and any shit laptop can emulate anything today. The biggest gain from Apple allowing emulation seems, to me, to be potentially emulating on the Apple TV. Phone emulation seems kind of retarded.
Sent from my iPhone 13 mini

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Turn-based games are fun to play on a phone.

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esl retard

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Playing retro games on a fucking smart phone is offensive.

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I like playing Advance Wars and Pokemon TCG on my phone.

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Cool I hope Niggers are dead next

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majora's mask has the recent recomp that's made waves among gamers in social media
Nintendo should honestly hire that guy though since his approach can enhance a lot of their games and thry can sell them again

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Where the fuck do we go now? This was my only source. Could only download one at a time due to potato tier internet speeds

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learn 2 google

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In reality, this only affects Nintendo.
In three years when they want to re-sell a bunch of ROMs for the 20th time, they won't have anywhere to find them. And it's already been proven that they download them from sites like this, so we know they don't archive any of them.

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Any gamer born after 1993 can't torrent. All they know is direct downloads, emulate on they phone, remasters, paid subscriptions, suck Nintendo dick, and larp.

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Might want to research the topic at hand bub. You're spouting misinformation from over a decade ago.

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Misinformation just means truths someone in power doesn't want you to know.

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I've also heard Shittendo just used downloaded roms.

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See >>10934069

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94 here and you're delusional

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>-t. me, a 169 IQ genius who can download a torrent client and use magnet links

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I've been hesitant to torrent again since I got notice from my isp about it. I was using a torrent client, vpn, everything.

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Oh those assholes. They always fucked with gaming communities back in the late 00s and tried to get a couple fangames canceled.

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Yeah, pretty sure this is it. Only the absolute 0.1% most popular games got taken down. You can't download Mario or Pokemon but you can download F-Zero or Pilotwings. Also the regional, (Virtual Console), etc. versions of some things are still up

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>All they know is direct downloads
I wonder if they do
>they'll never know the feeling of wanting rapidshare premium
>or bypassing captchas and multilinks with jdownloader

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They hired the guy who made the images in the first place, it's literally his tech. That's why they have the same headers.

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>Oh no, the most popular video game company in the world is taking down downloadl links to their games! They'll all be lost forever if we don't pira- I mean preserve them personally!
Realistically, you will never have to worry about Nintendo games being lost. Hordes of autists make it their mission to collect anything even remotely related to them, and Nintendo does a better job than most Japanese companies at securing and archiving legacy content as opposed to companies like Capcom or Konami. If you care about video game preservation at all, please find games or other companies to talk about other than Nintendo.

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Tons of games are still there. They only took down the "big names" and even then, still ignored plenty.

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The iNES header format was an unofficial format for distributing NES ROMs, mostly for compatibility with the iNES emulator. An official, clean dump of the ROM would have no reason to use it, and yet it's the format used by all NES ROMs ripped from the Virtual Console.
This fact proves that Nintendo developed their official NES emulator for compatibility with ROM files using an unofficial format. Which they'd have no reason for doing unless downloading unofficial ROM dumps.

I've seen people claiming
>oh, well Nintendo hired the guy that developed the format!
But that guy, Marat Fayzullin, has never done any work for Nintendo according to his resume.

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eol dummy.

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They hired Tomohiro Kawase the guy who made the emulator in Animal Crossing per the credits. He had experience with iNES so that's what he used, iNES headers.

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And the only reason he'd have experience with iNES is if he was dealing with unofficially dumped ROM files.
So what?

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Itoddlers all over twitter were advertising this site like crazy once they got an emulator on their app store. I knew it was only a matter of days till it happened

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He worked on sound support for iNES.

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I didn't say only a genius can torrent, I said zoomers are too stupid to do it. The fact that torrenting is so easy to do only deepens the insult.

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>my centralized romsite that's indexed on search engines and openly suggested by everyone online got DMCA'd
>I shall now blame game company as the sole problem to gain approval of my social media peers
Ultra boomer retard behavior strikes again, absolute pinhead faggotry, foreverially tied up and unable to use backwater hosting or torrents or nointro sets

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>he admits he's brown

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It's that not that they're too stupid to it, you're just pretentious for assuming they can't when in reality, they just don't have the desire to.

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Good for playing DS games which require a touch screen
Surely feels better than dragging your mouse

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>An official, clean dump of the ROM would have no reason to use it

It would because the emulator needs the header information to run.

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>You only speak the most relevant language across the entire globe that every person participating in modern civilization learns and s the closest thing humans have to a universal language. Ha! Owned!

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DS require touch screen and d-pad controls and d-pad is dogshit on mobile.

Name 10 DS games that play fine with touch alone.

>> No.10934284

I can't name 10 DS games that are even worth playing that are touch-only or touch-heavy.

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Any adventure game like Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton or 999
Turn based strategy games like Advance Wars or Age of Empires

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Could you somehow forbid Google from indexing a site?

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it needs the contained information somehow (e.g. using checksum databases or other heuristics) to determine the mapper used and configuring accordingly. it wouldn't need to use the exact ines format
Though the poster you responded to said
>Which they'd have no reason for doing unless downloading unofficial ROM dumps.
which i don't necessarily agree with as hard evidence (they certainly could have dumped or used their own backup copies and used the ines format for convenience), but use of unofficial dumps does seem pretty likely

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Convenience? A phone is an essential tool in 2024. Having one that you can play emulators on with little-to-no drawbacks sounds pretty ideal.

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z-lib got the same thing thanks to tiktok zoomers
i despise them so fucking much

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Plantet Puzzle League
Plants vs Zombies
Brain Age

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>Having one that you can play emulators on with little-to-no drawbacks sounds pretty ideal.
Touch controls are a drawback.
Having to use a separate controller just to not deal with touch controls is a differently flavoured drawback.

>> No.10934305

>Touch controls are a drawback.
I agree, a huge drawback. inb4 he claims you can just carry around an Xbox controller in your pocket.

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>You only speak one language.

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I don't mind using external controller, input lag is a worse problem for me

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Kawase didn't contribute to the iNES emulator until version 0.7, and even then it was exclusively sound support. The iNES header format is not his, and he did nothing relating to its development.
That said, his involvement with the emulator only strengthens the assertion that he was dealing with unofficial ROM dumps.

>the emulator needs the header information to run
It certainly needs *A* header. Not necessarily one developed by a third party for compatibility with an unofficial emulator.
You'll note that Nintendo later developed their own format, TNES, for the 3DS Virtual Console releases.

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Yeah, the most relevant language in the world that you were forced to learn in order for anyone to even begin to care about what you say.

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You’re still stupid if you only know one language. It’s that simple.

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Ok pedro

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>omegle gone
>now vimm
How long until they just nuke archive.org? Or better question, how long until they're bankruptcy?

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Americans learn a second language in school as a requirement to graduate from high school, but we lose it almost immediately due to lack of practice. Even when students travel to other countries to practice whichever foreign language they've been studying for 2-3 years or more, they all come back with the same story: "I thought I'd get a lot of practice on my trip but everyone spoke to us in English so I never got to practice anything." We don't speak one language because we're stupid, we speak one language because it's LITERALLY the only relevant language on the planet in any place someone would care to visit.

