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Which was better?

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Dungeon Master all the way.

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Never played it so Eye for me by default.
I like how you can be a disgusting fucking work and carry human remains around with you until you get to that dwarven cleric who can revive your dead party members. He can revive those skeletons, too

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DM and I've played them both.
EOTB had better graphics and style but DM was so well designed. its amazing it got everything right at the first attempt of a 3D dungeon crawler

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Same. Never once went back to EOTB. Went back to DM many times over the years.

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Dungeon Master by a country mile.

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But this kills DM2. I did enjoy EOB better than DM, just can't get into DM. I've played EOB more than one over the years.
Got the Trilogy on 3.5 way back in the day. Now have the trilogy seprate in my collection now.

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DM2 was too late. It should've been made near 1990 instead. WTF were they thinking?
EotB series is so good looking, I wish DM looked as good. It's just the way DM controls and screen layout work that make it feel like a better crafted game. EotB interface is so clunky. Small viewport on the side (an homage to gold box games?). Huge ass compass that takes a lot of space. Attack buttons near the portraits as opposed to being clustered in one place. Spells menu far away from attack buttons too. I don't get the idea behind this design.

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Speaking of Dungeon Crawlers has anyone played Towers 1 or 2 for the GBC?

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Has anyone played Mysterium for the Gameboy?

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>I like how you can be a disgusting fucking work and carry human remains

Speak english, ESL

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Sell me on it

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How do we feel about the GBA port? It has a completely different combat system that takes place from a isometric perspective and it also uses 3rd edition D&D so there's skills and feats. It's almost a completely different game

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I haven't played it, retard. I'm not your fucking maid.

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nope, but i've played this one. i'm afraid i've not the patience anymore for subpar dungeon crawlers.

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Nta but fuck off really, don't be a whiny cunt.
Also regarding the revival, you can do the same in DM if you carry the bones of your fallen champions.

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Then don't fucking bring up random games that you haven't played you cunt

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I'm looking to hear what other people have to say about it. Quit being a lazy fuck. I found all the info I could online but hardly any reviews or thoughts. Next time, use your head and read other posts carefully

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Then maybe he shouldn't post like a retard. His sentence made no sense.

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Sounds like a remake to me. Remakes bad! Bad!

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How is DM1 compared to DM2 Skullkeep? I tried many times the latter and liked it but I kept abandoning it due to frustration even before reaching the keep, it seemed "levels" were too slowly gained and half the enemies to be immune to non-magic attacks.

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DM1 has the samey grey dungeon through the whole game but the game is just very fun and addicting and the puzzles are nice. I never once felt that it's slow or tedious. Didn't play DM2 that much outside of the opening area to compare but considering its reviews I suspect that it's just not as good.

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How about Dungeon Hack, basically what if you took EOTB and crossed it with Rogue/Hack, so basically if a rogue-like was 1st person instead

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I like this game, but not having a party brings it down a bit and hand crafted dungeons are always better than randomly generated ones

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Hey dumbcunt, 'work' there is obviously a typo or autocorrect error, probably for 'weirdo'
Anyone who isn't a retard could have figured that out. You couldn't, so... where's your tard wrangler? Looks like it might be time for your tardnap. You know how you tards get if you're not well-rested. You get all cranky and the slightest provocation will set you drooling mouthbreathers into a whirling Dervish of fists and elbows, then even your tard wrangler can't get you to settle down. She could be screaming "no, no, no!" but all you hear is "who wants cake?"

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EOB player and defender here. I have never played Dungeon Master. What makes it as good or better than my beloved Beholder?
Explain yourselves Dungone Masters!

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As I said here >>10824785
For me it's way the interface layout works. Everything is very intuitive and well thought out. I was struggling with EotB accidentally left clicking on the weapon icon in the heat of the battle. In DM all essential controls are clustered on the right and attack and spell controls are all near.
In DM after you click on attack you select from different attack types like slash, thrust, parry etc which have different properties for a single weapon.
DM has unique and very thought out rune based spell system where you combine power, element, form and alignment.
DM has food and water meters separated and you have waterskins that you can refill at water dispensers.
DM lets you to kill a monster by bashing a door on his head.
DM has several light levels that gradually change as your torch burns out or light magic weakens.
DM dungeon while having the same grey walls everywhere also have some small details scattered around like hooks and cuffs on the walls, patches of grass or water splashes on the ground that add to the immersion.

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Forgot to add that the compass is an object that you place in a hand to use and it shows the direction right on the small icon as opposed to taking up a lot of screen space like in EotB.

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Yeah, I did a playthrough of eob 1-2 with bad characters where I took the first roll for stats and the mechanic where you can resurrect dead npcs is especially great when they are material upgrades to your party and you can use them to kick out a crap character. I went into EoB2 with only one character from the original party left

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The main thing you notice in DM2 is how much of a twitchy action game it is, they expect you to be using every rt blobber trick in the book like step kiting or you die. Which is just pretty strange and not that fun.
I've heard that chaos strikes back is the same way but DNP yet

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Yeah, but the graphics and sound are more boring.

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I discovered the mechanic quite by accident, carrying bones about as things to throw at enemies from a distance.

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kinda cool. never got into it. i still don't think the combat system works well with realtime.
Moraff's World.... or Ultima Underworld 2.

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EOB was much more advanced, had more features. It was just flat out better in every way but it was soon outclassed by UO.

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>Moraff's World
based and shareware-pilled

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Hell yeah. I'd love to see another take on this concept of an alchemical dungeon crawler.

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What features does EotB have that DM doesn't?

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I always thought the idea of finding various alchemy ingredients growing in a dungeon and combining them to make potions that save your butt in a pinch was criminally underused in vidya. Morrowind gets the closest but I never feel like it's incentivized enough

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the full version is on ROMDepot.
the full version of the sequel "Dungeon of the Unforgiven" is more easy to find but it sucks.

Crafting in /vrpg/ didn't really take off until the 2000s. and i think the MMORPGs popularised crafting more than anything else.
>inb4 Atelier waifus
Atelier was a niche genre.

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I'll bring up any fucking game I want and you can't do a damn thing about it.

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>What features does EotB have that DM doesn't?
I second the question. EotB looks more simplified with less features to me.

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>Crafting in /vrpg/ didn't really take off until the 2000s.
Ultima 6 and 7 had it.