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Which is the superior menu 'em up?

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Wizardry, which they all copied off

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FF1 is a pain in the butt with the dungeon backtracking on the first part of the game not to mention (I will mention it) that many spells don't work the way they should, from the volcano onwards is when the game becomes good.
As for Pokemon I recently finished Red and did a Blastoise only run, had fun with it but I didn't see any point of using other monsters as the game is easy as is, maybe with a Charmander could be harder and may force the player to use other Pokemon.
I can't think of anything bad about DQ3, maybe not having more than one Sage Book (or whatever was called) or the monsters item drop being way to low, but neither of those affect the game enjoyment.

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What a shitty meme

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You need to be at least 30 to post here, /v/irgin

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Pokemon moves the format away from the the medieval fantasy dungeons&dragons clichefest putting you in a setting that feels fresh. It also recontextualizes the means by which you approach the world: instead of being a mass murder looting every inch of the region you're sent on a journey by a scientist to catalogue species which you can befriend and when you fight it's in a non-lethal capacity.

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>Western covers
Uggh. (It's Dragon Quest 3, not sure what Pokemon doing there it's not comparable)
We got a smug hipster here
Pokemon was not the first JRPG to not be high fantasy, odd claim. It was also not the first to do monster collection but it might've been the first to revolve it's entire world around it. Every fucking pokemon NPC has zero interests that aren't related to pokemon like don't they have governments and poverty and literature or something

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Every time a Pokémon fan shares their opinion on Pokémon and RPGs its frequently the dumbest shit you've read.

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I acknowledge DQ3 had some pretty great scale, but FF1 is still the perfect fantasyformer in my experience.

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Pokemon fans are the only ones with good takes on the genre. It's a fundamentally shit set of conventions of which Pokemon is one of the few to make anything decent of it by actually giving you decent reason to explore its world and take advantage of its battle and trade systems to engage with your friends. JRPG fans are the worst people to ask advice from as to what's actually good about JRPGs, as you have to have really shit sensibilities to want to play dozens or even hundreds of movie-grind games.

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Truly a soulless, dead, friendless post.

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>nothing but random schoolyard insults
Pokechads win again.

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You mean those games in particular or are you talking about franchises? If it's the former then DQ3 is hands down the best among the three. Like it's not even close

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>Pokemon fans are the only ones with good takes on the genre.

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Reading these two posts one after the other is comedy gold

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Why did you lump the the Mother 1 gb port with the nes games ?

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Because serious discussion is beyond you. You're a small, posturing child who's still got some growing up to do. You aren't worth it to spend the time on an actual conversation yet. Try again when you can formulate an actual opinion instead of just senseless tribal fanbase barking and trying to base some kind of moral grandstand on your choice of game subgenre.

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> a setting that feels fresh
>i only watched Pokemon
Medieval Fantasy and the average shonen boy town adventures were both done to death.

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>that artwork
I miss when pokemon was about taming wild animals, it makes the concept of being an adventurer cataloguing new species for a scientist much more believable. At some point (probably around gen 3) pokemon definitely stopped being wild animals and became just magical creatures.

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way before that, probably around pokemon yellow, thats why gen 2 was full of babyshit

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They hated him because he spoke the truth.

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Because good people are friends with their Pokémon while bad people try to break Pokémon in. That's why it's changed. While the games were aimed at kids before, it was just amplified over time as the series became overly sanitized setting and game mechanics wise.

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In gen2 they amp the mon's mythical aspect with Ho-Oh, Natu or the Bellsprout monks. It's mostly an extension of gen1 and even legendaries are still wild animals (Entei). If you consider aesthetics alone, I think most gen2 artwork keeps a similar aesthetic and gen3 completely drops it.

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glad we agree Gen 8 is the epitome of JRPG goodnesses

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Pokemon Gen I and II are great little indie RPGs but they don't have the polish of a real RPG like any of Yuji Hori's games. Besides, Pokemon literally wouldn't exist without influence from DQ so if you can't respect your ancestor, then you deserve the modern kusoge they shit out for you to buy full price with DLC

Final Fantasy never had a vision and was just whatever the developers felt like shitting out. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was horrible. When you try to argue what its identity is, Square goes and tries to scrub that out too. At this point the only shit left that isn't nostalgia pandering are Chocobo, Moogle and Spell Names. If that's all it takes, you could probably make Halo an "FF game" by including mechanics like that. Dead end franchise, Yoshi P couldn't even save it

DQ (as a whole) > Satoshi's Pokemon > Mid Pokemon (the rest of the 2D games) > Squaresoft Final Fantasy > 3D Pokemon > Square Enix Final Fantasy

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Nothing's more mythical than mew under the truck.

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Probably DQ3. FF stepped up their menu game but FF1 was nothing impressive in that regard. The menu barely matters in Pokemans, it's actually everything but the menus that make those games fun. The menu is almost more important outside of combat. You'll use pokeballs in PVE more than you use potions in simulated PVP

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There has to be a dip in quality in Dragon Quest. I am having a hard time making my way through Dragon Quest VIII while I and II were much more engaging.

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they're deadly fucking monsters you literally fucking die if you don't leave with a tamed one they're fucking dangerous

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well an animal can be dangerous too, duh. try running into a bear

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This is from a Rattata right outside of town:
>This Pokémon is common but hazardous. Its sharp incisors can easily cut right through hard wood.
Yeah, even some of the lowest forms will fuck a human up.

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I wouldn't die from a rat or a pidgey.

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Pokemon was aimed at a younger demographic than most JRPGs. 7-11 year olds, compared to FF and DQ which is more for kids 12+.

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>wild animals
pokemon being wild animals is a retcon of nu-pokemon, originally pokemon were strange monsters with mysterious powers which existed alongside real-world animals, some of which were referenced in-game (and later retconned out for pokemon equivalents)

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Which is why Legends Arceus is the best Pokemon game in a decade. They leant hard into the "pokemon are dangerous wild beasts" aspects and made no pretence of people being severely injured and even killed by them.

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Final Fantasy's vision is to test out experimental gameplay ideas. All the games have some novel or new thing that other RPGs haven't done. Dragon Quest meanwhile is their 'safe' franchise where they never try anything new.

Probably because every DQ is essentially the same game but with different graphics and character names. if you've played 1-2 of them there's really no reason to ever play any of the others. 8 and 11 only have value because of the fully-rendered 3D cute girls with multiple outfits you can stick them in.

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>Final Fantasy's vision is to test out experimental gameplay ideas.

That's exactly what makes it gimmicky. It's constantly doing "something new" instead of refining the mechanics of previous games, so you spend each game learning the "new stuff", which is novel to you, even if you still end up just spamming ultima or summons or whatever the game does in the end, and the nit all gets thrown out by the next game so you start from scratch.

Between the two, Dragon Quest is the more sophisticated, it's just that FF fans don't really appreciate what it's doing or how much effort the games put into making themselves interesting to explore.