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Why didn't sewing software took off? It's a really cool thing.

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grandma doesnt care about gameboy

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Grannies would prefer to sew themselves. These automatic sewing software are ideal for people who don't sew.
A lost art from the soul era I guess. People prefer tattoos now.

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There were 2 sewing programs for the FDS too
An attempt was made for NES, it can be seen on some CES footage I don't remember which. But it never was released.

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The title in your filename is incorrect. In fact, it seems most western websites are using this incorrect title. Bizarre.

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heh, my granny had a gameboy because of the Tetris hype back then

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Computers can do it. That's more in their wheelhouse.

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There are probably hundreds of programs like this around, you just didn't notice because when they were around you had zero interest in it. But Nintendo sewing software, oh, that's interesting! If Nintendo made software giving instructions on how to commit suicide, would you wonder why nobody ever makes suicide software anymore?

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I'd love sweing software for non nintendo stuff too. I'd buy Sonic or MGS ones. Are there any?

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Basically this, but replace grandma with Japanese girl with the sewing autism.

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mogged by knitting

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calm down eop

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You don't know what that means, Rajeesh.

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english-only peasant

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damn dude you sure spent 7 hours coming up with that

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Being an ESL is peasantry (hence why you're on an English-only website instead of a shitholers-only website). You don't understand nuances of the language, yet hopelessly still try to fit in with your masters' speech.

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English is a basic golem language that's why even mutts and other low life forms speak it

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Sewing and weaving are making a bit of a comeback with off-grid guys since they're such useful survival skills. Being able to making clothing and baskets from local materials is really handy. Pic rel, Otzi the iceman's woven knife sheath.

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Women don't care about video games or technology in general

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>But Nintendo sewing software, oh, that's interesting!
Exactly. It's such a bizarre thing that you'd expect it to be some random third-party developer throwing random shit at the wall in hopes that it would unexpectedly take off. The fact that it was a first-party accessory is what makes it so infamous.

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>People prefer drawing on themselves now

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You've only proven their point, Rasheed.

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go look at the dall-e threads

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Because computers got better and a lot of sewing machine companies made their machines hard to fix proprietary pieces of shit.

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People have been getting tattooed since the 20s.

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Only degens, sailors and mafia guys did back then, now it's weird not to have one.

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No such thing back then.

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I'm a degenerate and I don't have one UwU