>> No.10934349 [DELETED] 

It will always be preferable to have a strong grasp of a single, universal language. I can speak to any number of people across the globe and be understood without fail. And should a miscommunication arise, it will always be the fault of the other party because my language is the expectation.
Meanwhile, your poor understanding of that language ensures that you'll only be able to reliably communicate with the relatively small number of people who speak [your obsolete language here].

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>mfw I took Latin in high school
>learned basically nothing

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Chnese will be mre important in the future

>> No.10934364 [DELETED] 

No one but the Chinese wants to bother to learn to read Chinese. Speaking it is different however.

>> No.10934372 [DELETED] 

See? Even through (hopefully deliberate) typos, I can understand this message because it's in a language that everyone is expected to grasp.
Unfortunately for you, you've only proven my point. When "Chnese" does become the new Universal Language™, I need only learn it. Any number of other, inconsequential languages can be disregarded. The standard will remain the same, only the language will change.

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>this whole post

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>no argument
>still posting in English
I accept your concession.

>> No.10934385 [DELETED] 

>Chnese will be mre important in the future
ngl this sounds ominous
are you implying the CCP will take over the world?

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Vimm's lair?
Retro games?

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>it's all the English speakers whose language I'm using to communicate on their English language website because their culture permanently subjugated mine centuries ago who are coping
ESL cope is such a fascinating thing.

>> No.10934397 [DELETED] 

They might get taught one, but they definitely don't learn anything if my experience with them is anything to go by. They are fun to mess with though, but I think they warned people not to venture into the depths of the countryside (just outside of the tourist trap) as they don't come here anymore. Now we have to make do with Brits and Germans, but at least they buy shit.

>> No.10934404 [DELETED] 

You can't even speak proper English mutt

>> No.10934407

You don't even need torrent to get rooms.

>> No.10934413 [DELETED] 

lol the arrogance of amerifats

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Hey, anyone want to hook me up with a romset of specifically Japanese and Euro exclusive GBA games? I have all of the American ones.

If not, which of those should I download individually?

>> No.10934426

A lot of kids in third world countries are still poor as shit and pirate roms for PS2s. It just depends on whether the country has been manipulated by games as a service or not which completely depends on whether they can afford the console in the first place.

>> No.10934428 [DELETED] 

What the hell is "English mutt", Rajesh?

>> No.10934431 [DELETED] 

They don’t speak English in China? Because if so then I’d strongly advise you to see the irony in that.

>> No.10934432 [DELETED] 

British English has actually changed a lot more than American English in the last 200 years. Most of the differences in American English that Brits complain about us changing were things that existed in British English at the time America was colonized and which changed in Britain but not America.
Back when Britain colonized America...
>British English had hard R pronunciation. (developed into non-rhotic dialect in Britain but not America, not sure why)
>The place you went to see plays was spelled "theater." (changed later to be more French because it was fashionable)
>The game they played by kicking a ball down a field was called soccer. (changed later because association football became the most popular football game in Britain)
>-ize was the most common spelling for the suffix which makes nouns into verbs. (standardized to -ise in Britain, standardized to -ize in America)
I could go on, but you get the point. It's British English that's changed, almost everything you complain about us doing improperly was the original way to do it that you changed out from underneath us and then blamed us for afterward.

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Nintendo isn't gonna be happy when they find out about this site.

>> No.10934437 [DELETED] 

Clean it up, janny.

>> No.10934438 [DELETED] 

It’s exactly the same in Québec. They retained old 17th century french while France modernized the language. 48k00

>> No.10934442 [DELETED] 

Parts of Britain do use hard-R. It's regional.
What we consider the "American accent", mostly traces back to the "West Country accent" (think stereotypical pirate voice, or Samwise Gamgee), as far as I'm aware.

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Grab no-intro set. GBA isn't that big.

>> No.10934449

Don't tell them about it then

>> No.10934450

I’ve never used that site once.

>> No.10934452

yeah man, I saw a Youtuber include it in a video the other day, thankfully he never name dropped it, but he did have screenshots and mentioned details about the site to make it obvious.

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Why'd you tell him in the first place? I never told any of my old friends how I got my games I would just get it for them on a usb. Same shit with movies and cartoons. The truth is you can't trust anyone with this sorta stuff only those who come across this stuff and learn it naturally are worthy, and deserving at using it at their leisure.

>> No.10934459

>suck Nintendo dick
zoomers all play PC and playstation, nintendo is for millenials

>> No.10934470

well technically they had like castles pretty sure only like tribal people never got past the hut stage to pyramid/castle stage

>> No.10934474

People keep openly posting about it on mainstream websites like 4chan and presumably plebbit so it's only a matter of time. I bet zoomers are making tweets about it.

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File: 2.67 MB, 640x640, 1692408557724461.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all the rom sites i use arent available in english
ha ha funny eol americans i laugh at your patheticness

>> No.10934497

Zoomers have no sense of opsec. They've been brainwashed by social media into sharing all their secrets in public online and consider anything less than full disclosure immediately upon request to be gatekeeping.

>> No.10934501

>sites i use still have everything
w/e lol

>> No.10934509

not for long

>> No.10934517

/vr/ is not mainstream

>> No.10934531

>/vr/ is not mainstream
yet people complain about the zoomers on here

>> No.10934547

Literally how?
It's one "how do I torrent" google search away.

>> No.10934572

>how much storage space I would need
It's only ballpark estimations, but

GB/GBC 1.08 GB
GBA 22.62 GB
PSX 817.7 GB
Dreamcast 765.11 GB
3DS/DS 334.35 GB

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Using Vimm's with their 2 mb download cap is silly. I know they've been around forever and them having to take down Nintendo games sucks, but...

This is utterly superior and all you could ever need is on there. Every version of nearly every game


>> No.10934626

>hundreds of posts about Vimm, increasing in frequency up until the recent DMCA notice

>> No.10934628

Torrenting 128Mb files is pointless. You'd spend more time opening the client than the download would take, and you open yourself up to a higher risk of detection (VPN or otherwise).
It makes sense if you're downloading an entire romset or if you're dealing with files of >500MB, but for the majority of retro piracy it's just not necessary until direct download is no longer an option.

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Delta emulator officially released April 17th. There have been 7 posts since then. Take your meds.

>> No.10934640

based /trash/ poster noticed it too

>> No.10934649

>android had easy emulation for years
>nothing happens
>iphone gets it made easy for 1 day
>everything goes to shit
I always knew iphone shitters were the scum of humanity

>> No.10934653

NTA but there's no reason to download individual roms for any pre-PS2 console. Torrent the full collection for every console you're interested in and never bother downloading again after that. I have full romsets for every Nintendo console up to the N64 (plus GBA) and it takes up less than 30GB of space. Downloading individual roms in this day and age is stupid, and direct downloading thousands of roms is burdensome, so torrents are the answer.

>> No.10934654

And you know >>10934074 brings up a good point if you're too stupid to know how to use a search browser you're too dumb to be trusted.

>> No.10934657

6th gen diskspace isn't exactly trivial.

