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It certainly not bad, but I do feel it oversold itself. When you first start playing the game it's rightly mindblowing. The first level specifically is incredibly well designed for what it is and feels like it suggest endless possibilities.

"What, there are cannons you can shoot yourself out of?"
"I can fly now!"
"It's scary, but how do I get the star behind the chain chomp?"

Some of the later levels, like Tiny-Huge Island, are similarly imaginative. But, for the most part, the game doesn't stretch beyond that level and many of the levels feel like tech demos in comparison, and most of the special techniques don't get much use.

So it's a great game, but I feel one that gets somewhat inflated ratings based on both the amazing initial impressions it gives, and the sense of potential it doesn't properly live up to in itself. I cannot rate it in the same category as Banjo or Ocarina, despite seeing it it things that could have easily let it be on par with them.

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Sorry, wrong pic

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There's two other threads about this game on this board right now. Why did you feel the need to make a third?