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What are your thoughts on Star Fox 64?

Somehow I missed this game for the N64, despite playing most of the greats. I played Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, most of the greats. Somehow I missed this game.

I saw it for sale at my local retro video game store. Is it worth buying according to /vr/?

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Did you ever play Star Fox 64, OP?

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Ludocore. Make sure you play it with the rumble pak.

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It's a lot better than the rip-off competition on Sega, let's just say that.

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Play the 3DS remake.

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It's good but Star Fox Assault mastered the formula

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great game that completely obsoleted the snes game. dont think i ever went back to it.

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I didn't like it at launch, but played it again the following year and got hooked in. It's one of those games with which I have fun even though I suck at it. Still playing it all these years later, never got good. Although I gotta say that your crew flying straight into your line of fire is a bummer.

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Star Fox is a ripoff of games like After Burner or Space Harrier.

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No, it's based on Atari Star Wars, hence the name

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Insanely overrated and the genre it spawned is fundamentally flawed and unfun. I don't think it's a coincidence that literally no game of this type has exceeded, let alone matched, the success of Star Fox 64.
That said, I really like how good the game looks and how cool the Arwing is as a design. Despite what I said, it's still worth checking out because it knows what it is and executes on the idea exceptionally well.

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Starfox comes across as for babies when in comparison to picrel.

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Not even really the same genre.
Zwei is that game you're looking for. Anyway fuck off with your console wars.
PD II Zwei, SF 64 and Sin and Punishment are the holy trinity of rail shooting, and all 3 are wildly different so it's mostly up to personal taste, but all 3 are the genre's peak.

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My favorite n64 game, top 10 favorites of all time, beat it hundreds of times since it came out, I don't even like rail shooters. Top 3 flight games with Rogue Leader and Ace Combat 4.

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bro what a prick go fuck yourself

why are you so fucking mean

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Not OP, but are the hidden submarine levels?

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There is one submarine level which is on the hard route

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I enjoyed it. I cull a lot of games that I don't play, and star fox 64 is a game that has remained. There might be better entries in the series, titles that better exemplify the genre. Emulate it if you're uncertain. Try it out for a bit, then you'll make a better informed decision

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>There might be better entries in the series, titles that better exemplify the genre
Honestly? Not really. There are other good rail shooters but sf64 is among tje genre's top.

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Worth buying? It's downright essential. One of the best games on the system.

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>There might be better entries in the series
there definitely isnt
and idk why they never even tried. its not like its the hardest thing in the world to make a rail shooter. its a pretty simple genre
nah give em fucking dinosaurs, furbait, and a low-rent OoT ripoff, im sure thatll go over well it did not

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the crazy thing is that they actually did have a basically finished entry with starfox 2, and just scrapped it. i get that it was too late in SNES lifespan, but you can play the beta. its basically done. and moreover, its kinda fun with its galactic war sim mechanic

they couldve made a follow-up to starfox64 by just taking 2s design and putting some shiny new polygons on it. they just didnt do it, and to this day theyve done nothing but drop the ball, or outright ignore the ball, on one of their more popular IPs from the N64 era
a senseless waste

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Assault ruined it by messing up the physics, controls, and level design. There's a reason no game afterwards, in and out of the star fox series, adopted what assault did

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64 is worth it for the enemy chatter alone

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Love it. The atmosphere is fantastic with the banter between your crew and the enemies. The replay value is ridiculous with its branching level paths and different events/NPCs/voice lines happening depending on what route you've taken, and thats not even taking into account the score system. Gameplay is tight as fuck to this day, with fun bosses, interesting enemy layouts that require mastery of the games controls to max out your points, and just the overall feedback for blowing shit up feels great with the crunchy visual and audio feedback. On top of all that, it still runs really well even during hectic moments with lots of enemies.

Easily one of the best N64 games. Series really never got better than this.

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The Arwing sections are great, on-foot sections are decent. Not sure what you're talking about specifically since you didn't expand on anything

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>Genres peak
>No Space Harrier
Post discarded.

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Caiman here. No problems.

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I love Space Harrier but it has no individual 3D aiming or any other advanced mechanic of the actual 3D rail shooters.
I still love it and consider it a good precursor to 3D rail shooters. It's what Yie-Ar Kung Fu is to Street Fighter.

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>but it has no individual 3D aiming
Because it's a guy with a rocket gun, not an aircraft. It's an intentional design choice.

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There's a somewhat fun core gameplay loop in Space Harrier, but you quickly realize that literally every stage is completely identical. There's the reskinned tall hazard, the reskinned short hazard, and the reskinned projectile shot by the reskinned enemy. They are all functionally identical and it grows dull quickly.

There's also pretty big issue with visibility here, as the depth perception can be tricky, and hazards will frequently get obscured by your character, your shots, and the (excessively large) explosions.

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Top 5 favorite vidya for me. Super quotable lines and great replay value. Not even Nintendo themselves could top it, its the super metroid of its franchise.

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Shouldn't have existed since the first game was primarily motivated by a hardware gimmick that had already become obsolete. Turned out quite well anyway and thereby justified itself. A good game!

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Yes, it's a great game, but most of its appeal was the improved graphics and audio over the original game and the extended content. The original game is more fun because the action is more entertaining. But both are still great games.

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ruined the soundtrack

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>great music
>great presentation
>great sound effects and designs
>great levels
>great bosses and fun villains
>fun for multiple playthroughs

its not overrated its a really really well made game. they did everything right. not even saying it as a fanboy, i dont like the other games. they must have had a lightning in a bottle team that fell apart after making it.

