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I have played ESP Ra.De. and I love it, pls recomend more games like this.

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What do you like about ESP Ra.De, anon?

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What about it did you like? Without knowing your specific reasons, Espgaluda I & II are the obvious recommendations.

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>pls recomend more games like this

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I really liked that when you are firing the character slows down, the psychic barrier and the characters design.

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Thanks anons

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i consider esprade, guwange and progear cave's holy trinity. you played one, play the other two.

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>I will now bring it up yet again
try out zeroranger. I think it's really really neat

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Hipster opinion

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In that case, Espgaluda 1+2. Then any other Cave shmup - the Dodonpachi series, Mushihimesama/Mushi Futari, Ketsui etc.

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The Castle of Shikigami Trilogy.

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Cute girl in the middle.
I'll play ESP Ra.De. now.

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If you play the M2 port you can also play as Alice Master in the arrange modes

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I'm afraid I have neither Switch nor a PS4 but she sure looks cute.

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Maybe Deathsmiles is also up your alley

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I already know of it but yeah, it is and so are the girls.