>> No.10934660

>go to google
>type roms for delta
>very first result is a reddit thread where people are rattling off romsites including vimm

>> No.10934662

Just open the iso and delete all the junk files. Easy.

>> No.10934667

>kids these days will never know [objectively shittier monotonous thing]
What does this add to your human condition compared to just downloading

>> No.10934668
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>there's no reason to download individual roms for any pre-PS2 console
When I want to play Revenge of the 'Gator Pinball, I don't want to wade through 1,041 irrelevant games. I want to play Revenge of the 'Gator Pinball.
I'll take the 3 seconds to download it, and disregard everything else. When I want to play something else, I'll spend another 3 seconds to get it. Simple as.

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File: 306 KB, 1386x1427, 1684711061507630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already have downloaded everything I wanted, and so should you.

>> No.10934672

I have everything 5th gen and earlier, including a mame fullset. I've definitely been haphazard with 6th gen stuff though, just downloading from vimm as the urge stuck me and then deleting. guess I need to get started on that now.

>> No.10934676

>including a mame fullset
*mame updates*
heh nuthin personel kid

>> No.10934682

>open GB roms folder
>type "gator" into search bar
Wow, that was difficult. Even if every romsite on the internet AND archive.org vanished instantly I would still have every game I could ever want to play and then some, while you'd be stuck with whatever individual roms you happen to have downloaded already with no way to source new ones. Your method lacks foresight and gives you no safety net.

>> No.10934684

And nothing of value was lost
>link to site that's not dead
>proof site is dead
Yup. That's a zoomie.

>> No.10934689

if that ever happens I'll just live with not playing williams or midway games.

>> No.10934694

>updating functional software
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

>> No.10934704

And your method is wasteful.

>> No.10934707
File: 248 KB, 720x824, round 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh oh...

>> No.10934712

I'm still personally updating epsxe for myself there's nothing wrong with the old stuff man

>> No.10934713

>full GB romset is 105 Megabytes
>total storage capacity of the hard drive it's on is 5.45 TERAbytes
Whatever will become of me for being so WASTEFUL with my storage space?

>> No.10934724

>Whatever will become of me

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Not him but why?
I already have like 400 games over 8 or 9 different consoles that I could happily replay at least once a year.
A lot of them are hard or long so it'll take me forever to beat them all and that's not to mention that there's more stuff to do than just games as well as responsibilities like having to wageslave so I can afford food.
I could play shmup #763 or I could go back to playing Garegga or Darius Gaiden and try to get a better score probably having more fun with them than whatever random game I would pick instead.

>> No.10934740

Why not? This way I never have to worry about rom availability online. If I hear about a game and decide to check it out I can just load it up. When full romsets for every console I care about total dozens of gigabytes and my hard drive can hold THOUSANDS of gigabytes I see no reason to make myself beholden to external sources that could vanish overnight.

>> No.10934747

This will mostly affect 1st party Nintendo games. Download your Marios, Warios, and Zeldas while you can. Meanwhile Sega and 3rd party stuff should be available everywhere.

>> No.10934750

Then just don't update MEME?

>> No.10934751

Those Nintendo dumbfucks forgot about WiiWare, the entire Virtual Console library is still there

>> No.10934761

and that's a good thing

>> No.10934773

There it is, the hard R line from Ruger.

>> No.10934776

Nearly everything is still there. Even stuff you'd think that would be pulled like Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound are still there.

>> No.10934789

fucking piece of dogshit

>> No.10934806

anyone with a real interest knows how. only difference is the low information people on the periphery don't have to hack it anymore and can just take the path of least resistance and directly download the one off movie or iso they want.

>> No.10934831

>Hurr durr

>> No.10934832


>> No.10934837

So WTF got hit? Just Pokemong garbage?

>> No.10934843

Oh wait nvm. 'tendo's cleaning house. Wonder if this was due to the MM port gaining traction.

>> No.10934850

Cut one head off, several grow back. Nintendo cannot kill emulators and roms.

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>> No.10934865

>proving that a copyright troll
Couldn't it THEORETICALLY be bad automation from Nintendo?

>> No.10934867

>troon exposing vimm on twitter with 14k views

I fucking hate the modern internet and I fucking hate normalfags. Steve Jobs is the most evil man to have ever existed for giving these fucking retards access to the internet.

>> No.10934872 [DELETED] 

i hope they do one day to be honest as someone who makes extensive use of them

>> No.10934878

boo hoo dude, emulation isn't underground, normies emulate games all the time, I've had many conversations with co-workers about emulation.

>> No.10934879
File: 15 KB, 272x258, 93C3B89A-E42A-49D8-8CA8-A041593045CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be copyright troll
>See the uptick in MM being talked about due to the port
>Falseflag strike a bunch, but not all, 1st party N vidya for lolz
>Normalfags find a hole in my shitposting through Twitter
>The Big N-jas notice and step in
>VL gets shut down

>> No.10934881

We get it, you're brown.

>> No.10934890

I guarantee you that thing is not a normalfag.

>> No.10934893 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 842x154, 1700053072346488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10934896
File: 25 KB, 635x413, 1556466956563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will be informing Nintendo about this site next, thanks

>> No.10934898

I don't feel any great need for 500 German versions of games I'll never play.
There's got to be a fairly narrow library of actually relevant games that don't have American releases, I feel.

>> No.10934908

lol so what an anon said about iToddlers downloading MM was true. False alarm, everyone go home.

>> No.10934909

Damn, they have a whole pirate version of the Nintendo eShop and everything. Their lawyers are gonna have a field day with this one.

>> No.10934914 [DELETED] 

It's iToddlers downloading every Nintendo game for use on their shitty mobile emulator. Someone on /v/ posted the top apps on the Apple Store, and Delta was like #3. As always, iPhones ruin everything.

>> No.10934924

May not be quite what you are looking for but look up the HTGDB gamepacks on archive, it has rom sets separated by USA , Europe and Japan

>> No.10934927

Come to think of it, if I use Archive.org, I can just download the specific folders I want, can't I?
I'll check that.

>> No.10934941

>3DS/DS 334.35 GB
3DS alone should take 1.2 TB at least
DS is 165 GB

>> No.10934943

>>troon exposing vimm on twitter with 14k views
Rookie numbers. Vimm and similar sites get namedropped by emulation-focused youtubers who pull in millions of views and have trending videos.

>> No.10934954 [DELETED] 

It's insane how much worthless data there is in every generation after the fourth.

>> No.10934957

It's almost all audio. Shit is VERY storage heavy if uncompressed.

>> No.10934959 [DELETED] 

I meant shitty games, but yeah, that too.

>> No.10934961

>on Twitter, posts about Vimm's lair have over a million views, some over 2 million
this shit is far more popular than I realized. it's going to be over for this site, real soon.

>> No.10934963

The PS1 ruined gaming

>> No.10934968

It will keep happening thanks to spoonfeeders

>> No.10934987 [DELETED] 

If you mean spoonfeeders on 4chan, there is no fucking way that they reached 2 million normalfags. There must be some e-celebs involved or something.

>> No.10934993

I know how to do it, I just have absolutely zero interesting paying for a VPN that sees whatever I do

>Inb4 buh buh your isp sees too! Buh!
Yes I know faggot, not giving it to anymore people.

