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I picked up this game last week. I tried to enjoy it. I tried to see the pros and cons, but honestly, after a while of trying, I dropped it. To be frank, I don't get the appeal. It doesn't feel like a worthy successor to Mother 2 at all; the charm is notably lacking and the humor feels forced. I wouldn't have minded so much had it not also been busy trying to be dramatic and "2deep4u", which is where my main gripe with the game begins. The times when it tries to be serious feels so out of place and unnatural, like a fanfiction written by somebody who misunderstood the appeal of the original source. It's not "Mother" at all. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a poor mimicry of the much more superior Earthbound 64 that we're never going to get.

Honestly, I should've just stuck with Earthbound.

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it never shouldve happened. entire thing felt like a fan game.

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>no suburbia
>no plot surrounding starmen and aliens
>no sex appeal
>the dog is permanent
>stupid pork bean segments
>dumb porkers aren't as cool as starmen, chimera crap shoved in your face with no good payoff
>forced silliness compared to earthbound

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pretending to be someone else won't work poopy joe, we already know your tricks. you're not clever at all, you're just stupid.