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What's the most mediocre retro game you can think of? Not bad, not good, just eh. For me it's pic related.

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I don't understand how nobody talks about the shitty controls for the MSX metal gear games. Running at 15 fps coupled with fuzzy boundaries does not make for a very nice gameplay experience

>inb4 muh software scrolling
yes i understand all the scrolling and graphics were done in software, but still it soils the experience somewhat.

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half-life 2

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monkey island

you're doing it wrong you're supposed to follow OP's lead and post names of popular and critically acclaimed games

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oh i saw metal gear and i felt the need to point out that flaw and i wanted to see how other people felt about that.

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>15 fps
how about you play the actual msx version and not the shitty mobile demake

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>yes i understand all the scrolling and graphics were done in software
as opposed to physically moving your tv around?

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What are you talking about. I played it in the MSX emulator.

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Look anon, when you're constantly getting up to move a 300lb CRT television to see something a little offscreen, you'll appreciate software scrolling.

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what I mean is the MSX has no dedicated hardware to handle sprites like the NES has, and thus the 15 fps and sluggish controls.

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Metal Gear is not a game that expects 16.67ms reaction times; 15fps in fine for what it is.

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I guess not but definitely has not aged well

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it'd play better as a texture adventure desu

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thanks chrome

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It doesn't impede your progress. Never mind that the game itself didn't change; we've become more ignorant.

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Then it plays at 60 fps, stop lying

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Are CRTs gyroscopes now?

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their windows into a world of the imagination

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Then just imagine the screen scrolling.

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can't, burnt out my imagination playing too many video games

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Crash Bandicoot is boring as hell