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*solves all the control problems with gamecube and xbox games*
ahhh this is the life

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ps2 truly had the best controller of that gen

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I think I've even seen this exact adapter in photos from developers. Playing psiops with it on Xbox right now, got the framerate and details, but also the perfect controls.

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What is it like playing Super Mario Sunshine, a game designed around the analog triggers, with a PS2 controller?

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got one of these years ago and the shit never worked

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mine was new in the package but the contacts were oxidized, so I cleaned them and it worked fine. There's also a switch on the side for going into GC or Xbox mode.

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PS2 has pressure sensitive triggers, so id imagine otd be fine. From my experience that particular converter has horrible lag with both Xbox and gc games, so idk. I honestly thought I'd never get used to the gc controller but it's alright, I prefer the duke but PS2 is just great all around.

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I have an adaptor to use PS2 pads on XBOX to play Genma Onimusha and an adaptor to use PS2 pads on GC to play Resident Evil Remake and 0

It really made gameplay better

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What "control problems" does it solve?

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anything reliant on the c stick for GC, anything reliant on black/white for Xbox, anything reliant on face buttons on GC, and also the flatter buttons are more comfortable than xbox buttons.

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I can understand not wanting to use the GameCube controller but the Xbox has the best controllers of that gen

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I think the Xbox controller is great for first person games and racing games, past that I'd rather use the dualshock 2 for basically everything.