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Is the Xenosaga trilogy worth playing? I always see Xenogears and Xenoblade being discussed but never Xenosaga.

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A good rule of thumb is if you've heard of the game before its worth playing.

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You ever heard of Russian Roulette?

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Depends on what you're after.
Xenosaga is an anime disguised as a game. Not only is it an anime, it's one of the most insane varieties of anime, the "neo-biblical classical psychological metaphysical spiritual giant robot" genre.
It's an acquired taste, but for those who like complex yet accessible heady sci-fi (imagine all of Star Trek's best episodes and ideas smashed in an atom collider with Jung and various philosophers) it's a wild ride unlike any other. Absolutely out of place and unique in the gaming world, at least in terms of its story.
Music is great also if you like epic and emotional orchestral soundtracks with subdued electronic undertones. Gameplay is standard turn based JRPG fare with a few unique elements, but absolutely no one (and I mean fucking no one) who played the entire trilogy back in the day gave a shit about anything other than the story and characters.
If you play it, put yourself into the mindset that you're about to watch 3-4 seasons of Star Trek or an old school anime space opera.

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At the time of its release it was kind of a big deal. I'm not really sure why it dropped off so suddenly and dramatically. Blade is still kind of a new with a release not long ago so it gets talked about that way though. And if wasn't a nintendo exclusive I promise you nobody would pretend to care about it

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You play Xenosaga if you want more from the Xenogears mythos. The reason people talk about the PS1 game more is because it's got so much backstory and depth to it, which was meant to be expanded. Xenosaga works with a revised version of Gear's lore and gives you a lot of autistic stuff to work with.

It's perfectly possible to enjoy Saga without playing Gears, but you'll be missing 90% of its appeal. As a stand alone series, it's more unfinished than Gears ever was (which at least has all of its intended story present), but it's still quite interesting. You'll have to deal with really poor pacing and sometimes annoying characters though.

Think of its as the Star Wars prequels compared to Xenogears being the originals

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It was supposed to be a massive episodic series with six entries, but it ended up in development hell when they were working on the second episode and it didn’t sell well, so they wrapped it up with a third game and that was it.

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They also fired most of Episode 1's staff for 2, including Soraya Saga - one of the main writers of FFVI and Xenogears lol.

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I've been slogging through Xenogears for like 4 years now. I feel like I haven't even made a dent. I'm finally fucking done with the stupid shitty awful sewer swim against the stream section, and Im in some coliseum now. When the fuck does it pick up? It's so fucking slow. Not bait, just frustrating to not see the appeal of whats considered one of the best jarpegs ever made. I love Evangelion too so I was really excited to play through it.

Anyway back on topic. I wish Xenosaga 1+2 DS would get translated bc I hear that's the best way to experience the 2nd game.

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Just keep going man, it has a slow start. So you're almost out of the sewers, as in the prison's sewers? The game WILL pick up, and by second disk you'll be fully immersed in the EVA connection element. If you find the gameplay tedious, you'll like how second disk is mostly a VN. I say this completely unironically as I fucking love the game, but I dislike the gameplay.

Xenogears is a game with the ultimate payoff reward for sticking with it.

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Go watch the story compilation from helsionium on youtube. Get the story without the game.

Xenogears has a great story, but the gameplay is absolutely insufferable today. Even when it was released it was regarded as jank.

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Give Elly 2 Ether Doublers and watch the game go by a lot faster.

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It makes weeabos cry. Virtually everyone who makes it to the end weeps and sobs like a bunch of hysterical women.

Xenosaga is as beautiful a journey as it is painful. It might be the only trilogy of games that have ever genuinely moved me. Financial failure or not, half baked or troubled or broken as it might be in places, it's an unappreciated masterpiece. I'll never forget it.


Fuck it still hurts.

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The sewer and prison camp is legitimately the low point of the game, it's only up from there. I dropped the thing for half a year there myself, back in the day, it's the hard filter.

Which isn't to say the rest of the game is some masterpiece - but it DOES get interesting, even if just in the very unique ways it fails, so if you've gotten that far might as well keep going. You're probably like ~33% of the way there, but Xenogears is strange in that a very large chunk of it is, uh... literally not playable. So it won't be a slog in the way you're experiencing right now.

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The main problem is that the first two games are both fairly shit, albeit in different ways. The first one is the most basic of basic-ass jarpigs, with simplistic, boring combat filled with long, unskippable animations. The story is decent at times, though long stretches of it are also Nothing Fucking Happens: The Game. Just ugly characters that look like plastic dolls droning on about boring bullshit. It really picks up towards the end when the main villain is around and being fun though. By far the best character in the game.

The second part pretty much sets out to try and fix everything that people complained about in the first one... except it botches the execution horribly. The combat system goes from undercooked to overcomplicated, with a bunch of tedious and unrewarding systems layered like a shit-filled lasagne. The character models also go from plastic dolls to creepy semi-realism, and are just as butt-ugly. Plot-wise it's also the equivalent of a filler episode, and all the best stuff is bits cut out of the first game.

The reward for getting through both of those messes is genuinely one of the best experiences on the system. A visually-stunning and fun game that finally gets just about everything right, from the insanely-good character models to the combat. The story... well, it's messy. And unfinished. But what's there is reasonably well-paced and pretty compelling. It's pretty much a hidden gem despite everybody knowing of its existence, because it's so inaccessible being hidden behind two middling-to-bad entries.

The one upside to it all is that the first two really aren't very long. If you're expecting some 200-hour saga, you're in for disappointment. The first one is maybe 30-35 hours at a fairly leisurely pace. The second more like 20-25 hours. Then the third is about as long as those two put together. So you do at least get a healthy reward for making it through the first two.

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This thread has been visited by evil goddess MOK-KOS
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>4 years
>still in the sewers

Holy shit man, that's like what, 10 hours into the game if you're taking your time?

I just started playing the game last month or so and each of those sections took like 1-3 play sessions at most to get through. Are you playing this for 5 minutes at a time on the phone while on the bus or some shit?

Like I'm not trying to be mean or elitist, and I get the colosseum sewers are kind of annoying with the high encounter rate and tanky enemies, but it's really not that long a dungeon crawl or section.

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2('s art direction) killed the series

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G-Good Morning...

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>They also fired most of Episode 1's staff for 2, including Soraya Saga
Goddamn, that was retarded.