>> No.10934995 [DELETED] 

You don't need a VPN, you worthless retard. Kill yourself.

>> No.10934997

They're called "bots", retards. 2/4ths of those are bots while the rest are when it shows up in your feed you scroll down. Don't shoot the messenger because I don't make the rules, just state them.

>> No.10934998

Yes you do you nigger, kill yourself with a .38 special

>> No.10935000

>Yes I know faggot, not giving it to anymore people.
>She doesn't KNOW

>> No.10935002 [DELETED] 

Explain why.

>> No.10935008

Because copyright trolls monitor torrent connections (which are completely public) and send notices to your ISP, they pay jeets to do this.
Some countries like the US will just send a notice and ask you to stop the first 3 times, other countries like Germany have automated fines for copyright infringements which are expensive.
You don't need a VPN if you live in a country that gives zero fucks about piracy, like Ecuador or Russia or some shit.

>> No.10935013

>You need a VPM
>But you don't need a VPM
That's not what you were arguing.

>> No.10935014
File: 200 KB, 593x575, 1715812009779399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of copyright trolls

>> No.10935015 [DELETED] 

>Some countries like the US will just send a notice and ask you to stop the first 3 times
I have pirated with torrents for over 15 years and haven't received a single letter. Kill yourself, you faggot corporate shill.

>> No.10935018

4chan plays a relatively small role but it's widely known that vidya-focused e-celebs lurk this site for content. Some don't even bother hiding that and will directly use screencaps of 4chan posts in their videos. Reddit plays a much larger role regarding getting the info out to normalfags, they have public subreddits with names like "roms" and "piracy" that have large numbers of members openly discussing these websites, and they appear quite readily with basic internet searches. Either way, eventually this all runs downstream to twitter. Spoonfeeding culture needs to end, at least when it comes to piracy. Retards on reddit will literally never learn from this and jewtubers will do anything for clicks. I have marginally higher hopes for 4chan.

>> No.10935021


>> No.10935025

>ESL attempts to join the conversation to make a point, fails miserably

>> No.10935027


These are my posts and the only ones I've made, in all of my post I have made it clear you need a VPN to torrent, or your personal IP is completely visible and you will get sent a notice by your ISP if a copyright troll sees you and sends an infringement notice to your ISP.
I said the only exception to not needing one is if you live in a darkie country that doesn't give a fuck about piracy.

>> No.10935029

t. Darkie living in a trailer using a DirectTV satellite dish for a dial up connection

>> No.10935031

No he's right, but only in regards to pirating certain media and depending on your ISP and if the companies asked to have a trace of it being downloading using their service.
I've gotten a few e-mails from my ISP pirating vidya and movies saying "STOP THAT FAGGOT", but it was only for certain big releases.

>> No.10935036


Post your results, non VPN users.

>> No.10935037

>Twitternigger reveals his hand early
Time for you to go back.

>> No.10935038 [DELETED] 

>t. invader redditor who can't even type nigger

>> No.10935039
File: 119 KB, 973x1200, Gigachad in Color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally nothing and I have a very large penis.

>> No.10935041

Yeah, I'm not clicking that.

>> No.10935042
File: 291 KB, 682x858, 1713473568637106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nigger/darkie doesn't matter, you're a retard.

>> No.10935046 [DELETED] 

Nah, you just asked your supervisor for permission to use a "hard R." Faggot.

>> No.10935048

Anyone with a brain knew that this would happen as soon as iPhonefags started using emulators. Normies literally destroy everything. It's like they won't stop until everything I love has been gutted and left to rot. Fuck em all

>> No.10935049
File: 149 KB, 236x260, 1448571377663.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10935051

You lost and are deflecting to cope.

>> No.10935056

>Says this
>Likely pays with a Credit Card
>Ordered anything online using a 3rd party service
>Has a birth certificate
>Pet a cat

>> No.10935057
File: 38 KB, 409x277, 1680414632242574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are people in this thread seriously upset that a basic bitch romsite like Vimm is next on the list to get Nintendo'd? All this vitriol and name-calling when there are a number of far better sites out there that you never see get mentioned.

>> No.10935063 [DELETED] 

You haven't, and you're only here to spread FUD.

>> No.10935064

Because the ones screaming ARE the normalfags and 3rd worlders. They don't lurk.

>> No.10935065 [DELETED] 

Archive.org is being affected too. There was an entire no-intro archive that was taken down recently.

>> No.10935069
File: 338 KB, 1231x297, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Archive.org is being affected too.
Of course it is, that may be the single most basic bitch place to get ROMs at the moment. You have ecelebs like this making videos explaining to go there and get free games.

>> No.10935070

I have, actually. The games in particular were Crash 4 and Nu Spyro. It was a basic bitch auto-mail along the lines of "Our system found you were downloading [Game Title]-Fitgirl-REPACK under [IP No.] We do not condone piracy and have the right to terminate your service so...stop it. K'?"
Thanks, Goyimcast!

>> No.10935071 [DELETED] 

>muh private trackers
Fuck off, retard.

>> No.10935072

I hate millennials like you wouldn't believe it.

>> No.10935074 [DELETED] 

>basic bitch
Wow, I surely am not talking to a discord collective with someone telling them what to say!

>> No.10935078

I'll take that as a concession.

>> No.10935080 [DELETED] 

>too much of a fucking pussy to even quote
Yep, a bunch of discord troons. Move along.

>> No.10935084

Gay retard nigger logic, kill yourself

>> No.10935085
File: 1.86 MB, 1200x1200, 1670117254028854.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>muh private trackers
Who are you quoting? Funny that this is the only other method of getting roms that your favela is aware of. I'll be happy for as long as this remains the case.

>> No.10935086

Clean it up janny. The 3rdies are getting restless.

>> No.10935089 [DELETED] 

So then you're just pulling them out of your own ass. Great. Last (You) for your dopamine-deficient ass.

>> No.10935092

Let them chimp out, it's funny.

>> No.10935098

Just wanted to say that I gave Bug! a 1 in every category and bumped it off the top 10 Saturn games list.

>> No.10935102 [DELETED] 

You're doing God's work, anon.

>> No.10935103

I just gave it a 10 in every category to counteract your rating

>> No.10935107

I fucking hate this smiley faced pretend friendly faggot so fucking much. STOP FUCKING EXPOSING SITES TO THE WIDER WORLD YOU GINGER FAGGOT

>> No.10935113 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 468x351, chilling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I seriously hope that in the near future the internet will balkanize and we will the normalfagnet totally separate from the normal internet. The retard masses get shit on everything they touch.

>> No.10935117


>> No.10935124 [DELETED] 

Social media must first be destroyed.

>> No.10935126

He already has his sets, it doesn't matter to him what happens to the sites he exposes.

>> No.10935127 [DELETED] 

>fuck you got mine
Ah, the good goy boomer mentality. Nothing on this Earth needs to be wiped out with greater violence than this.

>> No.10935130 [DELETED] 

Well, besides the kikes behind it.

