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Is there any real strategy to the combat in this game or it's just button mashing?

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Combat? A bit there's a few moves that Turner has that will make some encounters go much smoother like using Roadkill on females.
The real strategy of the game is to treat each panel like a puzzle.

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I button mashed my way through this game as a kid and recently I've learned that there are various button combinations that make Sketch do moves I've literally never seen before despite the fact that I'd been playing the game over and over again back in the days

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I usually mix up high/low/mid attacks very quickly to get around enemies blocking. Doing so acts like a cancel, so you can attack much faster.
You can grab and throw some enemies, at least one panel requires this to blow up a power hammer blocking the door.
Grabbing the green monsters turns them into other enemies.
Button combos deal a lot of damage (down up punch for scissors kick, up down punch for shaolin kick) but are slow. Strigils will always dodge the shaolin kick, but I think Styx will always get hit by it on wakeup.
Roadkill can combat by zapping enemies, the females are afraid of rats and will die instantly. However, enemies can hit Roadkill, and he can die easily. He respawns some panels later.
For the little metallic facehuggers, you can only hit them with stronger attacks by juggling them high enough.

that's all I remember.

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Currently the game came with the technical combat of Viewtiful joe before VW. But you learn that cheesy airplane paper is easier, in the same way that shurikens are

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If I remember right, each enemy has a special move that they'll always block and will be vulnerable to every other special move.
As the other anons pointed out, you can also use Roadkill on women because they're scared of them.

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>the females are afraid of rats and will die instantly
If they have an item they drop on death, you miss out by doing rat kills.
>little metallic facehuggers
get them airborne and keep jogging into them. They glitch through the floor and die instantly

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I thought the strategy was in how you mashed