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I am aware model 2 is just the original japanese controller and is objectively better but I always liked the model 1 controller's blocky aesthetic.
Is it as bad as it looks when using?

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The D-pad is weird and awkward

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It's a matter of preference. I held a Model 1 controller a little over a year ago and ended up preferring it

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I don't understand how ppl used the Model 1 dpad, It looks like it would grind off your thumb if you used it like the model 2 or genesis pad.

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i have a model 1 controller, it's pretty comfy for me. the larger grips feel more natural to sit in my hands than my thinner bluetooth saturn controller. i dont have an actual model 2 to compare it to currently though.

the d pad on mine feels really good, and i like how the indentations feel. but i also have two 3D pads which have the more normal style d-pad and i like those as well. saturn just had great d-pads.

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Have a pile of saturn pads and swapping the dpad out of a model1 is my favorite to use by far

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Any difference in how the shoulders feel?

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White Piggu controller reminds me of an evolution of the master race systems "mushy pad".

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So does no one know the answer or what?

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A little different. Same microswitch (very shallow) but the US model 1 pad has a ridge in the middle while the model 2 has a lip at the end to rest the finger on. The model 1 shape is a little odd as a whole where it depresses slightly in the middle and the switch doesn't feel as responsive. Posting pic in a sec.

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