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>bro just copy games to your USB and play through mmC
>PS3 doesn't support NTFS, >4GB files can't be on FAT32 drives
>bro use Split4G
>game doesn't run because it's not decrypted
>bro decrypt game
>decryptPS3 supports only ISO files
>convert game folder to ISO
>iso file is too big now for FAT32 drive
holy fuck I'm losing my fucking mind trying to play a game

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give it back jamal

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irisman can mount ntfs, so can multiman

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You are talking about PS2 games, right? Should've bought a PS2, you can play games off exfat drives on it now
>just copy the file to your usb drive
>plug it in
>it just works

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>buy game
>Insert disc
>[Game plays]

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PS3 is a horrible console.

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Honestly this, except i copy my disc to the ps2 hdd. Even if the disc drive crapped out, I could just rip it to my pc to copy over, though that adds another annoying step.

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k.. thx for the blog post..

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PS3 supports ntfs with multiman
1.install cfw
2.install multiman
3.download iso
4.find ird
5.patch with ird
6.decrypt wit 3k3y
7. Copy to external hdd
8.refresh multiman

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you are welcome
not advice me on how to play GoW III
not gonna pay >$50 for a used copy on ebay

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?? Are you retarded or something? It's under 10 burger bux.