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Aretha II aka another fine little SNES RPG you never heard of.

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i've played it since i stumbled on and loved the first one
quite enjoyable, and i really hate jrpgs usually.
so i don't know if that makes it a good jrpg or not, but it's a fun game

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Another RPG which when translated will be exposed for the mediocrity it is.

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Wow, golden Urethra

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The translation was released 4 years ago.
You drooling mongoloid retard.

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I hate that low effort frontal view, immediately makes a game look cheap like made in RPG maker

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jesus christ what an ignorant comment

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name one person in the entire world who claimed this game is good

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>writing in trannycase
The quality of posts is extremely important to this community.

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Sorry, I only play untranslated games so I can flaunt my sense of superiority for knowing Japanese, then claim later on that any English translation that comes out is inaccurate slop without ever actually comparing the two scripts side by side based on the translators' social media presence and prior translation history.
That's why I spend all of my time playing スーパーブラックバス3 nowadays, one of the last safe havens from the troonslator's icy touch of death.

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It's a fact. Frontal immediately looks cheap.

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I also dislike first person view for JRPG. Makes sense for WRPG dungeon crawler. Lazy/imitative/derivative in JRPG context.

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It was was made by the niggas who made Lunar and here you are claiming it looks like an RPG Maker game. To retain your honor, I invite you to commit suicide.

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An extremely mediocre post

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Case in point, this abhorrent post

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Are snezz and genny fishing games kino?

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Yep. Fuck earthbound and phantasy star

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Imagine Dragon Quest if it weren't bad. That's the Aretha series.

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I heard of this maybe a year ago, when I listened to a bunch of arbitrarily chosen SNES/SFC soundtracks. At this time, I only know it from its music and the few screenshots in this thread. These pieces of evidence do not speak well of it. The music from Aretha and Aretha II have struck me as being some of the blandest I've ever heard from a video game. Since this is a board for old stuff I'll mention that it reminded me of Dave Matthews Band songs I'd hear on the radio back in the day, in that it was so aggressively bland that it somehow felt more empty of music than literal silence would. A predatory musical void. (But I've only listened through it a few times, so it's still possible that if I listen more times then I'll find something in it to like.)

Also, I agree that the first-person battle view is inferior in most cases, certainly including this one.

On the other hand, this Ariel person is really cute.

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I started the first one a while ago but took a break after reaching Haroharo Town to finish some other games first. Do the Aretha games have any in game hints for the crafting recipes at all? I couldn't even find some guides when I looked back then and just I randomly tried some combinations right after getting the ability to craft and made two or three really good items and the rest was just crap.

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Well the sprites at least look better than DBZ quest

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RPGMaker 2000 lookin' tile set mother fucker.

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Hi, auster.

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everyone has heard of it you fucking dipshit
dumbass fucking zoomer clickbait tier op