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also what do you consider to be the definitive version of sonic CD

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a thread died for this

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I own the Sonic CD Windows 95 port, and I'm curious if anyone has played this version.

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This is a SEGA board

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The one that doesn't have the gay as fuck toot toot song. Even as a child I thought it was obnoxious.
Any thread that dies on so slow a board as /vr/ deserves to die.

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I grew up with this version. Have never actually played using the US soundtrack. Also if you like Sonic CD I highly recommend playing some of these >>10811948

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Meant to say have never played using the JP soundtrack*

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not wrong. This is a place for autists and there is no one more autistic than Seganiggers.

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I did. It has extra loading screens than the original Sega CD version and missing some coloring effects like the water in Tidal Tempest

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i'm not a speedrunner, but i liked sonic cd restored. if you own the 2011 steam release you should try it out, totally changed how i view the game honestly. also the JP/EU ost is the best

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Miracle Edition shits on Restored and doesn't have an idiot for a dev

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>Miracle Edition
well damn, now you've piqued my interest. looks like it's time for another sonic cd playthrough

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This is actually really funny

Too bad for Shadow though

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>I did.
Did you?
>It has extra loading screens than the original Sega CD version
That are faster than the black empty voids of the original.
>and missing some coloring effects like the water in Tidal Tempest
That's the Gems Collection port of the PC version.

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I like Sonic Boom more than Toot Toot Sonic Warrior but the JP ost is better overall.

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JP soundtrack with the US boss music

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US Tidal Tempest is a big mood

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I had this from a collection that also included Sonic 3 & Knuckles PC and some other Genesis games for PC. I could never get Sonic CD to run because it was missing Dino2D.dll and I was too young/stupid to seek it out online at the time.
I recall it came with that screensaver that had the JP CD soundtrack included as .WAV files, and they were always so cool and mysterious to me.
I like both the American and Japanese soundtracks. When I play the 2011 version, my Sonic playthrough gets the JP soundtrack, and Tails gets the USA soundtrack.

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The whole idea of Sonic CD OST is having remixes of the same tune for Past,Present,Bad Future & Good Future.

I can't understand why to take all the effort on developing new music tracks but totally ignore PCM music (Past ones).

So playing this game with other OST than JP makes absolutely no sense to me and I don't get why are we still discussing this.

(I played PAL version. I get technically is probably the worst but at least they didn't mess with the music)

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It would have taken a lot more time to compose new PCM tracks

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Sonic Boom is shit, it's slow and boring and doesn't at all match the opening animation. It feels like a random song that a producer liked or personally knew the band of and wanted to put into the big Sonic Sega CD game they were working on, the same way they threw in a new soundtrack just cause they had this fancy new music studio they wanted to use. No real rhyme or reason, no adhesion to the style or themes of the game besides the fact that it's got the word 'Sonic' in it that they repeat a dozen times. "Catchy" is the nicest thing I can say about the song. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior brings an appropriate energy to the high speed of the animation, which fits perfectly with JP Sonic's aesthetic back then; cool vibes mixed with attitude and a sense of grandeur. I can understand not enjoying the male "rap"ish vocals from a modern standpoint but to a japanese audience of the early 90s that was exactly the kind of cool Sonic was. Not to mention, the song sets up leitmotifs that get revisited throughout the rest of the score (Invincibility, Speed Shoes, Game Over, the scatting in the Act Complete Jingle). The idea that anyone likes any song in the replacement soundtrack more than the original is simply preposterous to me.

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Sonic booms are an actual physics concept, which ties back to Sonic's gameplay as a physics simulator. I also disagree with the criticism of its perceived slowness when its BPM is only 3.25% slower than You Can Do Anything's. Furthermore, the idea that You Can Do Anything is somehow cooler is absolutely laughable when the main lyric "Toot Toot" is just about the gayest thing I've heard in my life. Forget about the fact a white boomer from Kansas is rapping, because the actual problem with the vocals is the female lead roaring like a fucking tiger whenever she encounters a diphthong foreign to the Japanese language. There's a great deal of songs that are inferior in the American soundtrack, but the main theme is not one of them.

