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I have just finished playing this game. I can't believe that it was released for free and made by fan. This could have easily sold well, if released by SEGA, instead of Superheroes.

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Game is high tier among 2d sonic but not retro

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>Wanks Metal Sonic as the final boss
It's shit.

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I'd like it if it tried at all to be anything like Triple Trouble
As is, no way in hell am I playing it lmao

Let me guess, you go Super Sonic to fight him too?

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>Let me guess, you go Super Sonic to fight him too?

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They just cannot help themselves. I think the 3D Blast in 2D game did the same.

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Metal is cool though

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Metal was never cool. He really has no business being anything other than Eggman's personal bodyguard.

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I disagree with your opinion, I think he's cool

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You're right, metal was never cool. That's why he was in the OVA

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Sure, and him being the final boss every time is tedious

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He was only the final boss in one official retro Sonic game that no one actually beat and one 3D game where he might as well be a different character. Big deal a couple of fangames used him

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Just kinda hurts these fangames when they fail to be a faithful remake and also fail to be original and just keep using the same final boss, but what do I know?

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Neither TT16b or 3D in 2D are trying to be faithful remakes though. They're both taking ideas and concepts and making essentially new games with them, and I haven't played 3I2 but while TT16b's final boss is Metal all of his new forms and his final boss fight is largely original so I'd be hard pressed to call it some sort of rehash. It just feels like an odd thing to complain about. I could see ANOTHER fangame AFTER both of these using him AGAIN being annoying but two's company, there's a crowd.

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What's weird is EVERYONE loved Sonic Mania and they never really followed up on it aside from that DLC.

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Technically it is because it's 16 bit and a remake.

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Evening Star went on to make Penny's Big Breakaway, Sega essentially did with Superstars

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Sure they did. They put the four games that Mania rips off out on modern hardware.

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Please try harder or don't try at all.

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Ok then.
Toogling Sonic and Tails is a nice idea, I like it.
I thought level design was really good, often with few different paths compared to 3&k and mania but always polished.
Gimmicks like the train, the snowboard and the sub sections were all well done.
The train part is better than the original and that horrible part in golden capital in superstars.
The special stages were really good as well, but I can see why people could prefer the original purple palace.
Speaking of purple palace, I liked its inclusion but it was really barebones.
All things considered it is still the best 2d sonic fangame I played by far.