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Favorite Mario enemies? I like plurps.

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Sunshine has the most disgusting and unappealing designs in the entire series, no idea how anyone can defend it.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas from Paper Mario 64

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Stolen from glover s farting blue chicken
Someone call the lawyers

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They're pretty kino

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Post proof

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that's from the cartoon

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Man, this is weird, I don't remember this enemy at all

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>Who will be the breakout Mario character of this generation that we're sure audiences will love
>the fat retarded plant in a speedo with an inflation fetish that vomits everywhere!

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Things sure were wacky in the days before the mario mandate.

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I don't think I have a favorite, maybe Birdo.
It was one of the first bosses I encountered in any video game so it was kind of novel to me, whooping his ass was fun.

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Thief bird
I think about that bird alot

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you want to fuck the bird dont you

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for me it's mouser. it's a giant rat with sunglasses that throws bombs! that was some cool shit to little me, and also I was bad at videogames so I only made it to him a couple times, so he also had that feeling of mystery and adventure.

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Blue koopas in SMW, there are like a dozen unique ways to use them in levels.

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>and also I was bad at videogames
I still am.
I pretty much always (still) only make it to Birdo and a little further.

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this but yellow because I'm an autist and yellow is cool

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Spindrift should've been the new Mufti/Petal Guy, I'm still mad they were deleted from NSMB(DS) and fuck that Torkdrift tease, where's my modern Spindrift, assholes?

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>more unhinged shitting on the most non-overrated Mario
Back to /smbg/ you bilgerats.

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