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>Laughing at 'Toot Toot' when they're lyrics from a japanese song from the 90s
>Using gay as an insult in the current year
>Disliking the female vocals cause they're strong(?)
Oh sorry, didn't realize what I was having a conversation with. Carry on.

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>current year
Go to >>>/v/ or >>>/lgbt/ if it's too anachronistic for you, because the song is gay as fuck whether it's 1993, 2007, or last Tuesday. Last but not least, Japanese people are not infallible deities immune to criticism or accusations of homosexuality.

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>That are faster than the black empty voids of the original.
No, the PC port literally has extra loading screens that interrupt the game more often

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Here you go

The US OST would have been more palatable if the past tracks didn't stand out so much. If they used something like this, it would have been way better.

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Honestly it depends on your PC.
>The US OST would have been more palatable if the past tracks didn't stand out so much.

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>Honestly it depends on your PC
It doesn't, it's extra loading screens hard-coded. It shows a still image of Little Planet (the one that appears animated on the sound test)

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Sonic Boom is the single best song, but JP is overall better. But they're both good.

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Most JP songs are better but a bunch of USA songs are bangers

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I'm partial to the US OST because that's what I heard first, but I don't think the JP is bad.
America was expecting less house and more electric guitar in the early 90s, and that's why SoA made the change.
But they didn't go all the way. They could have done a sprite swap for Amy, instead they just changed her to Sally in the manual. They could have done something to the Past tracks, but I guess no one wanted to learn how to use the tracker.

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What a way to destroy any credibility. Fucking faggot, not worthy of a (You)

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.... Yes, and the load TIMES are still shorter that the original fade-out, load fade-in.

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American OST is alright, but feels more like a soundtrack for some point and click game
Japanese OST is more consistent, sounds like sonic music and fits the genre of game

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I remember they being longer.

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theyre both pretty gay

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i bet you'd know a lot about being gay wouldn't you

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I like both of them a lot. I grew up with the US version so I'll go with that one though.

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I completely disagree. Sonic Boom kicks ass.

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>Sonic Boom = You Can Do Anything
Sonic Boom is a fucking awesome song but You Can Do Anything fits better.

>Palmtree Panic: US > JP
The JP version is way more energetic and fits 'panic' more, but the US version wins for having a better Good Future. JP GF is just too close.

>Collision Chaos: JP > US
The US version is so fucking bad it made me drop CD to play the other games in Gems Collection back in 2006.

>Tidal Tempest: US = JP
Both are good

>Quartz Quadrant: JP > US
Not a fan of the US future tracks at all.

>Wacky Workbench: JP > US
The JP song is composed to match the movement in the stage, going up and down and up and down. It's a cool touch and all the WW songs are catchy.

>Stardust Speedway: US > JP
This is a weird one. The US tracks just grew on me, which I find surprising. US BF is one of the tracks I whistle most often.

>Metallic Madness: JP > US
Bad Future alone clinches it, but Present and Good Future have so much more energy, it's no contest.

>Cosmic Eternity > Sonic Boom 2
Same as the intro

I appreciate the US tracks a lot more than I used to, there's some good artistry there. But I don't often play with it. Use Miracle Edition and just pick your favorites for each stage.

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Sonic Boom is better though

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For me? Spencer Nilsen-sama's work.

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Prefer the J/E soundtrack: Collision, Tidal, Workbench
Prefer the US soundtrack: Quartz, Stardust
Like them about the same: Palmtree, Metallic

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both soundtracks are great. some stages are better in japan and some better in US though

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Toot Toot Sonic Warrior honestly just makes me laugh. The first movement sounds like the DK Rap, and everything else is so Engrish.

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U.S., better soundtrack.

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Mix of both. Some zones sound better with one or the other.

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Past sounds like more retro game music while modern/future sounds CD quality.

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Starlite Zone and the Metal Sonic race sounds infinity more fitting to the US soundtrack. I would go as far to say you could use the entire jap soundtrack, but not using the US version for that one zone is being purely contrary.

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Sonic, can he really move?
Sonic, has he got attitude?
Sonic, is he the fastest thing alive?