>> No.10935134

Okay, confession time:
I did spread the infos of romsites on a daily basis on facebook groups, i even successfully taught some tech illiterate people how to use torrents. They download from 1G1R sets on daily basis. Not sure if they seed though. I also spoonfed on reddit and twitter at least once a week. I gave them all the site linked on the wiki plus some "hidden" site that only known by autists. I'll keep doing this, it's fun.

>> No.10935167

>Retroarch available for iOS
The amount of bitching will be historic.

>> No.10935179

Fuck you

>> No.10935192

based helper

>> No.10935197

this video should be reported for copyright infringement

>> No.10935228

Are you replying to me? You seem very confused, are you senile?

>> No.10935257 [DELETED] 

I honestly want the internet to become a much more closed down strict place so people can finally leave it
No hip altnet like this loser wants >>10935113

>> No.10935265

Uh, is that a gag site?

>> No.10935292
File: 627 KB, 1246x2486, IMG_3487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>results from mobile roaming data
What a slutty internet connection.

>> No.10935295
File: 37 KB, 640x359, jumping-on-the-trend-of-lets-discover-each-other-s-os-ask-v0-fksxqx6fa65b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Adventure games
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Professor Layton series (Curious Village, Diabolical Box, Unwound Future, Last Specter)
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Rhythm games
OSU! series (Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Elite Beat Agents, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2)
Rhythm Heaven
Taiko no Tatsujin series (Touch de Dokodon, Great Adventure of the Seven Islands, Dororon! Yokai Great Decisive Battle)

Touch Generations series (Brain Age, Brain Age 2, Flash Focus, Big Brain Academy, Personal Trainer: Cooking)

Dementium: The Ward / Dementium 2

Honourable mentions:
Ace Attorney series (Phoenix Wright, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, Apollo Justice)
Animal Crossing: Wild World
GTA: Chinatown Wars
Honeycomb Beat
Bust a Move

That's just off the top of my head. Feel free to count a series as one entry, 32 games condense down to 10.

>> No.10935318

Did you download that stuff?

>> No.10935374

god its such a good console. such a fucking shame all the stuff trapped on it

>> No.10935415

I don’t know most of these but those FPS at least are absolutely NOT touch screen only. You aim with touch, but you still control with d-pad.

Retard list.

>> No.10935418


>> No.10935426

Fine; Art Academy, Time Hollow, and LovePlus just for you

>> No.10935431

And just like Zlibrary, so too shall Vimm be taken down.

>> No.10935436

Put a bunch of forbidden truths on the homepage and they'll actively surpress it for you.

>> No.10935460

If you never go above 10x10 maybe

>> No.10935494

>Honestly what's even the appeal of phone emulation?
It's easy and convenient. No, normal fags do not care about touch input. These are the same people who plug their n64 into their 70" 4K TV via composite with stretched widescreen and go "woah, just like i remember :) feels good to be playing the classics just as intended"

>> No.10935525

>reading comprehension

>> No.10935532

This, indeed. BTW they didn't always do that, at least not so fervently.
Also, suppressing search results, while definitely scummy, doesn't automatically make said site truthful just as it doesn't make it false. I also know that Bing is doing similar shit now.

>> No.10935556
File: 12 KB, 278x240, F8iMo-cWEAAgHCy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I understand not having enough HDD space for disc-based consoles but nobody on Earth has any fucking excuse to not already have every cartridge-based system backed up to their computer. It's literally less than 50GB for every ROM on Earth.

>> No.10935561

I mean OP is retarded sure but Nintendo is also fucking retarded and defending them makes you a massive bootslurping cuck who deserves his opinions beaten out of him for defending the billion dollar company's honor.

>> No.10935564

Nice Wikipedia list but maybe one or two of those are even worth playing.

>> No.10935581

that's why you should gatekeep these shit and keep it underground

>> No.10935590

I can't believe it lasted this long. I haven't visited that site in 20 years at least.

>> No.10935595

same, they just keep ruining everything they touch holy shit

>> No.10935596

50GB is still a lot

>> No.10935602

>ban all emulatranny

>> No.10935680

It's really not. You can get a 128gb USB for like $10
a 2 TB HDD for storing shit like this isn't very expensive either.

>> No.10935714

you stupid fucking shit. did you even read the question? TOUCH ALONE, meaning the game never, not once, requires a button press. fucking retard.

>> No.10935736

NTA but probably not it's likely people who use his same phone service provider. It's how mobile fags can get bans meant for other mobile fags.

>> No.10935753
File: 3.57 MB, 480x300, The_Future_Is_Now.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These days you can get fucking flash drives that hold 2 TB dude.

>> No.10935862

Everything barring the FPSes and Chinatown Wars can be played entirely with the touch screen. Why are you getting upset over it? Go play some Point Blank DS.

>> No.10935869

You'd know if you were able to recognize them yourself.

>> No.10935872

Every single website you visit, including 4chan, knows your IP you dumb fuck.

>> No.10935935

You could've already downloaded the no-intro set and filtered it yourself by the time you replied.

>> No.10935942

good news, they're likely coming back. barely any of their games got hit so it's unlikely nintendo filed this one. also as you can see from >>10934059 other games got hit too so yeah basically just give it a week or so.

>> No.10935984

shhh, don't tell him that
A lot of stuff

>> No.10936023

Nintendo overall wasn't the best console other than their first one

>> No.10936058

I really feel this post
Fuck normies

>> No.10936064
File: 1.61 MB, 9071x5102, NOTSUREIF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>posts ip publicly on 4chan
Not sure if dumb or ballsy

>> No.10936067

It's a VPN exit node that will probably change on my end in a few hours when my container with proxy decides to reconnect.
Also I doubt that it has a lot of open ports to exploit.

>> No.10936090


It's roughly 7.2 Tb effective, rounding down.

> 50GB
Roughly 0.7%, or 1.07$ worth of data.
Twice as much if you want redundancy.

>> No.10936150

Emulators are Superior than paying for Switch Online and playing in the original Consoles fuck Jewtendo

>> No.10936163

Fucking zömmers

>> No.10936164
File: 19 KB, 151x184, Oden Disgusted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10936168

Based ESL

>> No.10936179

They should just keep it down for the next few months so Nintendo doesn't fuckin notice

>> No.10936208

Damn nice to see some appreciation for Renegade Kid, their FPS games on the DS were pretty underrated
I'd also mention the DS versions of Call of Duty games by nspace

>> No.10936214

>TTYD is not dmca'd

>> No.10936275

It sucks shit because it's harder to torrent now than it was 10 years ago. Torrents rely on people seeding them to stay online. I can't exactly blame zoomers for not wanting to bother with it, even if they're partly at fault.

>> No.10936298

Vimm's has been around since the 90's, pretty sure they've noticed by now. Which begs the question... how hasn't Nintendo hit these guys yet?

>> No.10936347

three-letter-agency honeypot

>> No.10936370

good thing I dont live in burgerland

>> No.10936459

>reddit fags discover vimm's lair
>Literally tell everyone on the internet about this cool old website that's been unaffected by time
>think that these fags are going to ruin it for everyone just for upvotes
>these fags ruin it for everyone just for upvotes
many many many many many such cases

>> No.10936460

>Anyone born [the year after I was born] is dumb and has cooties

>> No.10936465

I wasn't born in the 90s at all.

