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holy jank. did they even playtest this shit?

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Take it back. How dare you. Billy Hatcher was one of the best original games by SEGA on the GameCube. It's pure soul. The idea, the soundtrack, and all the mini games.

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This was the era that Sega decided to punish the fans for the failure of the Dreamcast.

They split their development across all three other platforms. So if you were a Sega fanboy, you had to buy a PS2, Xbox, and a Gamecube to get all the Sega games that would have been available on the Dreamcast.

It was the biggest "Fuck You!" from a company I've ever seen.

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I'm not the biggest Sega fan ever. But I love how they alway kept making new IP's

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On release this game was widely dismissed due to being extremely easy. In 2024, zoomers can't even beat the game due to "jank".

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Haha does Billy have a cloaca? haha

haha is that where these come from? haha



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It was solid ok. Hating on it or saying its the best ever is not realistic. For me it does scratch the itch for colorful arcade-like game. It is a generally pleasant experience.

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It's clucking mid, you uwu smol bean

in case you weren't around back then, any score less than 7 was considered unplayable, and 5 was unheard of

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>any score less than 7 was considered unplayable
No, that's what modern reviewing is like. Many fondly remembered games were 6/10's because people were smart enough to understand base 10 back in the day.

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i'm talking about buying/asking for games at full price, not downloading them for free, cutie :-)

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Sonic Heroes was a best-seller so your argument is invalid

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The 6th best-selling PS1 game, at 8 million copies, was the Philosopher's Stone, so your argument is invalid

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It's a Sonic Team game. What did you expect?

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Anon when someone doesn't like some C list game no one cares about
>Um, zoomer much? smells like filtered in here

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Bot post.

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For those stuck here - Don't push the egg onto the rails, just jump on with it - like in the screenshot.
Don't recall any other section of the game that felt this buggy/untested.

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I enjoyed it as a kid. If you really don't like it though, check out Super Monkey Ball instead

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zoomers are more likely to post positively about some C-list junk because it’s what they had as a kid

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I think I would give this game a go if it didn't have such a name. Billy Hatcher is like some porn star name

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Playing this game and engaging in financial domination are basically the same thing when you think about it.
Also, Billy is hot. I don't care, I wish there was more rule 34 of him. Those hands...

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I still do that and sometimes fall straight through the rails