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What's your favorite id game from the 90s?

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You serious? What kind of a question is that?

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yeah, because the answer is obviously Quake

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Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy: Secrets of the Oracle

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Reminder that Quake is the game that ruined id software

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Thank you based quake

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How so?

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how? that game was like their biggest achievement

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I just bought the original Quake on steam, how the fuck am I supposed to connect to multiplayer?

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This is b8, that's Rage son

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I love the old id games since they load on my nongaming laptop in 2 seconds

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Think you mean Q2 there. Quake was glorious.

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My favorite singleplayer ID is DOOM and Quake 3 for multiplayer

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Should I play Wolfenstiens? I loved Doom 1 and 2, but these games seem less rip and tear and more grey and blue.

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Wolfenstein is pretty primitive compared to Doom. It's not just the tech though - the gameplay isn't really up to par. (There were some pretty good tile-based raycasting games - Rise of the Triad comes to mind, as does the old AvP game. It's not a limitation of this engine style.)

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I think he meant ruined id software as a team, to which I very much agree.

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No, John Romero ruined Id Software by being a whiny prima donna.

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You didn't even watch the video, did you?

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Oh, I watched it. I watched all of them.

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Quake 3 Arena

>December 2, 1999

It counts, and it's still one of the best FPS' ever made.

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Get out of here Dreamcast apologist.
I kid of course.

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>console Quake 3 trying to play against people on PC

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>mfw Quake 3 was my frist FPS I even played, and it was on Dreamcast.

I wasn't big on them back in the PS1/N64 days, and I got it for Christmas, so I just played it.

Pretty fucking fun, impossible to play today due to one stick.

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Wasn't RotT based partially on Wolf3d or am I imagining things again?

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engine, yes

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>I just bought the original Quake on steam

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1. Doom
2. Wolf3d
3. Quake

The only true order.

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If you want to play Wolfenstein in 2013, you should grab the ZDoom TC. It's pretty much perfectly faithful to the original DOS game, while being a lot less headache-inducing thanks to the smoother scaling and higher framerate.


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>lowest of the 3

Nigger you WHAT?

Quake had the best engine by far, not to mention internet deathmatch.

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>higher framerate

Bitch please, Wolf runs at 70 fps. It may be headache-inducing for other reasons but that is not one of them.

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It's less imaginative than Doom, the aesthetics are much more monotone, I didn't enjoy the weapons as much.
Wolf is just classic and I enjoy it to this day.

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oh and not to mention, fucking mouselook.

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Wolfenstein 3D isn't quite as good as Doom but it's worth it for 4.99. It's quite primitive in comparison, but that's expected of the first real FPS.

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does anyone here play Quake 1 multiplayer? I still can't figure out how it's supposed to be set up

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Wolfenstein 3D is such a pain in the ass, it's like an endless maze where everything looks exactly the same. It takes forever to find the key and then the door. I look Doom a lot better, it's still fun to play to this day. I don't know why Eric and Dylan would have been so into it though, wouldn't it have been somewhat outdated by the time they did their thing?

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I just got Final Doom, that shit's so difficult.

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>not Commander Keen

Bitches, get on my level

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Umm what are you talking about? I know Columbine and rah rah rah, but we had Doom installed on the machines in our Jr. High at the time. The teacher let us have LAN parties every other Friday. Then those dickheads had to shoot up their school and ruined it for all of us.

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What's the best way to get quake running now? doesn't seem as straightforward as ZDoom, and the one sourceport I found has disgusting bilinear texture filtering on

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Commander Keen is my earliest video game I think. I might have played some others but this is the one I really remember.

great fucking series. Too bad we'll never get that seventh game

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It wasn't just supposed to be a seventh game, it was a third TRILOGY. There were supposed to be nine games.

Keen 4, 6 and 5 (in that order) were actually supposed to be a trilogy but publisher fuckery forced them to split it up.

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same here, we had all the iD games, Duke 3D, Rise of the Triad, Descent/Descent II on all the computers in one of the Math rooms. I LAN'ed every single day at lunch from my freshman year till Junior year, then all those friends I played with graduated and I got a girlfriend and started going out at lunch...

Honestly I Preferred LAN'ing at lunch instead of going out and being "popular"

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does anyone know how to play Quake online if you have the steam version? I was hoping it would be like a modern game with a server browser but that's not the case. Is Quake III like that though?

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Mark of the wolves.

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No go, only way to play Q1 online nowadays is QuakeWorld and the de-facto standard for playing QW is nQuake. Just download it and copy the PAK files over.

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Classical music works way better with videos like this.

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quake 2

I fucking loved the super shotgun

>yfw tank pimp after you kill makron

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Probably Commander Keen, because it was the first game I ever played.

Quake II is a close second. It had the most satisfying railgun of any Quake game.

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