>> No.10936468 [DELETED] 
File: 79 KB, 992x904, old roms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is all non-disk based games (pre-saturn, but including NDS)

the US PS1 collection is 700GB, the US saturn collection is 100GB

>> No.10936506

I really hate this soi bearded faggot. Their entire channel is just him being a self absorbed narcissist cunt that either tells you the obvious or says he cares about gaming.....but then tries to ruin it for everyone with shit like this

>> No.10936530

>Wii(will be retro soon)
Retro means games on any platform from before the year 2000 (aside from ports and remakes of games on those platforms).

>> No.10936553

are these people stupid?
why would you talk about this shit in the normie-internet as if it's legal?

>> No.10936580

>vimm lair is dead
who cares there are tons of ways to get the roms besides don't blame nintendo because the site got shutdown,they noticed they didn't got support or money so why keep it alive.

>> No.10936620

not my problem I only download [E] or [S] roms, that means ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA, SPANISH.

>> No.10936634

idk why everyone spoonfeeds retards here either

>> No.10936652

Praise and attention.

>> No.10936658

>GBs of irrelevant euro versions of games.
I literally just went and downloaded the 20 or so Japanese exclusives I'm actually likely to play at some point, and I'm satisfied now.

>> No.10936669

I can't imagine most Saturn fans sticking to only the US set, though.

>> No.10936673

learn before you post.
>up to 2008 uploading and downloading was legal.
>laws changed and uploading became ilegal but downloading roms was legal.
>2021 uploading and downloading roms became ilegal worldwide.
there you need to learn before posting on internet unless you want to claim you are the king of stupids and deserving of a darwin award.
change in laws only fag but none of those sites bother to learn the laws and just ask online.

>> No.10936675

>bragging about being an ESL third worlder

>> No.10936692

At some point some government is going to have to put their foot down and say file sharing is legal and copyright law is bullshit.
No one got robbed, and no one got harmed, We're literally just letting greedy corporations decide what our laws are. They need to be told to fuck off.

>> No.10936693

At least you learned to be self-sufficient to a small extent.

>> No.10936712

I could have done that to begin with. I just wanted to know if anyone had placed those in an easily accessible folder.
>dude, just download EVERYTHING!
I explicitly stated I didn't want that. You people are really fucking dumb sometimes.

>> No.10936738

Then do that to begin with instead of begging someone else to do it for you, retard.

>> No.10936740

>A bloo bloo

>> No.10936743

Is torrenting really necessary? I still never bothered to learn and you can just use direct download 99.9% of the time

>> No.10936815

nta, but it probably isn't.
It's just a default path of least resistance for me.

>> No.10936839

>still never bothered to learn
The absolute state of zoomers.

>> No.10936853

>ask if there is maybe one folder uploaded somewhere so I don't have to download a bunch of individual files
You could have just said no, instead of being a cunt about it.

>> No.10936860

Torrenting roms? No. I don't see why you would.
I torrent when I need to torrent to get the files I want.
If something is just there on the internet, waiting to be downloaded directly, why wouldn't I do that?

>> No.10936903

If you can't hande an insult, don't insult. If anything before the insult offended you, grow some thicker skin along with your newly grown initiative.

>> No.10936927

>At some point some government is going to have to put their foot down and say copyright law is bullshit.
bitch please, who do you think runs governments?

>> No.10937027

Because it won't be there forever.

>> No.10937079

You didn't even insult me. You just blatantly misunderstood my question like three times, and then got mad
>durr I'm le gatekeeping you! Le epic oldfag!
Okay, man. You're not a retard. You're very special, It's okay.

So get it while you can?

>> No.10937092

>I still never bothered to learn
wtf are you even talking about?
theres nothing to "learn"
you use a p2p client
thats literally it
clicking a magnet link is prolly even easier than navigating the avg shithole direct dl romsite

>> No.10937113

Telling you to do the alternative of your "question" isn't misunderstanding anything. It's just that your request was wasted effort which has clearly been proven, now you've learned to do this minor task yourself, though you seemingly have gotten quite upset in the process.

>> No.10937169

Oh no. Good thing I have three backups of all the games I care about.

>> No.10937180

I always assumed that they are referring to setting up a VPN

>> No.10937194

they will hit and run constantly, don't expect anything

>> No.10937220

Funny how Nintendo would go after social media posts rather than things linked to their emails.

I suppose Nintendo really just cares about being seen as the tough guy in the PR sense when it comes to asserting force through judicial system.

>> No.10937250

>Tourist upset he can't into file hunting
Such a case, of there are many!

>> No.10937259

Here, open wide and say aaaah

>> No.10937278


>> No.10937289

so far i've only seen registered versions of shareware being taken down from archive.org. the websight itself will probably outlive any gaming websight because old money cartel?

>sauce: a noo yorker "journalist" who doxxed "libs of tick tock" got archive.org to remove all news and proof of her unhinged doxxing actions, because supposedly the owner is a relative of her old money senpai.

>pokerman GBAs.
play cunny romhacks from visualboyadvance dot org.

buy ads, squarepusher? you never upload ROMs. you don't even prog your own emu. you made a shit UI that steal "cores" from real emu devs. you spamming dipshit.

>> No.10937302

>torrenting roms is a quick google search and 2 second download. a monkey can do it
>its not real torrenting

who's seeding? i can't even find seeds for popular JAV code: XXX-FUKED-YOUR-ASIAN-MOM videos. you smug little fucks keep saying muh torrentz, but you never fucking seed!!!

>> No.10937308

get a real job, copyright troll.

>> No.10937312

I literally had the complete romsets on hand before I entered the thread.
You should have been able to tell when I said "I have all of the American roms".
You don't understand how lacking in comprehension you are. That's the problem.

>> No.10937315

This anon provided the links for nyaa >>10934941
I >>10934572 looked at rutracker torrents.
ie https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4563922

All of that is very much alive.

>> No.10937323


sorry i hate ruskies. post me a ukrainian or indian sauce.

>> No.10937338

That's for ninty, not you.

>> No.10937342

You don't have to torrent everything.
This is some weird point of pride for middle aged "old internet" tards, who are starting to enter their old man phase of failing to understand that the world has changed in the past 20 years, and then getting mad at the kids for it.

Literally, anyone explain to me why I would torrent an NES rom. If nothing else, it adds about two steps to the process of downloading a file.

>but how will you learn to torrent???
I learned to torrent years ago, man. What is your actual point?

>> No.10937343

>I have the complete romsets
You are replying to someone else, don't you feel foolish. Also if you had all the romsets (plural) the problem is clearly you being lazy. Seems you lack comprehension in general.

>> No.10937347

reddit faggots knew of vimms, it was twitter zoomers that ruined it

>> No.10937350

I didn't say I wasn't lazy. In fact that was the whole thrust of what I was communicating.

>> No.10937351

Dumbass, rutracker is banned in Russia. It's wholly operated by the butthurtbeltistan.

>> No.10937356

And "do it yourself" is what I'm thrusting in your ears or eyes if you want to be literal, you lazy twink.

>> No.10937363

Why are you upset by the notion of convenience?
If I can get away with downloading one file. I'd rather do that than download 20 individually. So what?