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*Stardust Speedway

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Here's the thing. US ost is treated with respect even by japanese. Brawl got Sonic Boom instead of Toot Toot. The 10th anniversary OST release, while having the japanese tracks, which are also good, in their original form, also included this new take of classic US Stardust Speedway by both chief Sonic music director from S&K onwards, Jun Senoue-dono, and american synth-pop-punk band Cash Cash (who did the guily-pleasure tier opening theme for Sonic Colors)
I recommend hitting a bong and listening to this one with headphones. It made me cry, personally.

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I have a confession to make. As a US kid born in 84 and growing up in the 90s, when I got Sonic Jam, I had no idea about the US and Japanese versions of Sonic CD having different music.

So when I got this for my Saturn, played the Sonic CD intro and heard the different music, it really threw me off, and my first assumption was that Sega had lost the rights to the original music and had to make up something new and different to put the videos on Sonic Jam.

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look out
when he storms through

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>recommend hitting a bong and listening to this one with headphones.
I did just that. Holy shit.

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Blue streak speeds by?
Sonic the Hedgehog?
Too fast for the naked eye?
Sonic the Hedgehog?

Can he really move?
Has he got an attitude?
Is he the fastest thing alive?

Look out when he storms through?
Sonic the Hedgehog?
Do doubt what he can do?
Sonic the Hedgehog?

Can he really move?
Has he got an attitude?
Is he the fastest thing alive?
IS he the fastest thing alive?

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glorious nippon bgm > mid american ost

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Different anon who downloaded this here, I just had to go into the settings.ini and turned off vsync as the game ran way too fast on a 165 screen

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PAL has no original OST. They got the JP hand-me-down, as usual. Bring up Shinobi X (Shinobi Legions), however, and then we're talking.

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Better JP: Palmtree Panic, Quartz Quadrant, Wacky Workbench
Better US: Collision Chaos, Tidal Tempest, Stardust Speedway, Metallic Madness

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The JP/EU OST is the definitive version. The US version didn't even change one of the time period tracks so it's not a cohesive soundtrack at all in that version.

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Wondering why there is so much autism over a bing bang wahoo soundtrack. Oh wait it's Sonic fans, I forgot.

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The US soundtrack is higher T

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nothing more high-T than female vocalists singing shoobadeedoobop

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Is this the version ported to Gems Collection?

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I put my own music (bad religion) on the stereo while I play.

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I'm sorry but I fucking hate Cash Cash and I think they ruined that song. It should've been just Crush 40. This was literally my face when I first listened to it and the chorus kicked in.

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>high t is when shit

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Yeah back in the 2000's before Vista I had a cheap laptop and Sonic CD 95 was one of the ISOs I tracked down and had to do black magic on to get it to run. I also downloaded the old port of Sonic Adventure 1, and physically still own that initial PC port of R with multiplayer still "in tact"

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JP if you're collecting time stones.
US if you're destroying holograms and generators.
The more atmospheric soundtrack favors exploration imho.
Definitive version is the steam version. Going back to sega cd or gems collection is painful.

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mcd ver is fine, steam ver is inaccurate

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>mcd ver is fine
There's a part of Metallic Madness Past that isn't finishable in the original release.
That said, decomp w/ mods > original > Steam > Windows > Gems

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I had first heard it as WORK THAT FLABBY BITCH COME ON NOW which seemed more appropriate for Eggman.

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Yeah the Steam version is inaccurate in that the framerate isn't awful

>> No.10835686

and in physics and enemy behaviors

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'gard on /vr/
'gard on /vr/

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This is true, as long you can ignore the faggot oc Super Sonic form.
Miracle is the definite way to play Sonic CD

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Yeah might as well just turn it off. It is fun for utterly schooling Metal Sonic and the MM boss but that’s about it, the free time travel is neat but pointless.

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So if Amy's super-fast now, does that retroactively mean all the times she was slow was when she was on her period?

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I mean, Modern Sonic is faster than Classic Sonic. It might just be an age thing.

>> No.10839160

No, Amy’s involvement isn’t canon.