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how do you run pre directx 9 games that got no patches to run on modern hardware? Also which ones better dgvoodoo or wined3d?

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i just use wine for windows simple as thatis on the fdosena page.
is quite usefull can be used even on emulators like zsnes,gens32 and so on but you need a gpu that support opengl or vulkan

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Find the gog installers.

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check pcgamingwiki for old titles like that to get patches and fixes. NFS3 that you included a pic of here has a full modern fan mad patch that lets you run it in HD resolutions and fixes lots of bugs.

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A shame most games didn't opt to use OpenGL, instead of proprietary Micropenissoft Shitware like DirectX.

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Directdraw wrapper. This should work, there a few others that do similar things in case this doesn't work, just Google direct draw or d3d wrapper.


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Also dgvoodoo is great, I totally forgot about it. It has the most customization, it's how I got the baldr bullet demo to display correctly on my gpd win 1

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>how do you run pre directx 9 games that got no patches to run on modern hardware?
Dgvoodoo. Nglide when i get lazy.

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As >>10821642 said, check https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Need_for_Speed_III:_Hot_Pursuit
At this day, I still can't get Porsche to run even with the patches.

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Isn't the PS1 version better?

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>A shame most games didn't opt to use OpenGL

OpenGL wasn't really that great, DirectX had superior compatibility

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OpenGL was and is shit. Sometimes there's no conspiracy that the better software won and sometimes the better software is Microsoft's.

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>Isn't the PS1 version better?

it has better physics, the pc version is not bad, but it's wacky