You're clearly lazier than me if you'd rather download every GBA game ever, and just put up with a glut of junk files on your hard drive.

>> No.10937364

I don't know any.
And even if I did, I probably wouldn't have bothered.
You sound entitled.

>> No.10937380

>Literally, anyone explain to me why I would torrent an NES rom
Easy. Batch download everything in one click.
Having a local ROM cache is handy.
Downloading only a handful of roms makes no sense, though.

>> No.10937381

>Batch download everything in one click.
Okay, but you don't need torrents for that.

>> No.10937385

Geniunly curious - where you can download all of the NES or DS roms in a few clicks?

>> No.10937390

That seems to be projection as well. It's convenient to have a local copy as storage is cheap. This does not mean I throw everything around haphazardly. If anything it is well organized with the the actual sets being on a different hard drive for larger files specifically, also organized. This also seems to be an issue on your end, clean your room.

>> No.10937395

I feel like I shouldn't help spread the info any further than it's been spread, what with Nintendo on a C&D spree, but it's not like it's a secret.

>> No.10937396

Shots fucking FIRED!

>> No.10937397

I will literally never play the Italian version of Lego Star Wars. Even as a joke. There's no point in me having that.

>> No.10937413

That is entirely fine, but also your own very minor and easily solved problem. Glad I could help.

>> No.10937424

I really have no idea.
Something like a GB or NES ROM pack - maybe, since it's gonna be just a few gigs.
100+GB direct download seems a bit far-fetched. At the very least due to the possible problems with resuming the download after the disconnect. Also the server storage and bandwitch.
But I'm a bit of a dinosaur, so I admit that I could be out of touch.

>> No.10937432

You would have helped more by saying nothing.
You had to throw your weight around and be an asshole because you have little man syndrome.

>> No.10937434

nta, but consider a different angle.
You trading your mental energy that you need to spend to pick and choose for the storage space.
And the storage is relatively cheap >>10936090

>> No.10937439

You would help yourself more by following your own advice, crybaby.

>> No.10937442

It's beside the point. I don't want those files.

>> No.10937446

If it's a psycological issue on your part - then yes, it's really unacceptable for you.

>> No.10937453

>This is some weird point of pride for middle aged "old internet" tards
nah retard
the reason torrenting is useful and still exists is because shit cant get 86d simply cuz some website gets C&Dd
and when every current direct dl site eventually gets nuked because you zoomers and your tardass ecelebs cant stfu and not spoonfeed retards, p2p will still exist, and will suddenly be even more useful than its been for the last decade+

>> No.10937458

Just search the system name with "romset" or "full romset" or any variation. Even the most junk filled GB and NES set is about ~200MB each and there's lots of curated ones.

There's a few psychological issues there.

>> No.10937459

You still need to get the torrent file from somewhere.

>> No.10937496

I tried to follow your instructions and the internet archive doesn't have a batch direct download feature. At the very least, not out of the box. NES one has a torrent link, though.
>Even the most junk filled GB and NES set is about ~200MB each and there's lots of curated ones
GB 1.08 GB
NES 3.24 GB
It's still tiny by modern standards, though.

Something like a DS library >>10934941 - not so much.
I'm sure that you can find a link to do a direct download of everything eventually, but it's already less convinient than a braindead process of throwing a torrent into your torrent client.

>> No.10937546

Those are (non-)Good[system] based. They grab every known rom, including bad dumps, translations, hacks, etc. and dump it in. If you want it, go ahead, but they are excessive and basically a step above a full romset that at most tends to include every regional release and some unlicensed. Also that torent combines both Game Boy and Game Boy Color, but that's is about accurate if you grab both, they aren't entirely compatible so my autistic ass treats them seperately. The NES set however very bloated.

If clicking the archive file on the Internet Archive doesn't start a download, try right click > save as. A no intro set for GB from the past few years is 196MB, the Colour set is 728MB. One of the modern NES sets is 395MB.

>> No.10937696

Yep. It genuinely might go away one day. Get it while you can.

>> No.10937719


>> No.10937854

no u

>> No.10937953

I don't think 2/4 is correct in any language

>> No.10938008

I should make a new website that automatically lets you generate your own romsets based on search criteria and filters, and auto downloads them one by one from archive.org. Want all the English Gameboy games? Click a few boxes and drop-downs. How about every Konami game before 2003? Same thing. What about the top 500 Gameboy games? You get the idea. It has to be possible to pull all the data for all the retro games and sort it to allow for categorical filtered browsing and bulk downloading like that so why has no one made it yet? Or am I not looking hard enough?

>> No.10938037
File: 393 KB, 1440x1043, Screenshot_20240516_210917_Samsung Internet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meds. Now.

>> No.10938121

>why has no one made it yet?
I can think of a few reasons.
First off, where are you pulling the criteria/filter data from? Neither wikipedia nor mobygames has 100% complete lists for any console, much less full data for every single game. Even then, no one can agree on what genre's many games are. One site will have a game listed as being an Action/Adventure, another will call it an Action/RPG. Who's standard do you use? No matter which one you go with, you will find inconsistencies and oddities, and many absences.
Second, your website will be 100% dependent on multiple third party API's, including interfacing with the internet archive, and whatever sources you have for data for the games. Every time one of them updates, your website will break until you find the change and update on your end. You know how updates usually break game mods and cheats, and the creators have to rush to update their mod/cheat to work on the latest patch? Same thing. You can't just make it, you have to constantly maintain it.
Third, with internet archive constantly nuking uploads of roms, you'll need to constantly be on the hunt for re-uploads and constantly update the site with the new links.
Fourth, sooner or later, internet archive will notice you leeching off of them, and will easily shut down your entire operation by blocking your website from connecting to them. Or much like image hosting sites used to, block download access unless the user is visiting the website directly. There's plenty of easy ways for them to completely and totally kill off your site.

I thought about creating a filtered randomizer for the old Gauntlet we used to have, but I hit the genre issue and gave up. Only answer I found was to personally label every game for genre by my own decision, and I didn't feel it was worth the result.

>> No.10938131

>I should fantasize about making some silly retarded thing
Please do. Just not here.

>> No.10938132

>download game from vimm's or random rom site without VPN
>no problem
>torrent game from tpb or equivelant
>get physical letter from ISP warning you not to download game
what goes on here

>> No.10938135 [DELETED] 

I personally deleted all social media, just made a smol website for my personal autism but I'm not even happy because it's full of fags even there (neocities)

>> No.10938143 [DELETED] 

>tfw had myspace and goybook as a retarded teenager
>delete all forms of social media 12+ years ago
>cannot find one single picture of myself or even a mention of my name online when googling
feels good man

>> No.10938189 [DELETED] 

Same but we're now in an era where not having your shit plastered everywhere is somehow suspicious. Womanbrains think if you don't have a social media presence and/or you don't use an iphone you give the the ick.

>> No.10938204 [DELETED] 

you're right, but this further reinforces the necessity of seeking out insular, autistic women who don't operate on the typical womanbrain wavelength. they do exist. t. with aspie girl for 10 years and have 2 kids. if you're including normie estrogen-blastes men in that statement though, my best advice is learning to live without them entirely. close male friends are kind of gay after a certain age anyway.