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i played the xbox one and stopped around 70% i because it was boring. gave it to someone else who wanted it.

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never making a simple starfox 64 2 styled game was retarded i wonder what mental gymnastics they did to justify not doing it. probably one of those developer hubris moments where they say they dont like making sequels and almost always the followup shit they make thats "fresh" is never half as popular.

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Maybe its just way harder to make a decent rail shooter than we might think. On paper, Star Fox 64 isn't really complex, but it executes all its "simple" elements flawlessly and they all come together to make a fantastic whole.

Whats mostly frustrating is Nintendo never really gave it a fair shot afterwards

Adventures was literally a reskin of an adventure game
Assault was a half-baked attempt that didn't know what it wanted to be
Command was a less tactical version of 2 and only All-range mode levels + Furry soap drama
Zero was probably the closest we got and I think it could had been good if Miyamoto didn't have autism about the fucking Wii U gamepad, but even if he didn't it still feels like a less impressive version of 64

Like nowhere did they just sit down and say "fuck it, here's 64-2 with twice as many planets"

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Assault had ace combat devs and on paper it should have been 64-2. unfortunately halo made nintendo jealous and so assult and metroid prime 2 were tasked with half-assing some sort of multiplayer shooter

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Fun, loads of replay, but way too fucking easy. >can't let you do that starfox!

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Play it in Japanese, or you didn't play the game.
Fox's character is punched up so much for the English script that he might as well be a completely different character. Shit like
>Just what I need to see. Star Wolf.
Should be all you need to see to make the correct decision on what language you play this fine game in.

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the dialogue is classic I recommend it for that

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>have autism about the fucking Wii U gamepad
That's nu-Nintendo:
>Release underpowered console, but with some kind of gimmick to compensate
>Gimmick actually works fine for a small set of design concepts
>After compatible games get released, gimmick becomes unused
>Gimmick starts to become irrelevant, or even bothersome to regular games
>Customers question if a normal console would be better all along
>Nintendo gets desperate and shoehorns the gimmick even harder
>Now, games are forced to accommodate for something for which they weren't designed, gameplay suffers
>People opinions change, what was seen as good turns into bad
>New gimmicky console gets released, and cycle begins anew

That's been happening a long time now. Arguably, since the standard-defying Gamecube controller, but surely no later than the Nintendo DS. Ironically, those gimmicks are a much better anti-piracy protection than Nintendo's usual faulty security, since properly emulating those features with a regular controller becomes a pain in the ass.

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>Readable text
>Moon runes
Wow! Huge difference! At least, translate it to us if you want to make a point.

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The only way to play is with moonrunes and voice set to the Lylat language of the European version.

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Yeah, I loved it as a kid but it doesn't hold my interest nowadays. Some games really just become mid as you age.

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its super awesome!!! star fox games always showcase the systems hardware really well. i suck at the game but its still pretty fun

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it's one of the best on the n64 and one of the best games ever desu.
i played through it many times and it never got old. there were a lot of different secrets and paths to make the playthrough different. there were also some different endings

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That shit is SO TIGHT

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>Lylat language of the European version

I think you're tryin' to trick me, but I want to believe this is a real thing.


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Wait, I found it. Fascinating this was an option:


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>NoA localization is shit
We know. You should see the shit they did to Star Fox Command

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Wait, did the burger version not have the lylat language?

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One of my favorites on the console and I think it was the height of the series. The music is not as memorable as the ones in the first game, but they still set the mood right for the action. I kind of regret only playing it multiplayer only once with my friends. The campaign alone is worth it, but if you can get friends together for its multiplayer games, it is all worth it.

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Star Fox 64 is one of the best games on the N64.
The 3DS remake would almost get a 10/10 for me, but the butchering of Boss B alone, one of the best boss tracks ever, practically makes it 3/10.

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The Japanese version didn't either.

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my man

easily my most played 64 game as a kid. the replayability is insane, and the length is perfect for a run when you're allowed on the console after school but before dad gets home and wants to watch the news.

3ds remake not bad either.

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Shitty OST compared to the badass killer jams the SNES version has.
It's a great game, though, really cool when you realize the whole thing is basically just a bunch of thunderbirds episodes

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I loved the SNES one and had trouble getting into 64.

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It's one of the greatest games ever.

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SF64 is one of the greatest games on N64.
Only dated graphically nowadays it is still easily the best SF game.

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It has starwars, thunderbirds, gundam and gatchaman influences

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For me, it's the Musais in Area 6

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Caiman here. No problems.

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Opposite for me. Found this just now however.
Might give it another whirl. I only ever finished it once, I think the middle route.

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Thoughts on Sector Z stage in Super Smash Bros.?

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loved this game back in the day. still the best starfox game, they really mastered the fluid controls that the other games lack for some reason.
i remember unlocking expert mode and all of the metals in that as a kid. sector z fuckin sucks for 100 stupid kills lol. that's about all i remember about that.

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Ohh wow, I took this picrel in frontier a few years ago. I'm ty-198 just chillin on this giant space freighter. It's so similar, what a trip. I love space games.

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Also, sector z is probably my favorite level in og smash. The tail end is a fun fight to the death area

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The main problem with Assault is that it literally was a multiplayer arena game that had a single-player mode hastily thrown together half way into development, that is why the land stage are in-actuality just repurposed multiplayer maps with enemy spawners thrown about. They admitted this in this old Nintendo Dream interview that got recently uncovered, not that it's super surprising.


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I remember there was that weird live action star fox show around that time