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hey /vr/, most of you are going to lose your marbles at this post and tell me to sudoku, but I still need some advice
I've got a bit of a conflicting situation here.

I recovered my old CRT from my grandmas place, and now I'm frustrated on not being able to find a simple all-in-one solution regarding playing old games.

I love those mini consoles, and I've got a SNES mini, a genesis mini, and a PS Classic. I'm a gimmicky fuck. I would love to acquire any possible advice on how to connect that to an old Trinitron that is SCART capable, or at least composite. From what I understand, it's very, very difficult to achieve HDMI->SCART lag free.

On the other hand, I've got an actual saturn and an actual ps2 coming, plus a fenrir duo, which I'm planning to buy some SCART cables for. If the minis setup is too impractical/too fucked lag-wise, would it just be better to play the ps1 roms on a ps2?
If so, what's the best modding solution for playing ps1 games on a ps2 in 2024? Would be ideal if cheats were kept in mind.

Lastly - I have no solution for n64 games yet. That's where I'm considering purchasing a Wii U, because from what I UNDERSTAND, it's capable of running SCART "natively". Do correct me if I'm wrong, and if I need to reasses some things.

Thank you kindly for the advice - any is appreciated.

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Getting a mini console to work on CRTs isn't worth it. You'd need a 720p -> 240p downscaler, and that's a whole rabbithole innit of itself. The best all in one solution for <=gen 5 is MISTer.

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You can get a retro pi and output it to scary, then get a scart>component cable for a poorfag all in one solution

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well, since my TV has scart ports and no component, I guess I'll take a look at how retro pie handles scart; thanks :)

certainly daunting, especially for someone like me that isn't super technically literate

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>lose your marbles at this post and tell me to sudoku
This is a video game board.

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Just get a wii with a classic controller. Shit ton of emulators and everything
works in glorious 240p. You other options are either PC emulation, mister, or original hardware.

PS2 for PS1 games.

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Get a mister or a mini PC and install batocera to output at native res.

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No worries lads
I found out about RGB-Pi thanks to >>10867097. I’m going to keep ps2 games to emulation because I feel like the 3D there is good enough for HDTV with some upscaling.
The Pi hooked up to my trinitron is going to take care of n64, ps1, and Dreamcast.

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Real consoles + flashcarts/burnt disks/ODEs are the best bang for your buck for playing on a CRT. Especially for the N64 since WiiU is bad at emulating it.

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Mister fpga.

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Real console hardware with everdrive, a PC with groovyarcade and a VGA->SCART 15khz cable, or a pi with SCART 15khz output cable and RGBPi or similar distro, in that order of preference.

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It sounds like you are looking to downscale some video. A good inexpensive option if you have a DE10, is the DEXX project which turns the DE10 into a scaler which can upscale for your high resolution modern displays, but very interestingly downscale for your CRT. Through the DEXX, you can work those mini consoles onto the screen with minimal added lag. If you have a bit more, give the OSSC Pro or higher tiered RetroTINK products a try at downscaling even the PS2.

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signatureanon.... how much useless shit do you have???

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>break the walls down by giving shlomo tons of money for converters

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get a name so I can filter you already

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I mostly kept a lot of the old things I have. They had a logical reason to myself at the time. Most were cheap in their day, now it's just stuff to maintain the old stuff that still brings joy to me.

I believe the DEXX project is open source. Another alternative is the GBS-Control which is also open to have your own custom modifications made. I think there's even more options out there, like the PixelFX Morph, but I've not tried that for downscaling yet.

Thought I was answering your question OP. Should have specified unacceptable answers.

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>and now I'm frustrated on not being able to find a simple all-in-one solution regarding playing old games.
Just plug a pi into it