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Are Capcom games overrated or underrated?

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Neither; they are as acclaimed as they need to be. Make a better post next time.

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They're shit is what they are

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You're right, but they're sort of wrongly seen as 'lesser classics' compared to LA and LttP when they're respectively better than both.

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They're the technocrats Zelda: "technically" good, full of mechanics, but with no sense of pacing, no sense of balancing, no sense of structure. It's all quantity over quality.

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There is no such thing as overrated or underrated.

He gets it

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>Nintendo fans prefer Nintendo made games to other games that are objectively superior

Tune in for more shocking news at 11!

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This. The Oracle games are mainly Capcom taking elements from all five prior games at that point (well, maybe not Z2) and mashing them together with no sense of cohesion.

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Nintendo games ARE generally better, but this is just one of those rare exceptions where someone literally managed to beat them at their own game.

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Oracle/Ages are underrated. Minish Cap isn't and is properly embraced by Zelda fans.

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Nintendo games typically appeal to Nintendo fans which is why they think they are better. It's confirmation bias.

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Minish Cap is very overrated.

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Nintendo has the fans it does because they are better. I grew up on Sega and Playstation and recognized that Nintendo always beat the shit out of everyone.

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There's that confirmation bias again

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I want you to sit down for an hour and think about how stupid the post you made is

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Minish Cap is overrated
The Oracle games did not get the popularity they deserved, but I think they are properly appreciated by those that did play them. Looking back on them, I think they had a bit too much backtracking, but they're still very solid.

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I think you need to sit down for an hour and understand how precisely on point it is.

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very comfy art

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>better than handhold me to the past
Oh wow

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So now the goalposts for the Nintendo-deranged console warrior have been moved to "Nintendo character game not directly made by Nintendo"?

t. Incredible lack of self-awareness

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hey uh... you said the thread was over but its still going?

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>Nintendo games ARE generally better
Being honest i find more fun in playing spin-offs and even main games from Nintendo IPs made by another studio than the main games made by themselves, like Pokemon Ranger, Mario & Luigi, the Capcom Zeldas and the 2D Metroid from Mercury (which only lose to Super Metroid imo).
>>10822934 is not wrong, most of Nintendo games are too safe to fail because they're designed to sell for Nintendo fans, not to experiment with a new idea on the top of a existing one.

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I just started playing Ages on 3DS. Does anyone else think they feel like 3D games in 2D? They would really do well with a 3D remake honestly.

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I commonly see them mentioned, specifically Ages, as the best 2D Zelda games. I tend to agree with this, although LttP and Minish Cap are very pretty.