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I don't get how LJN became a punchline when Gametek was clearly the worst NES publisher.

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Nigel Mansel World Championship could have been good. It's a realistic simulation F1 title on NES at a time when everyone else was doing arcade design.

However the AI has the worst case of rubberband I've ever seen. When you're in first position the second car is always RIGHT on your tail no matter what you do and the first tiny mistake he passed you over. It's very frustrating.

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probably because LJN stuff actually proported to be real games people would want to play while nobody considered anything Gametek shat out to be a "game."

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The Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy games were the best home versions for their time.
No one actually played the Fischer Price games.
Double Dare and American Gladiators was a game we all rented at least one weekend and hated.
Outside of that, they really didn't have that much presence. But if you ever got X-Men or Spider-Man for Christmas because your parents knew you liked the comics, you quickly learned to hate that fucking rainbow.

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>Nigel Mansel World Championship could have been good. It's a realistic simulation F1 title on NES at a time when everyone else was doing arcade design.
ie. the start of modern sports game cancer where they try to make it seem like you're actually on the field/in the F1 car instead of just an arcade game that has a sports theme

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I think THQ was worse.

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if only Gametek had devoted their energy to localizing obscure Famicom hidden gems instead of these wastes of plastic.

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I just remember the amount of licensed crap by LJN my Dad brought home because he was a comic book nerd. The worst ones I can remember were that horrible too-down X-Men game and Spiderman. Wolverine was actually good though.

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what's funny is Wolverine was Britjank

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Because of AVGN.

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If you make a wildly successful internet review show you can change the narrative for the new generation if you want. The power is yours

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100% this. It was kind of a thing on online forums, but the gaming community at large got the ljn meme from the nerd.

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Yeah I only knew them for wheel and jeopardy and they were alright.

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Rare cranked out a lot of this game show shit. They were a fucking shovelware mill.

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>the left Harlem Globetrotters game vs the right Harlem Globtrotters one

Choose wisely

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That was an accident when I made the photo montage. Sorry.

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>You're just going to make me say a slur, aren't you?
Come on Orla you got a once a stream quota.

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I would argue that Gametek’s games mostly accomplish what they set out to do. LJN games are worse because you’re expecting a lot better out of a cool license. Personally my “must avoid” publisher was always THQ

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