>> No.10938242

I downloaded a rom set with the "best" games from every system. What I do is if there's a game I want to play but it's not included in the rom set I just download that specific game and add it to the pack.

Why have 1000 SNES games if you are only going to play 30 games?

>> No.10939032

All true. Play more moe hacks.
is there a chatGPT bing bot that shills meds at ontopic posts now. makes no sense. at least the trannie poster was right. many gaming sites are run butthurt trannies. RIP, hardcore gaming 101.

>> No.10939039

those who mentioned alternates got called "meds" and "fags". and one posted a sus russian link. and a lot of torrentz autism.

>> No.10939065

What is the best alternative site to download Gamecube and Wii games now that Nintendo fucked that site

>> No.10939086

>So get it while you can?
Yes, exactly. Get them while you can. ALL of them.

>> No.10939090

>sus russian link

>> No.10939092

Why let some random person decide what the best games are? Play them for yourself and make your own decision.

>> No.10939273
File: 4 KB, 337x125, WinSCPcalc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i did calculation of the whole server size and this is what i got

>> No.10939686
File: 43 KB, 906x492, ROMs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A reminder to download full ROM sets for all of the cartridge based consoles you care about, it won't take too much memory, also make sure to back it up somewhere, like an external HDD too.

If only CD based systems weren't such a pain to backup in full due to those ridiculous file sizes...

>> No.10939692

Thanks Shitman !

>> No.10940781

Romsets stop at PS1 and some include handhelds. There's no "best of" set for gen6 and beyond.

>> No.10940790 [DELETED] 

Because that was worth the bump.

>> No.10940793 [DELETED] 

Yes, it was worth mentioning.

>> No.10941727

Bro? Your SAM Coupe set?

>> No.10942403 [DELETED] 

No one needs you to be the bump police, autismo.

>> No.10943878 [DELETED] 

But that's my identity. I literally have nothing other than shitposting that. I saw it once and thought it was the coolest thing evar. Since then I've devoted my entire life to it. I hang out on page 10 and meticulously monitor for "bumps" that were long ago made irrelevant. Even my mother won't talk to me. That makes me mad because she's the only girl I've ever kissed. True story.

>> No.10943880

You made me look

>> No.10943903

>for a VPN that sees whatever I do
I'll buy the honeypot argument when it actually fucking happens. As it stands, it feels like any time a VPN is labelled by another as one, it's in reality just a deflection from the actual problem which is mediocre service.

>> No.10944004


>> No.10944069

>I always knew iphone shitters were the scum of humanity
Phonefags in general is the reason why the internet went to shit

>> No.10944073

>is the reason
are the reason*

>> No.10944128
File: 10 KB, 1107x86, 2024-05-18-194100_1107x86_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just that and it's not even the right version of Photoshop that I use.

>> No.10944135
File: 915 KB, 768x768, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10944194

Should we start hoarding roms on physical media?

>> No.10944294

Just buy HDDs and put everything in it, it's not that expensive
And hope there's no major solar flare in your life time

>> No.10944325 [DELETED] 


what a FAGGOT

>> No.10944334 [DELETED] 

you can't steal 0s and 1s, retard
>b-but muh effort, muh work
should've added better DRM. you only own what you can defend.

>> No.10944335 [DELETED] 

What do either of these concepts have to do with downloading roms of out-of-print games?

>> No.10944339 [DELETED] 

it's just a wild paypig, ignore him

>> No.10945068

>Just buy HDDs
Where do I start? A 2TB? I have analysis paralysis on this.

>> No.10945148

No one can see your direct downloads
The way torrenting works means that peers can see your IP address
Companies will torrent their own media to keep an eye on the list of IPs and report them to your ISP

>> No.10946443

They're afraid they'll go to prison if caught.

>> No.10946461

the only people who are really scared are gooners/pedos who dabble in borderline porn. an isp nagging letter about copyright is not a scary prospect for most people, but for them it'd trigger a mild heart attack.

>> No.10946465

You're forgetting about all the underage kids on this site who live with their parents and will be grounded for a week or their computer privileges taken away if their parents got such a letter.

>> No.10947009
File: 101 KB, 1919x1030, Screenshot 2024-05-20 012419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What Download Manager should i use to download all the files as fast as possilbe and filter out all the non North American games and all the dupes?

>> No.10947087

>checks my hard drives

>> No.10947136

Just get an FTP client and log into the server through FTP. It will be far more powerful than any browser download manager.

>> No.10947161

Hey! I'd forgotten about it, thanks for the heads up, downloading it right now.

>> No.10947372 [DELETED] 

>close male friends are kind of gay after a certain age anyway
You're just seething at having no friends. Close friends over pussy any day.

>> No.10947376 [DELETED] 

>just hit the lottery buddy and find someone nice
Yeah maybe 10 years ago, nobody fucking goes outside anymore

>> No.10947461 [DELETED] 

I never even used social media ever, Twitter always just seemed like a much gayer form of 4chan where you get banned for rightfully calling someone a faggot.

this except my name is on the donators list for an indie game that came out 13 years ago and absolutely nothing else, I am functionally a ghost

>> No.10947467 [DELETED] 

>t. with aspie girl for 10 years and have 2 kids
nigger how, I can't even find male friends to play vidya with anymore that aren't turbo normgroid losers who get upset when I say le heckin bad words

>> No.10947472


>> No.10947473 [DELETED] 

Stop necroing this gay thread already with your gay conversations about life.

>> No.10947474 [DELETED] 

>stop necroing
>on 4chan
Shut the fuck up retard.

>> No.10947531 [DELETED] 

cant necro on 4 chan. dead threads = archived threads, and not a second before. go the fuck back to something awful, or what decrepit pit you crawled out of.

>> No.10947636 [DELETED] 

>Hurr durr
Stop necrobumping.

>> No.10947639 [DELETED] 

Who made you the bump police?

>> No.10947656 [DELETED] 

Adding to the reply count.

>> No.10947680 [DELETED] 

wtf is wrong with the jannie, there wasn't anything wrong with the posts you replied to

>> No.10948019
File: 43 KB, 1072x324, 1684774527058960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta, but the sweet spot was 6 Tb when I assembled this frankenstein.
My best guess would be 8 Tb nowadays.

>> No.10948184

what's an ftp

>> No.10948250

You must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan.

>> No.10948498
File: 359 KB, 513x385, Special Needs Dale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would you need a VPN to torrent roms? Fucking retards, man.

>> No.10948504

They are afraid.

>> No.10948520

NTA, but copyright warning letters are annoying. I use a VPN for all piracy-related endeavors because it keeps retarded corps off my back.

>> No.10948541

Good, they're not worth protecting

>> No.10948558
File: 706 KB, 1080x1080, 1699166679583093.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan.
Just answer the question and stop being an obnoxious faggot

>> No.10948593

Just google it. You saw a technical term you don't know, now take the opportunity to go learn about it. I don't think there's anything wrong with asking people questions generally, but you can't expect to get a whole crash course on entire file transfer protocols. Some things you should take the time to look into for yourself.